Saturday, September 24, 2022

Special Bullentin

Please wish my friend Karen Roy,  One of the Kindest people I know,  Safe Harbor as Fiona bears down  on them at Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick, Canada...the last report I saw was 500+ out of power trees are down and they asking people to shelter in Place...
Hang in there Karen!

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, September 23, 2022

6 Decades FALL is here

This was a busy week we did yet another Walmart curbside pick up turns out that is a good thing for me Hope they never do away with it, we have one more store a Food Lion that does it neither deliver in my It does have to be picked up.

I made Flossie a nice headstone...and I hope to be able to decorate Casey's stone as well...I just never got around to doing that for him...but now I see how it brings comfort to see her name in writing and I want the same for him...and it was a nice DIY project I know even a cheap professionally done  stone is way more than $80. I have to have projects or I will go batty.

I had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy this week and Thursday is Finally Chemo planning Day I will go once weekly on Thursdays.  Not that I'm looking forward to it I hope I can do the Immuno-Therapy its not Chemo...but its the one shot I have due to the location of the Lung Tumor. 

My lil sis has gone back to take care of her life and I am forever in her debt and would do the same for her, hope she never needs it, and big sis is now here doing the same for me! So GOOD to see her and so happy she had a safe trip over...
Thanks to everyone who sends their well wishes both family and friends it means so much..

I continue to see huge fluttery butterflies on my Lantana which recovered from the weird deer attack early on they don't normally bother it and I am hopeful for an appearance of  RB Nuthatch since I see them reported in other counties of the state...they are always amazing to watch...AND I have a Zuke to pick and a Bell pepper...and some tiny tomato if they get some sun to ripen...if not I may pluck them in a jar of water and bring into the window to ripen.  The dogwoods are now a-flash with their red berries so the squirrels are busy collecting them...soon a Mockingbird will lay claim, which is the norm.

On my 60th Birthday I broke both my arms remember? My Family was to the rescue, and now my 69th is in about a weeks time!!
IF I survive this decade of my time on Planet Earth It will be an Earthly miracle for sure. Life on my homestead is right in tune with where it should be.

Every day is a new Adventure.

Sunday, September 18, 2022


I put one
Basal plant in this small pot and the rest of my Basal I dried  and chopped up in  my coffee grinder its great to have some dried and some this is the north facing window...Check out how tall and healthy this plant is..

and in these pots I'm sprouting Cilantro...

I did successive plantings so they don't all come up at the same time I found it lasts longer this way...

Every day is a new challenge.

Friday, September 16, 2022

30 DAYS in

  • Finally the van is back....IM still experiencing sticker shock...since normally I do my own repairs...but unable to at this point in time...Glad I had a good mechanic to turn too wish he wasn't so expensive.
  • Issues I'm facing: So I cancelled that PET Scan,  Just putting myself thru that trauma was not in the cards for me I would have been Radioactive for 18 HRS and IM already suffering Radiation sickness due to the 20 treatments I had.  Sometimes the best word to use is NO.  AND now that opens up a sooner date to begin the  treatment for the lung tumor which I dread but hopefully its going to be chemo!!
  • I am continuing to improve my mobility which is a big thing...And my leg is not swelling to the degree that it was so I think healing is happening.
  • Physical Therapy: so this gal named Linda...OMG.  She has done all she can to make my PT not happen...First off she lied   she said she does not do her own schedule!  She would call me at 8PM tell me she is coming the next day and this has been going on awhile at first I had all those out patient visits to deal with and I was unavailable I cant be in two places at once!  I told her the days I was free,  She stalled.  Then one of the visiting nurses told me she is the PT intake supervisor that she does do her own schedule...and That did it..SO I called to complain...NO PT is gonna visit till she does the due to this ONE person...I am not getting the PT on my leg as I was told she will be here Thursday morning and if for any reason she is NOT...I am to report it...I'm just not in the mood for any BS!
  • NEW bird feeder: My sis got me a new bird feeder squirrel Proof (we hope) for my upcoming birthday...ITS sooo cool. I love it.
  • Speaking of Sis: What an Angel...she has worked so hard getting my yard back up to snuff along with helping with my day to day living she's got my back in every way...πŸ’“and soon my Big sis is I look forward to time spent with her...I just want to Wish her safe Journey as she makes her way east, Big Road Trip!! 
  • So 30 days.  My D-Day was Aug 7...

Every day is a new Challenge.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Meanwhile back at the Homestead...

Things continue to trickle back into my life slowly...I was able to sit by Flossie's Grave side and have a heart to heart visit with her...and I was able to fill some bird feeders...and spent some quality time on both Porches one included a bowl of Ice cream!!
The weather is like fall, cool;  and today we have some rain so won't be going outside but maybe the Screen porch...not sure on that yet...we have plans to give Annie a shed groom and trim her nails she needs a spa day.
Still no word that the van is ready looks like a bad BUS or computer and honestly I worry the wiring harness may also need to be replaced...I hope he doesn't come back with any unfinished work...y'all know I prefer to do my onw car repairs when I am physically able so it's hard to fork out $$$ for something I could have done myself in about an hours time!!
I continue to walk a little bit better with the walker of course and I'm trying to visualize that hole in my bone re-growing, cant hurt to try...
I want to thank everyone who is making my life better, my sisters and my brother in law  for for his love and patience doing without his companion during this time!!  Life is harder on your own for sure, and all of you who are leaving me comments so much such a narrow window on the outside world.
Now the bird migration is beginning I had an email from Cornell will be fun to listen and look for what may come our way.
And there is now Limpkin in Congaree Natl Park... I really hope the van gets back in time my sis needs that for her life list...
We change the guard on the 21st as my other sis arrives to relieve Little sis so she can get back to her life she has some upcoming Quilt shows and its very important...that she get back in Denver and the other in Salt Lake!! So if your in the area look for her booth Fabric Corner Store.
Now its pouring we have a sleepy easy day on tap...I plan to stay as far away as possible from any 911 memorials that bring back bad memories and PTSD for me.
I was so sad to hear of the Queens passing she was a grand lady!! I look forward to watching the Royal regroup with King Charles III it will be the first Crowning of a new King in my life time...

Every day is a new Challenge!

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Flossie July 4, 2008 - Sept 6, 2022


Flossie  was laid to rest yesterday right beside Casey My heart is Broken....but now she is at Peace...she was 14 1/2 yrs old...

Every day is a new Challenge

Friday, September 2, 2022

Labor of Life

Just a short update..
MY Van broke had to tow it to Garage...ugh Really didn't need any more bad luck...but it seems my Karma is way out of whack...ITs been nice to have 3 days at home no Hospitals or treatments and I get 3 more days off till Chemo am totally afraid of that but hope its not as dreadful as I think...if anyone has been thru it give me some tips....
I'm mostly resting...and doing small chores in between like making my lunch, filling the salt n pepper, and watching Youtubes!
Hope you all have a fine Labor Day and be safe.

Every day is a new Challenge

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Week 3

So far I've had 5 radiation treatments and have 5 to go will be happy when that is over its a daily ride of 3 hrs then Chemo will happen after labor day here in my town only 6 mile ride...
I got the staples out of the right femur yesterday status post the rod implant and I can walk with the aide of a walker so that is good but I cant go just an update Im still here for now! Im being pampered like a gueen my sisters helping here and emotionally as well...Im a very lucky woman.
I actually turned in a ebird list of my yard birds and that felt normal. Hope all of you are in good spirits

Every day is a new Adventure.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Released 8/17

So  thankfully I only had to do 9 days in the hospital and now Im doing out  patient treatment and Im at HOME which is   wonderful.  Without my sister's help it would never have happened what a Jewel.  So just to share, this goes under the heading of My Life, My Journey, no art unless you consider having the mental capacity to demand to be released. 
not the Art I preferred, as we don't really  get that choice in the end.  I have no idea how my progress will go...or if any will be made but I had 2 choices at this point...

I will say I am trying to deal with it, but it's no way easy....I have a long rod in my leg now which means I am starting to walk again slowly of course...but that is progress and I had an excellent Surgeon who I named the Bone Doctor...his Initials worked out for that...

I am not allowed to drive because I had a seizure so I don't know if my driving will return and we shall see.  There will be 9 more  Radiation treatments and I will do one round of Chemo in my local hospital as an out patient, so that will be easier less travel than driving to Lexington for the radiation..My hair will fall out I was told.

I wish life was all rainbows and birds and nature but we have to work the hand we are dealt...and nothing is forever...I hope this finds ALL of you in good spirits and when my attention span can make the jump, if it can, I will try to keep visiting when possible.  All my best to everyone who reads... 

One bit of advice I can give is to make  your wishes known have a dear friend or family as advocate for  you as you will need all the help u can get in this type situation when your Brain is affected....

Every day is a new Challenge

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Life Changes

Life has changed for me in a big way I am currently in the hospital I found out on Sunday I had to call an ambulance and because my arm went totally paralyzed and so I went to my local emergency room and had a CT scan and found out that I have brain cancer I know this is crazy and you probably don't believe me because I've been fine up until a while ago but it all started out with my hip you know I had this trouble with my hip and so come to find out when they did the Cat Scan they found out that I had have had lung cancer or a lung tumor that has metasticedides to my hip my leg and of course to my brain so now I'm in Lexington Medical Center Columbia South Carolina and I have to go through radiation therapy for my brain I'm probably going to have to go through chemotherapy for the other cancers that are in me so anyway right now I had to have a rod put in my leg because I had bone missing in my leg and that's why I was having all that trouble with my hip had a big hole of bone missing in my hip and they put a rod like at least a 18-in rod going all the way from my knee up to my hip so now I'm in the hospital trying to get ready for these other tests and other treatments and eventually I'll be released back to my town to continue my treatment with oncology so anyway I just thought I'd give you guys a wrap up I probably won't be visiting your blogs for a while I asked my laptop to be brought over and maybe I'll be able to so it just depends on how I'm feeling under a lot of medication and everything the life can toss monkey wrenches we just have to work with it my sister is here helping me thank God and she has been a blessing so anyway for now we'll send you a good tidings if you wish but I'll probably won't be able to answer them I'm just using my cell phone which is hard to converse on anyway just wanted to keep everybody who cares in the loop take care

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Out to Lunch...

Hi Friends, this has been a trying week for me, so no trips out in nature or even in the yard...been having buckets of rain and severe thunder storms for days now and we are dealing with a fallen tree in the yard that is a mess along with the extreme heat and humidity. Still my hip injury keeps me from enjoying being active in any until things are more favorable to being blog worthy I'm taking a little break could be a week a month or how ever long it takes to reset my Karma.   I hope to continue to visit your blogs when you update...Hopefully the rest of July will be better. Maybe you would enjoy reading back through the blog archive to some of the better times I've had on my Blog...

Till next time...


Friday, July 1, 2022

Shake Rattle Roll...



My Beautiful sisters arranged for a Scholarship in our Mom's Honor, to be awarded to a student who met the qualifications, and that student had to write an essay and this  young lady, Averi Berry,  won the scholarship and will be enrolled in Lander University (Liberal Arts, Science, Business Administration, Nursing) the fall.  She wishes to be a Dermatologists. Education was always a KEY factor in our Mom's way of thinking she never had the chance to graduate Highschool, but she made sure each of us did....she felt education is the pathway out of poverty...


Resting my hip is so boring...I try to stay busy and each time I try to do something physical it reminds me of WHY Im resting it in the first place.  For the most part there is little change. :0(  I'm reintroducing some light stretches...just a wee bit. 

2021 Fox Visit

We are in an event that is the first in our recorded histroy! An  Earthquake Swarm.  It's a seismic event that began on Dec 27, 2021 with a 3.3 mag Earthquake and since then to date there have been 40 events in this same epicenter 25 miles Southwest of my home...

We HAD more Earthquakes TODAY, (Wednesday) 3.5 Magnitude, at 2:43pm and then another one 3.6  Mag. 7:04 pm and it really shook my house.   We had one Tuesday of 3.4 and  in between there we've had 7 aftershocks of 1.9 -2 Mag. in strength...ALL  in the last 3 days! These quakes are at a depth of about 3-4 miles into the Earths Crust...

the epi center is the yellow star
this is the shake zone...

This is from the Seismograph located in TX, TX31, and TX32 are the ones I keep seeing that are recording these events...this one shows 5 second intervals of the shake event...

By California Standards, it's nothing, but up until the past 7 months I recall having one an earthquake in 1974 And maybe one in the 80's but now we've had 40+ since Jan of 2022!! The range from 1 to 3.6 so far. The epicenter was 25 miles southwest of my home. IT sounds like a BIG truck coming by BUT faster than the speed of any truck...then a BOOM and the rattles begin. The Tuesday one woke me up, it occurred at 1:30 am, woke most everyone up in the area as the news had reported...and was felt as far away as Charlotte, NC which is 85 miles north of me. 

This shows the Quakes of the USA from the last 48 hrs. 

My location is the one on the lower right off the east coast. 
 SC,  faults have been mapped,  but not as much is know about them...the USGS says there are many faults that lay deep in Earth. A Level 2 you will feel the shake, Level 4 things will fall, Level 5-6 cracks in walls, foundations, windows, etc, 7-8  severe structural damage is expected and at 10 it's Complete destruction!! 

Eastern Quakes can be felt for greater distances than Western Quakes, due to less bedrock and its more heavily fractured  The website says the best tracking of the faults underneath is the earthquakes themselves, so I would say it's a safe bet one is UNDER Elgin/Lugoff in my County! The last one knocked the power out in the small town of Pontiac for a while. 

We had four aftershocks from the 7:04 pm event, One was 2.3Mag.

the recent shock waves all cluster in this area. 

We had one last  month that was farther away but louder it was a 3.2
It almost makes me think a warmer planet will have more seismic activity.  Charleston was destroyed by a huge quake in 1886 a 7.3 quake, so this 3.6 only has to double in be severely destructive. Its been getting steadily stronger each time...and lasting longer too. 

To be honest there is NOTHING we can do about it, the only warning I got on the 3.6 was I was watching the  nightly weather report and my TV suddenly lost the antenna reception then the BOOOM and the shaking lasted upwards of 20seconds and I could see the windows in my house shaking and could hear the whole place creaking and shaking! My house was built in the late 40's or early 50's then moved to this location in 1977. 

So does this mean a big one is on the way? Experts say, "Do we expect it, NO, would we be surprised if it happened, NO." Okay so much for expert advice..

I have had more deer attacks and my plants are pretty much beyond help at this point.  I may get some cucumber, and squash, the beans are gone, the peas are gone, the tomato has been ripped up Even tho I had it in cages, the squirrel got in thru the 3 inch squares...and the peppers are shredded.  Sometimes life is like that I wish there was a rainbow everyday--- least we have some gentle rain today which we need so bad we are in a moderate drought. 

                  Hope to get a couple of winter butternuts..                               

Twins  2007

Last years peppers...


My virtual garden memories since this year is not going so makes me feel good to know Maybe It can happen again! 

More Human Nature:
Roe is gone....but we will prevail...the "Never Hillary's" are probably still denying their part in this horror story.... 
The J6  Hearings are showing PROOF of Trumps crime against US, 
NO justice no Peace! 

All the photos in this post are from the achieves. Since no outings this week. Hopefully I see you next week. 

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Easy come easy go...

Another very lay-low week for me, I have this hip issue still and it is only a wee bit better but I have a plan! It's called Hip Flexor Tendinitis, so you can google it up...if you wish. I actually did this while trying to hook up my trailer when it was loaded with the limbs of the Ice Storm we had back in February. I planted my feet into the ground and Pulled....NOT smart.  Trailer did not move, my bones, tendon, and muscles did. 


Another thing I did wrong was try to get back at it too fast...I had a relapse...I was stretching, and doing too much walking and pushing myself, because Im impatient. BUT what I was not doing was listening to what my body was saying.  So I am limiting my daily activity...using RICE --Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate.  Well I can't compress my hip but this flexor tendon goes all the way to the  knee so I compress that when walking, and I can elevate my hip when reclined by using a pillow...AND no more stretching till it heals. 

How could I possibly think I could budge that heavy trailer, (maybe 10 yrs ago, yes) Im currently having to use not one, but two canes, in order to walk without searing pain,  and that is part of my plan to stop denying I don't need some the cane! At least till this thing heals..Meanwhile I have watched most of the hearings, or listened to them in the background while I worked on some internet projects....I for one am not surprised as I stayed on top of the news in real time....But I will say if heads don't roll we MUST Demand Justice!! 

Tulip Poplar Tree 

The weather was up and down 100's then 80's and so I did go out on one day...Didn't see a lot but I will share what I found..
On that day the community was having a kayaking event...and these people enjoyed some time on the water...

Very Colorful...

And more color in the Painted Buntings, 

They were busy feeding on the tall grasses, the young are out the nest and out in the world now,,,

The Bee Balm filled the air with that wonder aroma and the bees were so busy on it who can blame them?

This Eastern Bluebird really showed off his wings and tail in this shot while grabbing a bug from the ground...

White against blue as a Great Egret flew over...

Some dragonfly were out and I was happy they sat still for a while...

Back at the homestead here is Mask I don't think she has birthed yet she is getting bigger she may have twins! 

She was watching some friends near the fence line, one of these does has her fawn already but I could not get a clear shot of him I could not tell if this doe below is Tulip...could be.

Got come cukes coming on in my Fort Knox Garden...

Unfortunately the deer attacked my plants and they took a nearly all of the ones I shared last week that were not under lockdown got hit pretty hard 
Good thing it will grow back. 



What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Every day is a new Challenge.