Sunday, June 23, 2013

The East and South Side!

My blog is written around my Life and to me Life is art's more of my Life my Art...
Well I havent been doing anything exciting ..I did go to the Piggly Wiggly and bought a couple weeks worth of groceries! Since my vacation week Ive had my nose to the grind... literally.
AND I continue to REDO this old working on the East side ....this room that is off the screen porch was meant to be a sunny room for plants especially in the winter I LOVE lots of potted plants but they cant all stay outdoors.  It had windows all over the place all different sizes, types, and styles.

the light is good but each window was a spot for water damage to start and to get worse and worse...and now all are  in a bad state ---rotten and leaking! The wood sheathing under the vinyl siding had areas of water damage in that corner below that Roof Valley I spoke of in my last post...,so it had to come off...
I did it as I do everything ---one step at a time....

SO off it came..the 2 top windows with panes were wood and in very bad shape and water was getting in around those, the 2 plate glass in the center were framed with wood and it was also leaking around these...the botton left and right are metal and the windows are still okay and I decided to reuse these but do a better job of flashing them so no water can't get inside..NO MATTER how hard it blows or how hard it rains!!!

Im a big believer in reusing, and saving MONEY... I got this idea,,,,mmmm....I had attached a lean-to onto the tool shed many yrs back and called it the greenhouse, it was basically a potting shed and a place to store potting soil, pots gardening tools etc...with many years of neglect it also was ready to come down...some of the sheathing was in good enough shape to be reused so I decided to tear it down and salvage some sheathing and 2 x 4's to frame up the now empty window holes...NOW you see it...


I salvaged enough shealthing to fix up the spots where the windows were removed and moved..
This is the job my sis helped me with, we put the sheathing up and then some 30lb felt paper..which is what was originally used on this house under the a days they use house wrap, its nothing more than plastic...I think the felt paper is a better choice for keeps wind and rain out and it was pretty easy to put up! I used this new peel and stick membrane around the windows to keep water OUT!

I moved the right side window to the left, cause I need that wall space INSIDE the room to relocate the laundry area into this end of this space...the electric water heater is already there so the w/d should fit right beside...
Anyways that is the plan.  Unfortunately I think Im going to be 3 pcs short of enough of the siding to finish the wall,,,,,I have enough to ALMOST finish it...I will need to order as good a match as possible...trying to tie it together maybe a Bump in long as the color is a good match I think it will work...

then it started RAINING so I'll get back to it when I can...I have yet another wall of windows to remake...on the front side..the south side..these also leak, the double panes on the bottom have fogged over, its a mess...

That's all coming out....  2 were removed by my X a few yrs back he didnt match the color so you see how it stands out  so I hope I can get a better match ...Ive ordered a new large window to go in the center its 36 x 48 and 2 smaller ones will go above. The smaller ones 24 x 24 have arrived the center one wont arrive until July 1st....... I HOPE its gonna look uniform...wont know until its IN.  Im thinking these windows will  provide good light to overwinter plants...

These are the small ones...LOOKS easy to install...
famous last words?


Thursday, June 13, 2013

That Old House Update!


I took down the old 1950's awnings and created some of my own design! I had some redwood Ive been hanging onto for years, SO Now I finally used it... to frame up the new awning. The new ones let in more light and do the job of keeping the rain out.  I still have to add the last 2 ft over the door, but cant put that up just yet.  I plan to remove those windows on that wall (to the right), they are leaking and when i do I wont be putting it back in the same configuration and so that piece of Vinyl siding the awning will attach over will be removed so...anyways its one of those chicken or egg things..The porch has been repainted, and rescreened and a new door is up I used a storm door it wont rot, and I already had it so FREE is good.

It took me forever and the last thing to do is paint the floor but that will come later too...The room (with windows) will need a floor paint too so at the same time Ill do that.  RIGHT now Im removing the siding that is INSIDE that room, Im hoping to create a utility closet on one wall in that room...and then I can move the laundry out there...This room used to be a sunroom, but I find it was never used as was used more for storage SO why fight it create a storage/utility, sort of room. there is more water damage to repair in this will be interesting to see what I can about it!

More fix ups....water damage..


Also doing more painting...and UP on the roof again fixing yet another leak that showed up in the valley of this addition, during the 2 days of HEAVY rain we had...NO photos of that..omg it was horrible, I had tar all over me..
...and I had to spend 2 days in the dentist office! One of my molars broke in a crown, -----$975.00!!*&^%/!! Holy Broken Bank Acct---!

SO now you understand why Im painting the old door hardware instead of replacing it...New Door hardware $20 can of spray paint $4.00
A simple fix 

I HOPE I will soon be working INSIDE the house I wanted to get all the outside stuff done before the tempts go up into the high 90's and beyond...and SO much rain, delayed things a bit but I have kept very busy cleaning out the old shed, now I can get my tools in there and going thru the Ebay stuff yet again, I tossed  some out, it was not selling...and now im gonna be listing all my son's old toys from the 1980's!
I need every penny I can get to buy building supplies!
so the rest of my vacation was spent working on projects...I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation...I guess Ill get a day off on July 4th!

I dug one wicker chair out...wonder if I'll ever get to sit in it?

Maybe I'll sit down and have lunch in this chair, can you tell my food faces are impromptu?
(electric cord upper left..haha)
I call this Tea Time!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yellow Branch Falls

Got to take a hike this weekend! Yep another waterfall and a great day to be out in the woods enjoying the trees, flowers and, other things!

uh... this snake is pushing his head into a crack in this log...I guess there's something in there he wants to eat!

The girlz had a big day...and that old gal with her hat on backwards had a great time!!

They look 3-D in this shot dont you think?

Mother natures infinity pool edge...

I think this is a milkweed...its sure was a pleasant surprise in the woods.

My friend has a good eye she spotted a couple of salamanders in the waters edge! I'll have to research to find the name of this one.  He is hiding under a hickory nut shell..

Yellow Branch Falls hike was about 3 mi. round trip.  Some ups and downs along a narrow ridge trail through a very heavy oak,hickory forest later we arrived at the falls.  Water levels were low but the flow was still very nice. This waterfall is about 60 ft tall and its a fan class falls with plenty of rock table layers to creat lots of splashing!!

A really good trip!!! Fun was had by all!!