Friday, July 17, 2015

Or AM I just nAiVe?

Okay I gotta have y'all's opinion on this one!

This tale begins last Friday one week ago.  My van has started to jerk when I slow down like take my foot off the gas, and then I have to speed up to get it to stop jerking...its like it don't want to go slow..
I have had a speed sensor out for like a year no speedometer, and no cruise I researched online and it says have the rear abs speed sensor checked...
Well I thought it could be the transmission needs a fluid and filter change so I call this garage to see if they do this Yes but we are closed till was 2:30 pm last Friday..
Okay Ill come by Monday and make an appointment. I go by Monday he says you should go to the transmission place and see what they say ...SO I did.

They were so nice there they immediately drove my van and even had a second guy drive it they both said its not the transmission it needs a tune up and speed sensors So I go back to the garage...
Made an appointment for Friday 8 am That was for today.

I set the alarm so I could get up and be there by 8 am...I was on time.  I told the receptionist Im going to walk to the library and spend the time there waiting for your call to tell me the tune up and sensor check has been done...she said Okay...

By 2 pm no phone call! So I called them.  "oh we haven't checked it yet" 
WHAT??????????? I had an 8 am appointment time and you have not even looked at it...are you going to get it done by closing time? We'll see.  I walk closer and sit in a fast food joint and wait for the call..they call me at 4:10, they close at 5:00, come and get it..
SO I get there she said you want to reschedule for Monday we didn't get around to it..

YOU had it for 8 hrs to do a one hr tune up and you did NADA? 
The owner tells me they run a wrecker service, a roadside service, and garage and they have to prioritize...
SO In other words THEY decided my tune up was not important so they just didnt do it..

Then he says 'if you can rent a car and leave it,,,,'
But they don't work on the weekends
SO Im gonna pay for a rental while my van sits in his lot all weekend just so he can decide when he is Really Gonna do The work.

I don't think so...

                  NO there wont be a rescheduled appointment...
                                      Good Bye!

They burned 9 hrs of MY daylight and nothing got done...I was so angry, what would you do? If he had told me he was just too busy to get to it I could have made my appointment at another garage, who DID have time to do it and who probably would have given me a ride home to wait, I did ask them to take me  home (no they can't take the time to do that)  IF they had done that or told me they might not get to it... I could have made arrangements for a ride...BUT NOPE didn't do any of he just greedy or what... he was over extended well he could of told me that in the beginning.  I don't get it.  Needless to say I wont be going back and lets just say his Google review is already been done!
      Sometimes I feel like this is me...

And this is the world

Makes me wanna get on my pony and ride...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.