Thursday, August 23, 2018

Clever people!

Lately I've been wrapped up in personal things...but I wanted to share some amazing ideas I've come across and thought these people are sooooo creative and clever, everyone needs to see this....check it out!


I thought that one was the best use of space I've seen!  So you don't need tons of space to get out there!  It is not in English but you will see it really doesn't matter, so well thought out!

..and if you still think you need a 60 ft Mothership to go camping...WRONG check out this fantastic idea!


When I see how ingenious people are it makes me feel good inside! And here's one's not an American idea it's a world class idea!

SOOOO clever!

Every day is a new Adventure.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

More How to Videos?

Well why not?
It's been raining daily and unbearable hot so I'm trying to stay busy doing small projects and using my old desktop to create these how to videos!   I whipped up a little intro Using Windows Movie Maker, and found some royalty free music, so I'm learning!  I really should name my effort "rough cutz"  I've been revving up my You Tube Skilz! I now have 18 subscribers, I'm no Bob Wells, I do projects out of necessity so may as well share the info, someone may stumble over these and it could be useful.  The problem is I need a video editor that works with MPG4, my Panasonic makes MPG4 clips...while My Kodak makes AVI and that works well with Windows Movie Maker but lately it won't stay on... the online editor I used hammered the quality of the video.  Hopefully I can figure something out on that, if I was more organized to make the entire video in one clip..but that's hard it's like TAKE ONE, now TWO, now THREE...etc.

Casey somewhere in TX

I had to do some reworking of my bug screens.  Mainly because the plastic magnet holders I originally used kept falling apart and losing the magnets. While on the road I repaired a couple using duct tape and it worked so well I figured wtheck, I'd just do all of them that same way! It's not glamorous and nothing about my life is so it fits right in.  Meanwhile here's the 2 clips I made on van screening needs.  I had to combine 4 clips to get this video together. You Tube discontinued the ability to combine clips I suppose that happened when Google bought them?

Tools needed: 2 sheer curtain panels, 6 heavy duty bar magnets, 12 light duty disc or bar magnets,  2 in wide duct tape, (you can tear or cut the duct tape into pieces) 

The cabin window screens are a no sew project so even if you don't have a sewing machine, or sewing skills you can make these screens. I fiddled up some illustrations using my PSP to illustrate how I did it...I've had these about 3 yrs and I decided to remove the plastic magnet holders and use the duct tape on these so this is a remake....and here is how I did it, and these are simply for utility if you want yours to look great then you can finish the edges better than I did.  I have been using these screens for about 3 yrs They work perfectly.  In this video I totally forgot to attach my I said Rough Cutz! 

Screening, scissors, 2" wide duct tape, tape measure, and 3 magnets for each door, 
this should only take 1/2 an hour or less to do 2 screens!  I saw some people paid up to $20 each for professionally made screen..why do that when you can Do it Yourself??


Once I get to traveling again I hope to make more videos on location! I do see people are interested in locations and I'm sorry now I didn't do many location videos...I probably won't get back to many of the places I've already been!  Something to look forward to and give me hope!!  Stay cool if you can!

Every day is a new Adventure.