Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WBW 28 TN Birds

I just returned from a trip to Tennessee, in the Cumberland Mountain Range, I plan to blog about the highlights later this week.. its World Bird Wednesday so Ill share a few of the birds I saw, no let me correct that I saw a lot--- I photographed only a couple..Im about to give up on photographing birds...which Ive threatened so many times through the years...and then Ill get a half way decent shot and I keep trying, its like trying to win the lottery GRRRR
But anyways..

I saw this turkey vulture walking around on the ground...he was looking pretty good--

The Barn Swallows were busy building this nest, in the corner of The Inn where I stayed...

Then resting between trips for mud...

This is a juvenile, sparrow, but?   See the deep V in the tail, any other suggestions? Immature Chipping Sparrow?

This Indigo bunting has turned his head all the way around like the demon in the Exorcist this looks like a bird with his wings on backwards...lol...he was so curious to see what I was up to...and I got a cute video of him singing 


and The Yellow Throated Warbler was fun to see---

So thats the ones I was able to get a shot of over the Memorial Day Holiday!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gone Walk About~

The weather is getting hot--and muggy--its the time of year that I become a grumpy camper!! Nothing a good tromp in nature and a cool shower cant cure tho...so out I went to clear up the cobwebs, break a sweat,  and to get my mind off current crapiolla'

Speaking of choking somebody ('er was I?) check this out...

This is a wisteria vine, it looks like a web doesn't it--Putting a choke hold on this pine, the funny thing is the pine doesnt look to be that old--there are pines in my yard that are 40-50 yrs old and they are way bigger than this one...

... this female house sparrow is squinting against the bright light...lol I love how birds are so "honest" and unpretentious--there is nothing sneaky about them, they don't need lawyers to tell them what to do...

The local vet has 3 sets of martin homes - this is such a cool structure and Im not the only one who thinks so--


The purple martins are raising their young in these gourds and the house sparrows are taking advantage of it too...they seem to be getting along just fine, they co-exist in harmony--I know the HS's are introduced and all but what can you do at this point-- my genealogy research tells me that I was introduced to NA--------lol

I scared this Great Blue Heron when I went to the park last week for a walk about--he wanted NO part of me--he very honestly moved to the other side of the pond upon my arrival...he didnt act coy, nor was he polite,  he in no certain terms let me know he was NOT happy to see me--

Goodale pond was looking pretty good that day--some clouds hung around, the sun was in and out--

gave a weird cast to the flower of the lily pads...

..and once again the eastern Kingbird was out hunting, notice that tail how he has it tilted upward and his wings pointing down--he is conversing with a second bird that was hunting nearby--Im not sure what the sign language means but it was def some kind of message!

I think they were hunting together? Hope they're not planning a wedding--big mistake!!   Maybe a young one learning the ropes?..

I'm having dinner with a friend tonight we said we need a good biotch session-- I told her IM NOT dressing up she said OMG do people still do that?? We sure don't --I always dress like I'm getting ready to paint the house, or go beg for money on the corner...lol
Hope life in your neck of the woods is treatin' you right and if not hope you can git' it straight soon--


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking Down

IM so far behind with blog reading and posting--I hope soon I can place my mind back on the blissful parts of life that keep me balanced and in a peaceful state -- like travel, nature, exploring, and birding- One thing I've been wanting to share from my tromps around are these forest plants--I get excited when I see some special ones! 

I saw these gorgeous plants growing in the shade up in the mountains a couple weeks ago when I was hiking--this is a rare trillium and very local in the Piedmont & uplands of the Carolina's.  So it was right where it should be! 

                                          Sessile Trillium

and growing close by was this WakeRobin Trillium sporting a deep blood red flower--its standing amongst sessile trillium and
Wild Ginger Heart Leaf

I like the Solomon's Seal because of the way the little flowers hang down I want to drag my finger along them and imagine the sound of tinkling silver bells--

  AND here is some False Solomon Seal...who knew nature could try to fool us-;o/

A Cherokee Rose finds a sunny dry spot

High Bush Blueberry these little bell shaped flowers remind me of someones cheeks full of air right before they blow out birthday candles...

The Mountain Laurel hugs a blue Carolina sky-

The Pitcher Plant dips its feet in the moist edge around the pond

and verdant Creeping Cedar nestles up in a bright place  

Awww look who came out to share a moment with me...

And it just wouldn't be Dixxeland without a bird----
how about an Eastern King~bird on a wire~

Bird on a Wire

"Just get me through December, I promise I will remember
so I can start again"
~Alison Krauss~


Friday, May 13, 2011


Remember when I told ya'll about becoming a grave photo contributor? WELL GEE UP NELLIE--I've been flooded with requests!!  Who knew there were so many graveyards within my area?  Ive been looking for graves from WAY back when all the way up to present day...one burial as soon as last week is on my list right now--and its a possible Homicide-the death is under investigation.

Pvt Richard Brown

I have found a few CSA vets Richard Brown is one of them...who deserve some recognition for their service...I'm not one of those  "the South is gonna rise again'ers" but its part of the rich history of this area -- SC was the first state to withdraw from the Union the first shot fired that started the Civil War and 618,000 Yanks and Johnny Rebs died---just imagine if the South had won...you'd have to show your passport to cross into Mississippi! My town, Camden, was the site of a Revolutionary War battle and occupation by the British Red Coats in 1780-81.

My Very first "assignment" was the hardest!! It turned out I had to become a dectective and that is something I've always fancied that I would love to do.  So I was looking for the Jones Family Cemetery--
It was listed but no photos had been posted of the graveyard or the headstones--so that was my goal to get the shots!

Mom came along for the ride to the next town over, Kershaw.  The graveyard was listed as 2 miles east of town on Hwy 151.  So we drove up and back and up and back ----no graveyard!!

Meanwhile I stopped at a church asked the minister he didnt know but he told me to stop at the brick house on top of the hill about 3 miles back...and I did, and I knocked and knocked no answer...So back to town we went with lunch on our minds and I asked this elderly man who was paying his tab at the counter of the Only Lunch Spot in town--if he knew of it...NO he didnt but he just saw one of the Jones's over at the car wash (Small town life) and if I hurry I could catch him he was sure to know..SO I did..but I just missed him-- he is over at the garage I was told and if I hurry I could catch him--so I did..and once there I caught him--His first question was "How did you know I was here?..." ahhhhh once again-- in a small town everyone knows what you are up to!!

SO he made a phone call...to his daddy--he told me the grave yard is behind the "old home place" back in the woods and it was agreed that I would visit his daddy at the local Building Supply store 4 blocks down...and I did-
Mr Jones was shocked  when I came in and told him why I wanted to visit his old family plot....he said I was the second person asking to photograph the graveyard--so others had been sent the same graveyard request??? I got there first so....it was kinda like the Amazing Race to the Graveyard!  He agreed to give me directions and permission to go there..he directed me back to the VERY FIRST house I had knocked on the door of..he said drive to the back of the house,  around the garden, into the woods and at the end of that road is the Graveyard...so I did--

The Fence is in terrible shape and so were most of the graves...

The Patriarch of the family seems to have been Maj Samuel Jones who was the last remaining Revolutionary War Soldier in Kershaw County he died Jan 27, 1847--although I couldnt find anything online about his service in the Rev war...

Elizabeth <i>King</i> JonesAnd he lived to be 91,  his mother Elizabeth King Jones lived to be 97 unfortunately there are no dates on her headstone---it would be fun to research her and find out more about her...the major had 2 wives  I found one headstone in the family plot and unfortunately Col Burrell Jones's headstone has broken into 2 pieces--
So I photographed all the graves except 2 (unnamed infants) and I should have photographed those also--Im new to this and didnt think it was important but I realize now to family it is very important...So this really made me wonder about my desire to be cremated--Maybe somewhere I should put it in STONE since stone is the ONLY sure thing to stand the test of time!! Then again who is gonna care in 100 yrs? You might be surprised--- 
One myth of the Jones Family Cemetery is  that these fieldstone
markers in the foreground mark the graves of Jones's slaves!

This fieldstone seems to be inscribed possibly


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WBW-25--Variety is the Spice of Life-

And another Curious  Bird--the Eastern Kingbird--A super fly catcher!

Tyrannus tyrannus

Here is the Indigo Bunting--he came down to check me out as I was hiking on the Foothills Trail--

Passerina cyanea

A couple of Purple Martins...female (L) Male (R) also great mosquito catchers!!

Progne subis

And the always vulnerable and so delicate duckling this is another muscovy...I really hope the next time I visit they are all still there but I know last year only 2 made it to adulthood this brood is 9 strong at the time of this photo--

Cairina moschata

Here's a pretty nice Red Shouldered  Hawk almost flying out of the last third of my frame...BUT he had such beautiful form I am liking this shot!!

So thats a few of the cool birds I ran into since we last had the World Bird Wednesday--
Dont forget to check out all the contributors!

Enjoy and Participate!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Shameless Plead---DREAM BIG

This post is all about ME--I just found out Delta Sky Miles is running a photo contest and the winner gets 100,000 miles!! BOY I could use those miles to finally get to see Hawaii and the Pacific North Western states then I will have enough miles to fulfill my dream of visiting all 50 states!!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WBW -24 This Bird has a Sweet Tooth!

This time of year when we are trying to feed the hummers we may get this problem--BUT wow what a cool problem--When I was out west last year these birds amused me over and over not just with their bright beautiful color but with these antics--

This is the Bullocks Oriole form of the Northern Oriole (called the Baltimore in the Eastern US and Bullock's for the Western US)

Icterus galbula

They love to get at the Hummingbird Feeders and they will also come to fruit and there is an oriole food available at bird feed stores.

This is the Female and the male together...the female is at the top of the photo.

Fun Birds to watch and Enjoy !!!

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Northern Oriole Trivia: in the middle regions of the US around the great plains these 2 east/west orioles will interbreed and make birding ID'S dang hard for all of us!! The Hybrid is like the Baltimore but with a wide white wingbar of the Bullocks!