WHY VEGAN you ask? Why not?

IT doesnt take a rocket scientist to look around and see that the American Diet is NOT a good way to eat.  SO many are diseased, sick, over weight, and most of it is due directly to the food being consumed! The amount, but more than that the KIND of food.


Animal products are NOT clean for human consumption.  ITs full of fat, hormones, antibiotics, and worse than that its the horrid conditions the animals are kept in prior to being slaughtered and eaten.  Eating animal products and processed foods is causing disease and early morbid death in humans world wide now that corporate food chains are world wide!

  I chose this route due directly to my love of animals and my connection to the planet through the choices I make.  I dont do fast food period. I dont do Coke or Pepsi,  I rarely eat out, although in larger cities there are more choices; here in this smaller town where I currently live not many choices.  We have 3 McDonalds, 1 Burger King, 1 Taco Bell, 1 Waffle House, 1 Chili's, 1 Fatz, 1 Shoney's, 2 Sonic Drive In's, 1 Huddle House, Several Pizza Joints, 2 Oriental eateries, 1 Mexican, and Some Bars that do Wings, NO vegetable based eatiers! SO when I eat out I normally get sick the next day, due to cross contaimination!

2003 I turned to a vegetarian diet, and in 2008 quit all the dairy and went 99.9% Vegan.  Until I give up processed bread, crackers, and cakes and cookies I wont be 100% for they use eggs and milk in so many of these products.  I am however cutting out as much of this as possible.  Since I began Vegan eating Ive lost 30 lbs! I am not a skinny tree hugger, I am big and strong and have more weight that will drop if I ever get my but in gear and start hiking more!

SO what do I eat? I get this question a lot and the answer is i eat a LOT!!  And I grow some of my food!!

You will see photos of various meals from time to time on my blog.  I eat mostly Fresh Foods only.  Fresh leafy greens every meal, with Tomatoes, lots of Onion, Peppers, Seed Sprouts, Avacados, Squash, Zucchini, Carrots, Mushrooms, and lots more! I steam most of my veggies or eat raw.  I learned that it is more beneficial to chop the food up very well IF Im gonna cook it, I get more Microbiotic effects and benefits from food that way. I DONT buy boxed up dinners or frozen dinners or canned stuff...IF the ingredient label has more than one thing on it, you dont need it! FRESH is the way to go!!
As they say shop the perimeter of the store...



 I EAT Lots of cooked dried beans berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds, I drink green tea of various flavors, Wine, and I do enjoy OJ, and some Beer with Lime!  i eat some white potatoes, but only occassionally...I try to stay away from CORN...it has a very high sugar content...

I eat a few soy products but not many...I eat flat breads, whole wheat ones, I eat ww soft tortillas, and Whole Wheat English Muffins, and whole wheat bread for JAM... and occassionally bagels, no honey I use Agave syrup....and I use brown granular sugar not bleached white sugar.  I do brown or wild rice, and ww pastas occassionally....in the fall I love winter squash of all kinds...sweet potatoes, I make my own salad dressing using olive oil and various vinegars, lime n lemon juices! 

For snacks I eat fruit, various nuts, and sometimes its left overs! That makes a great snack.  I eat pnut butter, and homemade Jelly!
SO thats what I eat.

I encourage you to try Vegan eating for one month and tell me how much better you feel!! I only wish I had started sooner!!