Sunday, March 31, 2013

Throwing Rocks and Mud Slinging?

Maybe its Spring? A warm weekend, some rain helps bring things out...

Mom has been really sick she relapsed and I spent Thursday night in the ER with her...but I refused to have her admitted to the hospital...Older people go into hospitals and come out feet first... got some good drugs for her and brought her home to recover in her own bed....and she has improved..still a long way from recouped...but on the way we think.  I was able to get some work done in the little sunny room I am re-doing...this little room is approx. 6 x 8.  I put down the wood floor last week, it had been carpet and sub floor...

THE vent is kinda  in the way since there was a built in window seat in front of these windows...I removed that.  I guess I should have moved this vent..but I don't think Its going to be a problem...I wont be staining and finishing the floor until all the sheetrock is hung, mudded, sanded and the trim applied. I will sand it when I sand the floor in the adjoining room. 

My sister and I have never done sheetrock, but we figure it cant be that hard!! SO we hung it...

IT was hard work, and we still have to put on tape and 3 coats of joint compound, then sand that off, and put up the trim around the windows, ceiling, baseboards, etc. The other rooms in this house have quarter round molding in the corners no tape so IM planning to do that and not try taping corners I figure Ill be doing good IF I can tape and "mud" the straight lines.

Annie is bored with all this Make Over crap!!

Another project is IM trying to evict a squirrel that is living in the screen porch attic...I set the trap UP in the attic....I really hope I catch him, cause he is chewing holes in the soffit of the porch!!!

I'll keep you posted OH and there is the Pack Rat in the old tool shed...he is NEXT!!!
HOPE your spring is moving right along!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Media Madness?

A sick day today...not for me but for Mom...we both have a bug but I can keep plugging along, she ended up in bed flat on her back so I took off to help her out...the Dr called in some meds so we hope she can kick it at home.  People get SICK in hospitals!

Over the weekend I finished making that opening, I do plan to open up one more and MAYbe 2 more walls...Hope the roof dont fall in on me! Actually Im not removing the entire wall just creating larger openings...and creating one opening where there is none.  I keep forgetting to take before and after shots should take them of ME...cause there is a marked
I didnt make much progress but I have made a DENT in it I mean a HOLE..



And from the other side...the reason for this is to bring MUCH needed light into the main living area.

This room 

Bringing the two floors up to level became quite a challenge! BUT I think Its gonna be pretty darn Close, but first I have this problem to deal with...

A leak by the chimney....

How about this  color scheme?

MAYBE not the kind of Media you are thinking of but  the old fashioned KIND....
And guess what I bought...ITS so cool.

I didnt find my old record player in the attic so...I found one in a local Junk Shop and now its MINE!

I have an old record stand that is the perfect size to hold this baby! NOW I gotta clean all my records...

I hope to have more progress come this weekend barring any lingering illness...