Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jury Duty

I had Jury duty on Friday and the defendant did not show up!  So we decided his future without him...sadly  the evidence was overwhelming...My sis arrived and so far we have "grounds keepers" my office is not yet closed!
One of the BIG tree tops that dangled fell now that's 2 of the 3 that has fallen on its own.   We have a BIG load of debris to take to the dump...

we had a slight dip in the high heat...from 101 to 98 and lower humidity...still hot enough to send us red faced and clothes soaked to the skin back inside for the remainder of the day....meanwhile my firewood pile has grown!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Here's what going on in my world these days:

The deck is coming right along, I now have steps to go up and down a few more cedar rails and it's done! Now if it will cool off to where I can enjoy sitting there, that would be nice... it will stay bloody hot right up until it turns cold! That little tiny window of good weather is not always a given!

Change is about to come to my neck of the woods as I am preparing to hit the road for a couple months.  I have been low on data since I've been doing a lot of research, points of interest,  possible camp spots, etc... I should take my laptop to the library to do that and use free wifi..but darn I'd rather sit in the comfort of my home and listen to my playlist, I get carried away people watching;  suddenly I'm Walter Mitty when I'm out and about and get nothing done!...I create my post while Im off line then do a quick copy and paste into blogger editor. Zip in and zip out....Verizon is now at the top of my "serious" WTHeck list! Their newest tactic to try and draw me over my 5 G's is to turn off my DATA usage calculator on my device so I can not tell how much I've used... I have to go online to see it, which """uses MORE DATA""" Yes I am paranoid.

So my sis left CO today  heading East she is going to wilt in this heat...I told her it was 83 here...she said, "oh that's not so bad," I said, "that's INSIDE THE HOUSE with the AC running!!" She said, "OH!" BUT in my defense she chose this time frame not me. She will stay here with Mom and take care of my girls who sadly won't get to come along, I need a bigger camper so all 3 of my dogs can have room to bunk down at night IF it wasn't summer it would be different...3 big black fuzzies on a hot summer night in one bed>>>NOPE!

... with the current heat my fuzzy black dogs would be at risk of heat stroke...they are great roadies, but when camping there just is not enough room for all of us in my van since I need to carry more stuff.  Casey is planning to come with me, he is so small it's easy to forget he is with me.  In the heat he won't be left in the van either!  NOW if I planned to sit in one spot for several days they could hang out in the screen room I have but when I'm traveling I don't normally spend more than one night in the same spot, I don't bring the screen objective is to keep making forward progress...and I have a deadline as to when I need to be back in SC. I plan to cover about 4,800 miles give or take in about 60 days OF course this is the first draft!

 I bought a second battery powered fan which I will def need.   I do plan to head for the HILLS to get to higher elevations ASAP, Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, then north, north, north, then west.  I'm not leaving the minute my sister parks in the yard, It will be a few days after so it will be official soon...
don't know my blast off day exactly.   I have my route outlined but the actual route may vary according to the weather, traffic, and my whims! I'm famous for getting completely off course and that's the great part about it as long as I'm enjoying myself it doesn't matter where I am. I have not been retired long enough to be happy just sitting around reading books in the shade or window shopping,  It could take years, who knows, to  get my mind that calm!! Maybe one day I could enjoy that... just not right now... I want to see AS Much as I can. 

I will miss my office!!  This is my current work space, my go to spot! I am now an official grounds keeper just trying to keep the wilds from taking back our woodsy homes! I know each of these tools intimately!  Okay... the old saw has been replaced with a chain saw so some rust is developing!

I hope to see some new birds I'm horrible at planning for good birding spots tho..Its hit or miss, the migration has already begun baby birds are fully fledged and soon ready to take to the skies... I head north just as the birds head south? No telling what I will see or what I will miss seeing!  What I do is just plan to bird where ever I happen to be...the intrepid....accidental birder!

When I return some family time is planned as we all celebrate our birthdays! My Mom will be 92 that calls for some BIG celebrating.  I will have yet another one, and another one of us is hitting the big 6-0! 

Life is just way too short y'all!!  Mom plans to ride back West with sis as long as she is healthy and then I will drive out in the spring...and stay several lots of "plans in clay" which I hope firm up to concrete.  One step at a time!
SO the girl at Verizon said, "its a known issue with that device, be patient, and no it won't work in Canada." 
 Move my paranoia up another notch to critical! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I come from a long line of....

superstitious people?   Are you superstitious?? I have to say I am.  Weighting the pros and cons of it, I think why not? It can't hurt to be cautious!!  I don't walk under ladders, I love animals but black cats must not cross my path or it ruins my day, and I am so careful with mirrors! I KNOCK on wood constantly...has to be good wood tho none of this prefabbed stuff!  I smudge to rid spaces of evil spirits, and never step on cracks, or cross my heart and hope to die!!

Example of why I believe in superstitions:
If you recall in 2013, the day before my 60th birthday I went out to dinne with my son, his lovely lady and her daughter, and a couple of my friends.  The lovely lady's daughter was 7 at the time and she told me she had fallen off some monkey bars at a playground and broke her wrist.  I said, "Oh I've broken bones in my back, one in my face, foot, but never in my wrist. So nearby our outdoor table, was one of the wood support beams for the patio structure...and I reached out as far as I could to knock on it, but I couldn't quite reach it in sitting position.  So my inner voice told me to knock on it when I got up from the table.. okay, I forgot!!

You all know exactly what happened the very next day fell and broke not one but BOTH wrists!! 

This superstitious thing is not something new for me and it is not for the faint of heart!  I've been this way all my life, and it was my Grandmother who set me on this path.  SHE was highly superstitious.   She was raised and spent her entire life in the Cumberland mountains of TN where I was born and spent the first 6 yrs of my life.  She was like a witch doctor, or more like a Folk Healer with her cures!  If you had a wart, you had to bury your mothers best "dish rag", if you got sick you had to bury the "water dipper", she had many of these "remedies" and she was always practicing them on us kids, me, my sisters,  and our cousins!  

I guess I need to back UP and explain life at that time...while the rest of the world had electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing, my people were stuck in time, grandma did not.  She might have gone as far as 3rd grade, maybe.  We lived on her farm in an abandoned share croppers cabin... so we had no electric, water, or indoor plumbing either! She had a well at the back of her porch and we drew water up in a long pipe called the "well bucket".  And it was emptied into a metal bucket that hung from a big nail on the back porch. In it was the dipper, also made of metal.  A drink of that freshly drawn water was the most refreshing thing you ever had; we kids passed the dipper around many times.  

She was a member of the Church of God.  They believe(d) in shouting, and speaking in tongues.  This was the utterance of the Holy Spirit. If you want to know more about the Church of God you can click that link. They believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit. 

Now I am not nor have I ever been baptized to any religion...but my Grandma was.  She had a hard and isolated life up on the Mountain and she depended on the Church for fellowship and this Church helped people in times of sickness and need.  SO anyway that's a bit of background so you can see where some of her superstitions came from.  

At one time I had lots of warts on my hands!! I was the kid always out playing and some said frogs give warts. I played with many a frog, calf, lambs, piglets, I grew up in her barnyard! 
She told me the warts were a bad sign and needed to go!! So she had me burying all sorts of things she said "words" over me and when all that failed to remove the warts....she took me to Church!  

That night she led me up to the Pulpit and she told them, "My grand daughter has the affliction of warts, and we need to have a shouting."  So they held me in a circle and they all gathered in tight around me and they began SHOUTING! Now if you've never witnessed such, please imagine what a 5 y.o child was thinking!! I was crying and scared to death!! They shout in a foreign tongue. Hysterical gibberish?  It's quite a spectacle.  AND they don't stand still while they shout they dance around like Mick Jagger!

My warts disappeared.  My Grandma took the responsibility for the ridding of the warts. NOW as an adult I know it was the Pappilomia Virus!!  It is contagious--- if I had a cut, which I had many of, I touched someone who had this skin virus that's how I got it! SO now I'm worried a little, funny how these childhood diseases come back to get you...I had Chicken Pox another Virus, and about 3 yrs ago I had a mild case of Shingles!   The vaccine is expensive!

Okay so now this all brings me to THIS bit of old news! My sister and I do genealogy research we have taken nearly all our lineage back 9 or 10 generations! (that's over 300 yrs) On my Dad's side of the family, the Folk Dr.  was his mom, and his dad, my Grandfather's lineage, is the one I'm gonna to relate to you now.  

In his lifetime he was the high sheriff of the county, a banjo player, and sometimes bootlegger, back in the days before I was born.  He was murdered 20 yrs before my birth... and I'm named for him.  In his line my 6th Great Grandmother, was 
Sarah Elwell... the Daughter of Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett, (my 7th Great Grand Mother) 
Thomas Elwell the son of Samuel Elwell and Esther Dutch. (my 8th Great Grand Mother) 
They all lived in Essex County, Mass.
 My dad's family came from (Ralph Wallen 1590 - 1643) who came over to the New World from Halton, Lancashire, England on the Ship Anne in 1624, with his wife Joyce, and they settled in Plymouth Colony, Mass. Ralph's Grand son Thomas Wallen II,  Married Sarah Elwell so she became Sarah Wallen, in later generations, the name had many spellings one was Walling my last name. 

IN the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts some people got sick with seizures and were acting mysteriously, (Please see this link that offers up MY thoughts on what this was in reality) and other people got the idea it was due to Witchcraft! People were accused and warrants were issued  and trails were held, and many were found guilty! Nineteen of the accused were hanged, one was pressed to death--I Hope you are still reading?

So check out the documents below I have made them big so you can hopefully read them:  The Salem Witch Papers Vol. 1, the University of VA Archives:

                   Accused Ester Elwell wife of Samuel, of sundry acts of witchcraft 

Sarah Bassett wife of William accused of acts called Witchcraft 

Both my 7th and 8th Great Grand Mothers were accused and tried for practicing Witchcraft.  They were set free after about 2 weeks of being jailed.  They were found not guilty due to: Hysterically Accused

OMG but for that I wouldn't be here today!!
I know only witches have warts on their noses right???  Whew....JIC I better go bury something maybe.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Seinfeld post!

I've moved more timber lately than old Paul Bunyon'd you like to have that last name, Bunyon, can you imagine being in high school with that name?  My foot hurts just thinking of it! I kind of wished for a Big Blue Ox to drag branches for me, instead I had the feeling I was the big blue ox rather than Paul with his bad feet!
Daily we have the storms still; today I have not seen the least its cooler, 94 and now just after sunset its storming and the lightening is bold bright white, the thunder is cracking, and the rain is blowing like a hurricane! I'm sure it will be a 4 inch rain!  We had 2 big storms yesterday one at 4 pm and another at 12 much rain!!  The dogs are so scared I closed the bedroom door to keep them quiet, we do get rain this time of year, but it's worse than normal. SO much violence! Trees break, the rain erodes the is just scary! I'm about to go hide in the corner and pant! I will have to go out in the morning and survey the newest damage!  I have my trailer full once more!

Today Im listening to Seals and Crofts again, this time it's the Summer Breeze album  c-1972. I swoon over their harmonies....just so tight and wonderful as a wanna be singer and guitar player,  its all about timing and pitch.  Since freaking up my left wrist I can no longer play the guitar!! I was never really good at it but it was something I enjoyed doing! So I can get my kicks by listening to great guitar players and wonderful voices.  Acoustic all the way. 

I could play this record till the needle wears a groove thru their work. Wonder what ever became of those guys...(OK Google)

"... they both became fanatically religious to Bahaullah!   Crofts lives in Costa Rico on a coffee plantation and Seals is in Texas! And CDs of their music basically do not exist"..its Vinyl or I guess you could download it online.  
Well I'll be!  I think I do have some of their stuff on cassette tape.

My project today after the umpteenth limb pick up this morning, was this,
 I have a chair, it needed a new seat...the problem with these, what I call Parson's Chairs, is the seats used to be cane and that was broken through when I found them!! Long ago I webbed the seats and upholstered them... but the wood was so weak it didn't hold well one seat bottom fell through when my sis brought her X-Navy boyfriend for Christmas dinner.  We laughed, he was embarrassed I told him don't be it was bound to happen.  So I replaced the one chair seat, last yr maybe? Finally got around to doing the other..I ripped off the cover and cut 3/8" plywood to fit the shape of the bottom, and covered it with the last bit of this fawn colored fabric.  I'm just not in the mood to try and do the entire chair, so at least now they match again! I noticed these days they do that mix the fabric up, so it's very hip!

A friend of a friend  on Facebook called me a Bigot 'cause I said D. Trump was mentally unstable.  He said I was not a licensed psychologist! Maybe not but I sure know a nut when I see one!  Wow didn't see that coming, so my response was,  "nope I'm not a licensed psychologist,  just a registered voter"  I know I should have done the adult thing, and just posted an emogie with it's tongue sticking out...HA!!  :O~
 ...kind of  disenchanted with the state of our World anymore.  I read that the GOP is trying to turn all the Federal lands back over to the States.  So I'm thinking YEP, I will check out Canada, they seem pretty stable up there ...may as well see what it is like, less storms, free health insurance, all unexplored territory for me to ramble in...I wonder what is the first step to immigrating to a new Country?  My X was an immigrant so I am all for immigration to find a better life.  I wonder if Paul Bunyon was Canadian, I've never seen a Blue OX in my travels here...but I did in Canada

A time machine would be nice right about now I'm trying to think when we went wrong, was it with Adam or Eve? Here is something I read...In the beginning there was Adam and Eve and they had 2 sons...Cain and Abel, and we are all descended from them? I don't know about you but I only see one woman's name in that group! Just sayin'..

So there you have it folks, a post about nothing; ...Fables, Politics, Religion, and Sex!! OH and a chair seat! 

Here is the chair before 

After with both chair seats done...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Simple Life---- explained!


...and have not started on the field area yet...The afternoon storms have not been violent ones since the ones on Thursday and Friday nights...but the heat builds and by late afternoon its either rain or explode!  The rain is good no watering to do so that means more time just relaxing in the afternoon A/C inside listening to John Denver's Back Home Again album on my old record player.  Before him its been about 2 weeks of Seals and Croft. Love those guys no one can harmonize like they can...Year of Sunday c-1971 and I'll Play For You c-1975 so happy I held onto my vinyl!  Yes I was a young hippie now I'm reliving my teen aged years, in music least ways!



So happy I hooked up the ice maker! I went back n forth about it; was a pain to hook up had to crawl into the dark crawl space and fight a couple of my phobias to get it connected the dark, spiders, claustrophobia, just to mention a a copper pipe, now I stand around constantly with a cup of ice in my hand! How did I ever live without it? The sparkling rock hard magic of water gone beyond 32 degrees...ohhhh so nice! I make Iced Coffee, I sip Cream Soda, I fill er up with Root Beer, follow that with Lemonade, Iced Tea or Gingerale, or just plain old ICE cold WATER!!  My cup is from the one dollar store..its insulated and has a cap I can have on or off and the insulated cup preserves my sparkling clear ice for hours, all I have to do is refill, refill, refill!! 

lemonade-- and in the back a collection of what we call Indian Paint Rocks. These are Hematite, SC Geodes! Break 
them open with a hammer, and out pours ferrous oxide! We were told local Natives mixed this powder with bear fat to make paint for their faces! We don't find as many as we used to find since all the fields are now planted with pines! People make the mistake of thinking they are supposed to "paint" with the sandstone rock it'self...nope you break it open and paint with the powder mixed with saturated fats!

Got out very early this morning by 8:30 I was hammering away on the deck again.  I got the stringers for my steps...I went with a 5 step configuration which is gonna be a bit steep but it was prefab made and in stock at Lowes.  I don't have the lumber for the treads that is next and I have to get more cedar for my rails. Got one side up on that, and it doubles for a guard rail and clothes line! MY sweat soaked clothes can now hang there to dry before tossing in the laundry basket. I have been thinking of a clothes line,,,,I have line, now I need to select the perfectly spaced trees to hold up my line.... it goes on the wish list along with....

Do you enjoy skinny dipping?  I sure do, and one thing I want is an outdoor shower!  I work like a slave back on the plantation! I finish up with "granny beads" on me, dirty all over- my hair a matted mess, I'm a pig sty when I finish working!!  I live in a very secluded spot, it has more privacy than you can an outdoor shower to wash the dirt of the day off without dragging it into the house will be a welcome thing for me! It is going to be a very simple affair and I don't know when it will come to the top of the list but its on there.  I'm thinking a floor of pebbles, probably a hand held shower head possibly with a massage selection for my poor aching muscles....and with an off/on valve so you can turn it on and off,  wet yourself down, turn the water off, lather up then turn it back on to rinse! Saves water and it could work with a coiled up garden hose on the stall roof to create hot water!  I have it visualized perfectly in my 3rd eye. 

I hung my 4 bamboo canes from one of the dogwoods, my son asked what is that bamboo for....I had to think and realized he didn't see what I have envisioned. SO my reply was "it's the beginning of Zen".

My old neighbors who moved about one mile away bought them a spread of about 20 acres because they didn't want to see any was NOT me they were seeing but some others to the east of them... They had a huge colony of Purple Martins, they took their martin houses with them on the move and I wondered what happened to the colony.  My martin houses were out of commission for a few years and now I've moved them back to the center of the field...but squirrels have damaged the doors to almost destroyed! I was able to order more doors so I'm installing in hopes that the lost colony will come here instead.  Unfortunately these are plastic...wished it was metal and even tho I scoffed the idea of purchasing a Martin decoy (also made of plastic) in the end I did buy only one.  I like the new neighbors much more than the old ones, they lean left like me! I'm surrounded by a sea of conservatives.  They have one horse and one burro, one dog, 2 roosters, and some hens, and they don't mind if they can see a neighbor or two. 

martin houses 
I did find time to sew up the cushion covers for the porch...It is some of my fabric this one is from the line I called Chi Chi, and this pattern is called Rising Sun Teal- I just made them as simple as possible no frills.  Now the porch is ready for relaxing time.  I take my coffee out there nearly every morning...enjoy the quiet and watch the birds get breakfast. 

porch cushions

I enjoy the simple life!
What simple pleasures do you enjoy?

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

La Semana de los Muertos!!

....Translates to The Week of the Dead!

As always I'm busy...Mom is still going with the PT twice a week and not too happy bout it but she is it cuts into my free time a wee bit but I'm enjoying the time off from Projects!! That doesn't get me completely off the hook tho...I stained the deck boards...

Just in time too...

cause with the 7 straight days of over 100 degrees, the afternoons turn stormy! 

I spent Wednesday inside out of the scorching 104 F temps all day working on that painting I told you I planned to finish..

and so it is 
Now finished!! Framed it up with old pallet wood!

My artwork has this distinct childlike appearance don't you 
(translates to a 5th grader could do better)  You know what I'd like to do some Andy Warhol type paintings just for the Fun of it!! I think mine are just a little bit more imaginative than a soup can.

a little bit fuzzy taken through the glass here is my lone friend Jane Doe, she visits my pasture every single day sometimes with her fawn but today I didn't see him.  She still has milk so Im assuming he is a-okay!

Thursday night we had one terrific storm!  70 mph gusts!  We have trees with the tops blown out, limbs all over the place and no electric for 18 hrs! And the heat was hitting the 100 degree mark...Mom had PT that  morning so we called they got their power back about 4 am so we went in, on the way home we drove the route our power line takes and found the down wire I phoned and reported it and by 1:30 that afternoon it came back on went out at about 7:00 ish the night before!

 All around us people had no power and had trees blown over and wires down! I got my battery operated fans out of the van and gave one to mom and I used one to keep cool overnight. And the storm had cooled the air off pretty good. SO I've spent nearly the entire weekend cleaning up the storm debris, what I can reach that is, some of it is still dangling like the top of this big Oak was a Y now it's NOT! 

how am I gonna get that down?

And this one the top of the entire tree was ripped off and tossed into the neighboring tree where it is now dangling but hopeless stuck there!! 

How am I gonna get this down?

Lots of big limbs hit the ground and a trillion small stix and branches..

these ones I sawed up into manageable pieces

Thank goodness My sis came to pick Maggie up today and she helped me with sawing these big limbs up into pieces I can manage to load on my trailer which is full already!! And we picked up all the stix and branches off Mom's yard, I picked mine up on Friday afternoon, and tomorrow I will start hauling to the dump weather permitting.   But some of our plants came out unscathed!!  

tiger lily

AND we had another windy storm the Friday night with gusts of 60 mph a few more limbs fell but we kept the power. 

feeling ripped off!

Meanwhile I took Saturday off ---NO work only son and his lovely lady blessed me with a visit and It was a blessing... such a lovely couple of level headed but Fun Loving young people. This was taken on the 4th..   B! competes in body sculpting and y'all know my son used to compete in body building he no longer has the time to train since he changed jobs and is not a personal trainer any longer. 

an amazingly beautiful couple
(the photo I had here originally is missing, I have it but just can't put my finger on it, when I find it I will replace it here)

He is the spitting image of his Grandfather MY DAD!

I normally stick to Corona but needed a change, something  to cheer me up....was drawn to this...I kinda felt like a walking dead Zombie at this point of this week!! SO decided to give this Oculto a's blended with beer made in barrels with the staves of Tequila! I like it and would recommend it--I love the graphic on the box too, B! told me it's a Sugar Doll head symbolizing La Catrina...and they are made and taken to the graves of loved ones during the Dia de los Muertos! SO come Nov 1st must celebrate with this spirit!! 

so after a week  like this one, Fearful Maggie, Reluctant PT Mom, Stormy Weather, and Beheaded Trees--- I'm in the mood for quiet and tranquil lazy dayz of Summer!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not. that thunder I hear?? Must head to the store for more Oculto!

Monday, July 4, 2016


It's been one of those kinds of busy weeks here Mom is currently into her 2nd week of 6 weeks of rehab trying to get her moving better! She is the most unmotivated 92 y.o. they have, in fact she is the only 92 y.o. they have.  She has been in "are we there yet" mode since it began.  Her old Dr was a DR she inherited when her Dr retired.  I never did like this dude...he never spoke to mom he always wanted ME to talk to finally I got Mom a new Dr a lady in her 50-60's she has real interest and her plan is a good solid one...and included 6 weeks of Physical Therapy for her lower extremities to help her get stronger and have more energy. Mom does not think its necessary I DO so she goes, she has been asking me can she stop going I just say NO...sorry this is for your own good..its easy and physically she aces it....Mentally not so much.  I wish the Dr would order a month of Psychotherapy------------------> for ME! HA

SO its July 4th and hot as such!! Happy Independence Day to all of YOU!

I am keeping my sisters Dog for a week while she vacations, and today is Flossie and Annie's birthday so we are celebrating! I found them in Oct of 2008, so counted back 4 months and came up with July 4th as their birthday.  Can't believe its been 8 yrs since these Girlz came into our lives--in fact during that time is when Mom's first hip fracture occurred and she ended up in the hospital getting a new hip while I tried to manage 7 new mouths to feed! Yep to start with it was a litter of 7 pups about 4 months of age who got dropped off in our area...I called the dog shelter they did NADA to help me. SO in the end I found home for 5 of the 7 and the last 2 I just ran out of steam and said they can stay here!!

Flossie is what I call Big Sister, if she was a human she would be a Librarian, this gives you a peek into her personality.  She is a big girl at 66 lbs, but she is so dainty.  She has long hair and so her full name is Flossie Longhair.  Here she is at about 4 mos old these poor pups were left to starve and were so thin...we had taken them in about 2 weeks prior to this she loves to eat and battles being fat! Last yr she tore her ACL trying to run too fast for  her conditioning, and I decided to NOT do surgery...she has healed very well, she will limp some if she over does it tho...

She is such a joy to have in my life

Her sister is Annie Boo Bear! She is the alpha of the pack which includes Casey as you all know.  I celebrate his birthday on Labor Day since I found him Labor Day weekend in 2014, I have no clue how old he is...

Annie @ 8 months
Annie is the opposite of Flossie she gets more anxious over piddly things like if she doesn't get to follow me somewhere she whines, she  loves to run, play games, and go hiking.  Floss loves to hike also but she always wants to stay on the trail close to me and take frequent breaks...I would say I've neglected these girls getting to go hiking since Floss injured the ACL.  Maybe this will be the fall they get to come on some hikes. 

If Annie was a human she would be be an Explorer, Lewis, Clark & Annie.  She always wants to see whats around the next bend, to chase game, and investigate every scent on the trail.  She has never met a stranger, Floss is not too fond of strangers!  

Annie on the left Flossie on the right

Look how happy she is to be in the wilderness exploring  with her sister.  They have never spent one day apart their entire lives...They are best friends and SISTERS through and through...

Always together

Happy Birthday Girlz!! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.