Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Ive been up to...

Lets add floor sanding to the list of never again's...the main trouble was the rental place had a sander that I swear is 50 yrs old---it didnt work worth a darn and the sandpaper they gave me was dry rotted! it keep breaking off--grr so  made a hard job harder. 

In fact it kicked my butt so hard IM out for the count for a few days...

this is where the 2 floors came together this bare part is where I sanded that black tar paper backing off the old kitchen floor I found under the old tile layer

So hopefully it will be a more seamless look with it freshly sanded

it will never be perfect but its better...

Here's the dining room with its fresh sanded floor and new paint job and Light fixture!!

And the Living Room, Finally I just stopped sanding cause I was all worn out...Still have to do the edges of the LR then its time to stain and poly!! 

Meanwhile I put some of the furniture in the small bar room...

maybe shelving for more glasses and a wine rack will be cool...

AND get this the house still had some cast iron pipes in it...NO MORE I have the bath room floor open so the pipes are out...they were so brittle I hit it one whack with a hammer and it shattered along the seam and look how the inside is all clogged with debris  and rust.

I don't think any water could have drained through these pipes!! 

new ones will hook to this junction here....I put the insulation on the water lines, and used my decorative Paisley duct tape to hold it on...A woman's touch!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A wee Glint...

...of light at the end of this tunnel.....

I haven't blogged in while, I'm so under the gun to get this house ready for occupancy..I am doing 10  things at once and forget to take photos...I did get the new faucet in and took a photo..and other photos of recent DONE stuff 

please excuse the dirty sink no water turned on yet...

It will clean up good when its all said and done..and I put down my first and last laminate flooring  put that in the never do again file next to sheetrock ceilings mmmmmm more saw dust to ignore ssshhhhh

 just a little vacuuming is needed...this is a corner where I just put down the quarter round moldings--and here is the paint color in this little entry room..

I stuck a window AC in cause its been hot one day cold the next..I have 2 large electric cords running from next door for power..

the stove plug is in finally.... found out the old wire's outer insulation had dry rotted so had to replace that it was a hard job, did that when I had the floor open to repair the rotten spot on the right in this photo!

Put one of the extra cabinets here...

the other one is on this wall never mind that hole in the wall it was a switch, that Im going to attempt to move inside and to the other side of the opening to the bathroom then I'll patch this hole in the sheetrock.

I'd like to put in a nice base cabinet here we'll see what happens with the budget after the bathroom is done. 

Remember the room with the french doors? 


after, I have to put in an overhead light fixture but its done otherwise...

In fact I put some furniture in it just sort of dumped it in, my son plans to use this room for his "quiet room", we are gonna hang his GGmother's mirror over the oak buffet he will put his scotch and bourbon decanters on it and I've put in a comfy ottoman and a chair  (in the makeover stage)...he has all his Dad's old racing photos and other goodies too...more on that when he comes by to help me make some decisions on how high the mirror will go

and I spruced up the brick on the old fireplace I didnt know you could stain brick? I didnt go with stain but clear water based poly it really made a nice gloss on the bricks Im using satin poly for the floor so I added some to the brick on both sides of the wall..the photo doesnt show how much better it is but trust me its way better!  We painted the Living Room a pale Ice Grey..

Meanwhile out in the yard spring is full blown and we have some visitors stopping by to check out the flowers...

Whats up next? 

Floor sanding, the entire bathroom from floor up,  installing the washer dryer and building a new front deck, get water and electric flowing again... and all in 60 days time!! Ive reserved a floor sander for this weekend and a plumbing friend is stopping by to get that process started!!
_ _

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.