Friday, September 23, 2022

6 Decades FALL is here

This was a busy week we did yet another Walmart curbside pick up turns out that is a good thing for me Hope they never do away with it, we have one more store a Food Lion that does it neither deliver in my It does have to be picked up.

I made Flossie a nice headstone...and I hope to be able to decorate Casey's stone as well...I just never got around to doing that for him...but now I see how it brings comfort to see her name in writing and I want the same for him...and it was a nice DIY project I know even a cheap professionally done  stone is way more than $80. I have to have projects or I will go batty.

I had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy this week and Thursday is Finally Chemo planning Day I will go once weekly on Thursdays.  Not that I'm looking forward to it I hope I can do the Immuno-Therapy its not Chemo...but its the one shot I have due to the location of the Lung Tumor. 

My lil sis has gone back to take care of her life and I am forever in her debt and would do the same for her, hope she never needs it, and big sis is now here doing the same for me! So GOOD to see her and so happy she had a safe trip over...
Thanks to everyone who sends their well wishes both family and friends it means so much..

I continue to see huge fluttery butterflies on my Lantana which recovered from the weird deer attack early on they don't normally bother it and I am hopeful for an appearance of  RB Nuthatch since I see them reported in other counties of the state...they are always amazing to watch...AND I have a Zuke to pick and a Bell pepper...and some tiny tomato if they get some sun to ripen...if not I may pluck them in a jar of water and bring into the window to ripen.  The dogwoods are now a-flash with their red berries so the squirrels are busy collecting them...soon a Mockingbird will lay claim, which is the norm.

On my 60th Birthday I broke both my arms remember? My Family was to the rescue, and now my 69th is in about a weeks time!!
IF I survive this decade of my time on Planet Earth It will be an Earthly miracle for sure. Life on my homestead is right in tune with where it should be.

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello Sondra,
    It has is great to be able to just order and pickup your groceries, it seems to be very popular here. God Bless your sisters, I am so happy they could be there for you. You have wonderful memories of Flossie and Casey. Prayers and best wishes for your treatment plan. I am away for your birthday, so I wish you a very happy 69th birthday. Take care, enjoy your day!

    1. HI Eileen and Thank you so for the was a good day for me It was so nice and cool windows sky and sunshine..The perfect day..Thanks for the B-Day wishes!

  2. During the 2 years of bad covid I had my groceries delivered to my house. Some times it didn't go so well but most times it did. But once I was vaccinated and had my boosters I was so happy to go shopping myself again. I really don't like shopping but at least it gets me out. I hope the birds bring you much joy in the coming months!
    I'm happy you will start this new treatment and you know I am right behind you with the best of wishes and Blessings.

    1. Thank you so much JO...yes I really wish I could walk around a store who knows maybe someday...the trouble with my leg is it swells daily so I spend a lot of time with it elevated, I get up every hour to move around BUT then its very stiff due to the 3 ft rod in it!! its cold here fall came in right on schedule!!

  3. OH MAN. Lung tumor??? We hope your treatment plans help. Life is so precious isn't it?! Hugs to you our friend.


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