Thursday, May 27, 2010

Local Wildlife

I have arrived at my sisters home in Colorado...we plan to leave tomorrow for Zion National Park for the Memorial Day weekend. I went up to Meredith a small rocky mountain community where my sister is the while she worked I enjoyed the local wildlife..such as this Golden Mantle Squirrel who keep loading his cheek pouches to the max with sunflower seeds that feel to the ground..

And this Mountain Chickadee enjoyed breaking his seeds nearby...

This little chipmunk was competing with the squirrel for the stuff on the ground..

The Bullocks Oriole is determined to eat at the hummingbird feeder!

And the hummers are like everywhere!!!

This maricopa lilly is blooming all over the dry area
near the state line...

AND I will have to find out what lizzard this is..but he was very well behaved and allowed me to take his photo!!!

So today Im getting things ready for our trip while my sis has to work its a beautiful sunny day..and the birds are out and singing!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the Road Again...

me posing in a stagecoach at Apacheland Old West Town
and Movie set near Mesa AZ
I got up early today and this is my last day of long driving for a with a cup of what tastes like cowboy coffee--I will update again. AZ was fun I love the desert landscape..the plants, the reptiles, the water but the heat..WOW it was intense there for a couple of days...

but lucky us it cooled off for our camping and we got an amazing spot by the water so that was super...I left AZ yesterday and drove up Hwy 87 to Peyson where there was an amazing tourist trap with all sorts of stuff!! I needed to use the facilites so I browsed around..found some neat things to look at and acutally purchased 2 postcards!!! Big Spender right? oh well I have no room back home to showcase "things" so no reason to buy them..I photograph them this shot of my favorite cowboy--the Duke

Back on Hwy 87 N to Winslow AZ and the high winds & blowing sands closed the I-40 and the Meteor Crater National Landmark. SO I found a VERY OLD motel on the old Rt. 66. Rt. 66 goes right thru Winslow...and although its pretty run down it still has nostalgic charm. I visited the Standing on the Corner site of interest a dedication to the Eagles and the Song that put Winslow on the Map...Take it Easy..

Then I drove west toward Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks to Meteor Crater--a privately owned wonder!! The crater is about 50,000 yrs old a baby by crater standards..but the best preserved in the world due to the arid climate---its HUGE..the $15 entry fee is well worth it, there is a gift shop, a subway sandwich shop inside, a picnic area, a mesuem, a theater showing a short movie of the history of the crater, various observation decks out back, a 1 hr guided rim tour..all inclusive!! I spent about 3 hrs there

Then I backtraced to head east then North on Hwy 77 into the Navajo Res again...then on Navajo 15 then Hwy 191 to take me into Utah...

This morning asa pack up Im headed to Moab Utah where I will do a bit of site seeing and look for the woman under the bridge...hmm and then off to CO where my sis lives and where I hear it snowed and maybe snowing today...oh well!!
We plan leave for Zion on Fridaymy sis is working 1/2 day then away we go for the long weekend..sort of more backtracking but its the best way to really get to know a place--

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thus Far...


  Gallup, NM the native pottery capital of the world


                                                                   Church rock, Red Rock Park, Navajo Land NM

                                                                I followed much of the old Historic Route 66

                                                                                Canyon Lake Tonto NF, AZ

                                          HELLO from the southwest...its hot dry and beautiful!


                               Roosevelt Bridge-Tonto NF AZ

Standing on a corner... in Winslow AZ waiting for the high winds to settle down so I can visit the Meteor Crater...I arrived here today after spending 5 days with my friend who lives in Mesa, AZ. We did some camping and just hung out and I learned how to play Wii Rabbidz..its so much freinds 10 yr old Grand daugher beat us on every game but we sure had fun trying...they have a huge projection system..its like being in a theater..

 Tuesday I head to my sisters and then we head back down to Utah on Friday...I will be doing some backtracking but its all good--WI FI has been available in most spots so Ive uploaded as I went..of course not all the photos Just my favs ... we drove the Apache Trails Scenic Byway and it was awesome...we camped at the Burnt Corral Campground and the water was awesome.. Ive seen some wonderful birds and got some new ones to add to my life the                                             

 Bullock's Oriole

 So I will update and visit your blogs to see what you are up to when I arrive at Sis's probably on Tuesday!! Until then enjoy whatever adventures you are into. Ciao.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the Road Again...

ITs been a very busy spring here getting my garden in, and taking care of the yard now just in time for me to decided Im going away for 3 weeks!! I hear Willie Nelson singing in the background..."on the road again, I just cant wait to get on the road again..."
YES its time for a road trip. Mom is doing very well right now just had her latest Drs. appt and he said she looks good so if Im going to get in a trip this spring better get moving now!! SO Ive been getting all my things gathered this time Im driving--so that means more packing---Im taking all my camping gear too.

Im going to Arizona, Colorado, and Utah not necessarily in that order. Its a 2,000 mile drive my friend who lives near Phoenix and she and I plan to do some desert camping...she needs a break from her living arrangements and Ive never turned down the opportunity to spend time outdoors--So Ive packed my tent which smelled pretty rank when I set it up to air--better now after a wash with the hose and a day in the sun. So today its a supply run at Walmart and then off first thing in the morning--
After I spend a few days with my friend Im headed up into the rocky mountains to stay with my sister for a while and we have planned a trip at the end of my stay in Zion National Park...we didnt get time to check it out last yr so I really wanted to go back...then I will head back in time to attend the Body Builders show my son is participating in...
I am taking my laptop and my camera so expect some updates from me...