Friday, September 30, 2022

69 candles

Thursday is my Birthday and its my first day of Chemo!  This was supposed to happen a month ago...but someone in the Lexington Medical Center Lab didn't get my Biopsy  shipped to The Lab In Cambridge Mass on time so the entire process was delayed! Its so strange how one person you don't even know can put your life on hold...just like the Linda who was holding up my at home PT...
Then there is those ones like, Amy who bend over backwards and go out of their way to have your just be own advocate when you need to be...
I am not looking forward to this part at all and don't have any idea how the side effects will be...but its every 3rd Thursday...wish me luck...I will hopefully post a comment afterwards if I can to update.... 

Every day is a new Challenge.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Special Bullentin

Please wish my friend Karen Roy,  One of the Kindest people I know,  Safe Harbor as Fiona bears down  on them at Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick, Canada...the last report I saw was 500+ out of power trees are down and they asking people to shelter in Place...
Hang in there Karen!

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, September 23, 2022

6 Decades FALL is here

This was a busy week we did yet another Walmart curbside pick up turns out that is a good thing for me Hope they never do away with it, we have one more store a Food Lion that does it neither deliver in my It does have to be picked up.

I made Flossie a nice headstone...and I hope to be able to decorate Casey's stone as well...I just never got around to doing that for him...but now I see how it brings comfort to see her name in writing and I want the same for him...and it was a nice DIY project I know even a cheap professionally done  stone is way more than $80. I have to have projects or I will go batty.

I had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy this week and Thursday is Finally Chemo planning Day I will go once weekly on Thursdays.  Not that I'm looking forward to it I hope I can do the Immuno-Therapy its not Chemo...but its the one shot I have due to the location of the Lung Tumor. 

My lil sis has gone back to take care of her life and I am forever in her debt and would do the same for her, hope she never needs it, and big sis is now here doing the same for me! So GOOD to see her and so happy she had a safe trip over...
Thanks to everyone who sends their well wishes both family and friends it means so much..

I continue to see huge fluttery butterflies on my Lantana which recovered from the weird deer attack early on they don't normally bother it and I am hopeful for an appearance of  RB Nuthatch since I see them reported in other counties of the state...they are always amazing to watch...AND I have a Zuke to pick and a Bell pepper...and some tiny tomato if they get some sun to ripen...if not I may pluck them in a jar of water and bring into the window to ripen.  The dogwoods are now a-flash with their red berries so the squirrels are busy collecting them...soon a Mockingbird will lay claim, which is the norm.

On my 60th Birthday I broke both my arms remember? My Family was to the rescue, and now my 69th is in about a weeks time!!
IF I survive this decade of my time on Planet Earth It will be an Earthly miracle for sure. Life on my homestead is right in tune with where it should be.

Every day is a new Adventure.

Sunday, September 18, 2022


I put one
Basal plant in this small pot and the rest of my Basal I dried  and chopped up in  my coffee grinder its great to have some dried and some this is the north facing window...Check out how tall and healthy this plant is..

and in these pots I'm sprouting Cilantro...

I did successive plantings so they don't all come up at the same time I found it lasts longer this way...

Every day is a new challenge.

Friday, September 16, 2022

30 DAYS in

  • Finally the van is back....IM still experiencing sticker shock...since normally I do my own repairs...but unable to at this point in time...Glad I had a good mechanic to turn too wish he wasn't so expensive.
  • Issues I'm facing: So I cancelled that PET Scan,  Just putting myself thru that trauma was not in the cards for me I would have been Radioactive for 18 HRS and IM already suffering Radiation sickness due to the 20 treatments I had.  Sometimes the best word to use is NO.  AND now that opens up a sooner date to begin the  treatment for the lung tumor which I dread but hopefully its going to be chemo!!
  • I am continuing to improve my mobility which is a big thing...And my leg is not swelling to the degree that it was so I think healing is happening.
  • Physical Therapy: so this gal named Linda...OMG.  She has done all she can to make my PT not happen...First off she lied   she said she does not do her own schedule!  She would call me at 8PM tell me she is coming the next day and this has been going on awhile at first I had all those out patient visits to deal with and I was unavailable I cant be in two places at once!  I told her the days I was free,  She stalled.  Then one of the visiting nurses told me she is the PT intake supervisor that she does do her own schedule...and That did it..SO I called to complain...NO PT is gonna visit till she does the due to this ONE person...I am not getting the PT on my leg as I was told she will be here Thursday morning and if for any reason she is NOT...I am to report it...I'm just not in the mood for any BS!
  • NEW bird feeder: My sis got me a new bird feeder squirrel Proof (we hope) for my upcoming birthday...ITS sooo cool. I love it.
  • Speaking of Sis: What an Angel...she has worked so hard getting my yard back up to snuff along with helping with my day to day living she's got my back in every way...💓and soon my Big sis is I look forward to time spent with her...I just want to Wish her safe Journey as she makes her way east, Big Road Trip!! 
  • So 30 days.  My D-Day was Aug 7...

Every day is a new Challenge.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Meanwhile back at the Homestead...

Things continue to trickle back into my life slowly...I was able to sit by Flossie's Grave side and have a heart to heart visit with her...and I was able to fill some bird feeders...and spent some quality time on both Porches one included a bowl of Ice cream!!
The weather is like fall, cool;  and today we have some rain so won't be going outside but maybe the Screen porch...not sure on that yet...we have plans to give Annie a shed groom and trim her nails she needs a spa day.
Still no word that the van is ready looks like a bad BUS or computer and honestly I worry the wiring harness may also need to be replaced...I hope he doesn't come back with any unfinished work...y'all know I prefer to do my onw car repairs when I am physically able so it's hard to fork out $$$ for something I could have done myself in about an hours time!!
I continue to walk a little bit better with the walker of course and I'm trying to visualize that hole in my bone re-growing, cant hurt to try...
I want to thank everyone who is making my life better, my sisters and my brother in law  for for his love and patience doing without his companion during this time!!  Life is harder on your own for sure, and all of you who are leaving me comments so much such a narrow window on the outside world.
Now the bird migration is beginning I had an email from Cornell will be fun to listen and look for what may come our way.
And there is now Limpkin in Congaree Natl Park... I really hope the van gets back in time my sis needs that for her life list...
We change the guard on the 21st as my other sis arrives to relieve Little sis so she can get back to her life she has some upcoming Quilt shows and its very important...that she get back in Denver and the other in Salt Lake!! So if your in the area look for her booth Fabric Corner Store.
Now its pouring we have a sleepy easy day on tap...I plan to stay as far away as possible from any 911 memorials that bring back bad memories and PTSD for me.
I was so sad to hear of the Queens passing she was a grand lady!! I look forward to watching the Royal regroup with King Charles III it will be the first Crowning of a new King in my life time...

Every day is a new Challenge!

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Flossie July 4, 2008 - Sept 6, 2022


Flossie  was laid to rest yesterday right beside Casey My heart is Broken....but now she is at Peace...she was 14 1/2 yrs old...

Every day is a new Challenge

Friday, September 2, 2022

Labor of Life

Just a short update..
MY Van broke had to tow it to Garage...ugh Really didn't need any more bad luck...but it seems my Karma is way out of whack...ITs been nice to have 3 days at home no Hospitals or treatments and I get 3 more days off till Chemo am totally afraid of that but hope its not as dreadful as I think...if anyone has been thru it give me some tips....
I'm mostly resting...and doing small chores in between like making my lunch, filling the salt n pepper, and watching Youtubes!
Hope you all have a fine Labor Day and be safe.

Every day is a new Challenge