Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day in DixxeLand!

Today was a snow day! I had to go out to the mailbox something I do almost every morning to send off my Ebay sales...I walk out in my PJ's cause chances are no one is gonna drive by...I had to put on my hooded coat today tho!  SO here's my walk back from the mailbox, the broken limbs are still in the driveway from the ice storm last week..
...our humble little abode with a trace of snow!

My daffodils  trying to bloom---

AND lots of birds huddling nearby the house looking for a meal...so I enjoyed snapping a few photos then stashing my camera under my coat till another one allowed a shot...

the yellow shafted northern flicker

the cute little chipping sparrow

the American Goldfinch

Pine Siskin...

Tufted Titmouse...

a really miserable looking northern cardinal

waiting for his mate to get a suet snack

the colorful underside of the Flicker

The Girlz curled up together inside..on one of the area rugs...

and Casey didn't want to get out of his bed  He huddled even closer in case I was about to insist he go outside, he can hold his water FOREVER!!

How do you spend a snow day??  We may get more on Thursday!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Too Cold For Me!

the recent cold and icy weather has made it hard for me to keep up with the projects...

...our poor flag is ripped to shreds and frozen solid! I took it down when it finally thawed--Im going to locate it lower on the pole so it wont reach the roof line and get ripped..every year!

On closer inspection I see some limbs have fallen all around the DLEX...actually more fell after I took this photo so I moved it, hard to find a spot where there's no limbs!  It sounds like a rifle fire then you hear the thud as they snap then fall...

the birds were having a tough time, I filled all the feeders...we have an ice free bird bath for winter, it gets a lot of use..

 this is why the pines snap under the weight of the ice..each needle is coated...

my little water garden is frozen solid! 

and so was our hot water pipes! Grrr  I put a space heater in the crawl space for a hr and it thawed...we did everything we could think of to prevent it but when the temp went down to 9 F  it just didn't work! Tonight we have a 24 F  for overnight much better!  Tomorrow it should be warm enough to get back to painting our weather man, John Farley, said 57 F...

Before that icy cold snap arrived work was done... the metal cabinet I keep blogging about...the inside was rusted pretty awful...




I touched up that sketchy area in the back of this cabinet with the second coat, this is the primer coat so 2 coats of that and then it will be 2 coats of the top finish.  I'm using a Rust prevention Oil based primer and top coat, tinted to a cape cod grey... 
IT's coming together!  Got one upper stained and shellacked and back up!

I hope to use glass mosaic tile on the back splash!  

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crown Me!

Putting the crown molding back up makes a big difference in how the room looks! I tired really hard to not break any when I took them down...and I numbered the pieces so I'd know where they went...I cut in with the ceiling paint prior to putting up the crowns.

Then up they went! These are not fancy but they're original to this house.

I found it a great help using my "extra pair of hands" this contraption I built to help hold up the dry wall when we put it up...it held the molding up perfectly!

I had to make only one cut...so far and it actually looks pretty good!  I did break one! So I found some that matched the profile very well at our local builders supply, and I got a 16 foot piece. this unpainted one is the new one. 

the new 16 foot piece
I found out if I use sheetrock mud to fill the nail holes and the gaps that were present in some of the corners it works better than caulk or wood filler, and its easy to sand and paint!

Some of the pieces I painted prior to installing, especially the ones over the cabinets Im staining!  And this awesome gift from my dear Sister has become invaluable as there is no way I can hammer these up..


Now I'm caulking and painting it and its looking great!  Since I had the paint out...I went ahead and painted the insides of the cabinets...I dont have all the doors stripped yet but I have done a lot more work on the cabinets...here is one of the base units! 



You can see I've stripped the paint off the wood frame and the drawers, the doors will be stripped as soon as it warms up enough to do it outside!  Meanwhile I was able to strip the metal cabinet..


And stripped of all paint!

Im not going for the sleek look so I will repaint it--Inside and out! 
I really wanted to keep this as it is original to the house..

         Im working like a Beaver!!

Here's the uppers with some painting done..

I have a Faux Stained Glass I plan to place on the window that looks out into the Sunroom, but that will go up near the end, lotsss more work to do on this sink area, back splash, new faucet, more lighting and lots more PAINTING!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Every moment counts...

I know y'all are tired of my project blogs, but right now this is my life, and since its something I'm creating it's my art too.
...in 5 yrs I can look back and say oh yeah...that's what I did way back then.

I found this poor dead cardinal so gave him a decent burial...It is my opinion that every living creature makes a difference in the world and the passing of that creature does affect us all in some way unknown to us but it is so...this bird had a family, he had friends he made a difference....I validate his life and his passing and he will be missed. I hope you will take a moment and think about him and what he meant in this world. He lived on the Earth, he found what he needed among us, and now he is passing on...

I have been sanding the sheetrock, every day for hours and hours I come home looking like I've been dusted with Powdered Sugar...I finally got it to a point where I think its good enough has a few areas I will work on a little at a time, not painting it right away...

I've turned my attention to the cabinets- I don't have any Afters of this yet so be patient it's gonna take a while...but I have a MASTER plan:
  1. remove the doors
  2. remove the hardware and strip all the paint off
  3. Strip 4 or 5 layers of paint off the cabinets & sand
  4. stain the uppers
  5. repaint the bottoms 
SO I made it through 1 & 2 now I'm somewhere in the middle of
3 & 4...As you see this old sink base is one of those porcelain enamel over steel cabinets in the beginning it had one of those awesome big porcelain sinks with a drainboard on one side why did WE get rid of that? So it has 3 doors and 2 drawers...its very rusty..and it also has 4 or 5 layers of paint...so Im stripping it to the bare metal--I am playing it all by ear!  The insides I will scrape sand by hand and spray paint with a gloss Rustoleum. 

IT'S EASY! ..............Of course I' joking OH I do have one After to show you check this out..

This says it all...Im also using paint stripper...it goes through the first 3 layers of paint..

then I use the sander to get through that last paint layer...

and that gets it to this point...

This is a lower and it was a test subject it will be repainted...I know it was a lot of work just for a test to see how it could best be done the tops are BIG so now I know how to proceed.  Since the metal cabinet is so bad and will have to be painted I figured make it all one color on the bottom..Im stripping back to the wood for a smooth finish. 

I know the dishes are still in the cabinets they were safe there but now...they gotta be moved!

I have to paint the inside of the cabinets I think to save time I'll tape it off put down some drop cloth and use spray paint...a nice bright white-I will stain this upper wood part and the 4 big doors....I'm not going to strip the wood shelves and valance  too complex, so Ill give it a light sanding and degloss before painting.

I love the old hinges and they are coming out really good.  I will be looking for some new handles...I want to go back with old fashioned looking chrome, I will check Ebay for used ones... 


This one is gonna be a challenge!

What's your latest challenge?

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.