Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Posters Arrived

  Im so excited about the posters!! They arrived yesterday afternoon!! I purchased them from an online poster printer called Short Run Posters The big deal here is the price--the posters cost me $2.00 each!! YES I said $2. The other deal is the shipping-you can order 1 OR 21 and the shipping is $10. They arrived rolled in a good sturdy cardboard tube---great to store them in too until I have Gallery So I figured I would order at least 10 and thats what I did...I chose 10 of my favorites. That means my final cost is $3.33 per poster including the shipping charge..if I had ordered 20 posters It would have been even less!! I wish now I had taken the time to resize and pick out 10 more!!!

But I wanted to be sure the quality was worth my trouble first. The quality is very good for this price!! (you cant print these at home for 2 bucks! and you would have to have a large size printer to print this size) For the best results you need to have high resolution files I resized mine to actual size of 18" x 24" at resolution of 300. The files were pretty big but in order to get a good looking poster you really should do this...they say at least 150 dpi is preferred so the bigger the better! At first I had mine at 480 dpi and it was taking too long to upload even at the library on the high I resized them again to 300 and that put them in the 20-30 MB range file size.

YOU can place you order online and then mail in your photos on a CD rom--so there are many ways to order!! They also will take your photos from Flickr, I do have a Flickr account..but I wasnt sure if the photos would be as sharp if they pulled them off my Flickr since I usually resize them before uploading to Flickr-- SO I uploaded them directly to the website very simple to do--placed my order and they printed and shipped them right away-if you have multiples you can upload, save and return later and add more before placing your order!

 The reason I want posters is my son moved into an apartment and he asked me to frame up some photography for him...(like it grows on trees?) So I wanted to be able to do this for him, but Im on a very tight budget so I went looking for a cheap way to do it...NOW Ive got to find cheap ways to matt and frame--I have found if I buy some off the rack artwork, its cheaper than buying a frame alone--so I am going to have a look today for frames. He selected 2 posters he likes--I will try to remember to take photos of the finished framed project!! I have started painting again....been a while since I was excited about painting again...I really have to purchase some oil paints the acrylics are great for a fast clean up but they dont blend the way Oils do...Here is my latest 2 finished ones...these Frames are Virtual - here's  two new paintings..


                                                            Star Runner 11 x14 acrylic 


                                                    Over the Rise a landscape 18 X 24 acrylic

And I really like this  I call it Wing Ryder, it's like Im sailing on the back of a Golden Eagle, 

Mom has always purchased her artwork at retail stores so NOW she has a piece thats an Original!
The Coneflowers one of the posters!! Looks pretty dang good eh? We ended up Framing the Mittens in B & W. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fertile Thoughts--

What I liked about the full moon last evening was the clouds! We did have some heavy rain about 3 am...but I was out shooting the moon earlier....about 8 pm. It was quite pleasant-- but I heard 4 tornados hit our state last night! (SC)

My grass is growing pretty good...the manure is doing the trick but I want more..its an excellent resource--I used to have my own horses but now Im horseless and I miss that free fertilizer!! So lucky for me I happen to live in a town that has a race horse training center.. as a young girl I worked there myself riding horses--wow those were the good ole days..but anyways that means HUGE piles of free manure all you have to do is come and get it!! I will try to remember to take photos of the "pile" when I go again...gotta let it dry out some first after that rain last night!! Here is a few shot of some horses out exercising on the track--didnt come out too good, but it was my little pocket P&S and a one shot deal--lol If I wasnt so fond of sleep I could get up early and really catch the track filled with activity...but I did my time rising at 5 am and galloping horses by sun-up-glad I did that while I was young, I dont think Id be wanting to do that now!

I want to "beef" up the sandy soil in my garden plot and my flower beds, Im convinced its the poor sandy soil that is giving me poor results for all my hard work!

I sold some software on Ebay---for $80. Ebay charged me $9.90 in sales commissions, Pay Pal charged me $2.77 for their part, then I spent $12.95 to ship the item....WOW the middle man is making a killin dont you think??? Meanwhile Im wondering if it was worth the trouble??

I got an email alerting me that my posters have shipped...I cant wait to see how they came out...Ill post that link if they are worthy--and give them a plug!!
This is one I sent my sister and she framed it, it's really very nice!

Hope all of you are enjoying the spring weather!! My best friend in AZ is looking for a new grand baby any day now...their family name is Price...and his name will be Vincent-- How bout that!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Things to Come

                               a collage of some of my images from last spring n summer-

 Today im at the library on high speed uploading photos to a site that prints cheap posters of your photos or artwork! Ill let you know if they are any good for those who may wish to have a poster made-- Its been busy the last few sister from Colorado came to visit for a week...we did not make a side trip this time she wanted to hang out at not much to tell except we had great visit and she helped me catch up on some of those 2 people chores I had I got a huge load of manure to spread over the back yard and I did spread it...NOT looking too good at the moment but I have high hopes of lush green grass in the future!! Went to Lowes this morning and found a few bargains in the garden center--some annual plants marked 1/2 price!! 

One great thing was my sis wanted me to get The Secret at the library and I did...we all listened to it together and it was quite interesting. Ive acutally been using this method without realizing it for many areas of my life but in others I wasnt...if you're not familiar with the premise..its simply the Law of Attrraction--by attracting what we want into our lives by merely thinking of it!! HEY miracles happen every day...I wanted some showy flowers and didnt want to pay full price...and whatddaa ya know Lowes had them 1/2 price--first you have to ask the Universe for what you want, you have to believe it will come to you, and you have to receive it when it does!! Simple right?

Well this is not much of an update, sort of been doing more listening than talking, more reading than writing, more finding than seeking...hope all of you are thinking abundance and receiving! Happy Spring!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

In Memory of Spanky

My sisters best friend Spanky was put to rest today after a long illness-


SPANKY June 26, 1996- March 12, 2010

Gone but never forgotten!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DNA of the SiSter

Last night we had an inch of snow morning it had melted---old man winter is trying very hard to hold on, but Mother Earth will turn and before you know it she will ride her orbit to the Spring Equinox and there will be no more handle for Mr. Winter to grasp, he will have no choice but to relent!! The birds will be nesting and the flowers will pop up--and the bees will come and days will grow longer--its a sure bet!!

Meanwhile...the Moon has been fabulous this week! I took my scope out on the deck to check it out but it was so bright I couldnt look at it--So I used my binoculars instead and once again SHE WOWED ME--our sister the Moon--I always look up and smile and think --"there's my moon again."

 She is so connected to us--not just sharing our orbit but our very DNA. I've been making frequent visits to Goodale lake because on 2 occassions as I drove past the back side of the lake on my way home Ive seen an Eagle soaring and then the other day he was sitting in one of the Cyprus trees! Naturally when I get my car stopped and grab my "car" camera he is always gone or soaring up so HIGH I cant even get the camera to focus on him (could be a her) so the other day I stopped but no Eagle just this awesome



 Hope all of you are well--Im currently working on yet another work at home project the cardboard swatch project as I did in the fall last yr. So its very boring work, but Im listening to audio books to keep my mind busy while my hands do the work. Sue Henry is one of my favorite mystery authors she bases her books in Alaska and her main characters are Jessie Arnold an Alaskan musher and Maxie an 63 y.o. Alaskan RV'er not unlike some of the very interesting people who.

 I know here on Blogger who are RV'ers. Maxie always travels with a dog named Stretch and they always find a great mystery to solve.... Another book I am listening to is People of the Earth by Micheal & Kathleen Gear--a wonderful historical fiction story based on early North American legend and life of hunters emerging to gatherers The authors are archaeologists! Fascinating stuff!!