Friday, October 25, 2013

I've GOT the BEST DAMN Sisters in THE World!

I'm the middle child------and although I'm now 60, my older sis is 65, my baby sis is 57...we still act like kids, bringing home rocks, birds with broken wings and lost puppies.  I will try to not type in all caps...
I'm sitting here with my 2 broken finger typing I've got all day so its not so hard to do.  I'm waiting on the fam (Mom n Big Sis) who went off to kill a bear for tonight's meal..
Nah they probably went to Walmart...I don't shop there myself I go to the IGA...but that's me.
I stayed home with the 4 dogs!!! Read FOUR ... there is my 2 Flossie n Annie...both saved from starvation 6 yrs ago....then my sisters dog Jim, he was found lost n wandering the streets of fort Collins CO and rescued by my big sis 4 yrs ago...he made the trip with them from Silt, Colorado... that's 1800 miles away!!!! Then there is the newest arrival to our family MAGGIE.

... here is how Maggie came to MY house.
My baby sis (who came to my immediate rescue when I hit the floor a few weeks back) had a that dream her dogs, Spanky and Indy who have passed over the rainbow bridge, sent her to look for this dog in need....she went on and saw this dog in a shelter in Canton, OHIO. Blog friends we live in SC! But she didn't let that stop her....the staff at Spark Pound said this dog was not going to be easy to place she growls and hides from everyone and would be euthanized.  So my sister got in her car after WORK....@ 9pm drove TO CANTON, OHIO and adopted this dog the next morning...drove back that day got her shots the next morning at her local vets...called us we drove half way to her town...met her in a gas station parking lot and the dog came home with us for the next 11 days as my sister is the President of a quilting fabric company and the biggest show of the season starts in Houston, TX this weekend  SO I'M once again dog sitting for her. (2 broken arms n all) THE dog was NOT aggressive...just scared to death...the pound  had been using a catch pole on her--- omg, the poor thing!! She is as sweet as sweet can be....we think greyhound mixed with shar-pei? Her nails were so long even after the vet cut them, still an inch long.  My sis named her Maggie...and we have taken to calling her Mags!!! Another life saved!! My sisters are something else
 they put their actions where their hearts are!!
They don't read my blog but I don't care I need the world to know how special they are!!


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

my one finger's worth

more one finger barely punctuated week after breaking both arms im stir crazy arm not yet in the permanent cast but a temporary one till swelling goes away...and to be certain the set of the break is still in place...
i spent this past week at my sisters place upstate...keeping a chair warm while she worked and took care of me...while i waited on reinforcements to arrive.

how hard it is for someone as independent as me to rely on others for almost everything that i have normally taken for granted? it's harder than granite leaves one humble and gives renewed respect to others who deal with disabilities every day of their think twice about your own situation and what you would do if a similar thing should happen to you...none of us are bullet proof including me.  this could be you, or you, or yes even you...u cant see it but my one good finger is pointing...

i was so excited to know i would be able as a lower income blue collar worker to finally get a shot at affordable health the reps actually think we dont want/deserve affordable care?

wth do they care or know about people like me? how dare they dismiss someone else's chance at a better life------ till you have walked a mile in my/our shoes.

my mom and other sis have arrived here so now im back home dealing with the daily rituals of life and feeling pretty damned lucky and loved. okay, that was tiring and hard to type so off i go with my pillow, straw, and one good finger.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.