Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SweaTing Details!

DO YOU EBAY? I mean sell on ebay?
Well since I inherited all that STUFF as seen in my last few posts....I decided to ebay some of the stuff...and so far its been going really well....up until the SWEATER!

OKay I listed the Geoffry Beene sweater that I found in one closet.  Its black n cream in color ...hand made.  Well I listed it.

Much to my surprise someone purchased it! Then when I got it out in the day light I saw the collar was dirty! SO on the label it said hand wash lay flat to dry..
SO I did...but I didnt have time to take it out of the water so I let it sit and "soak" all day while I was at work..

the black color ran on the cream color and now its black and dingy cream! WHY OH WHY didnt I just let the stain on the collar slide?
So I wrang it out well and now its BEEN 2 days and its NOT DRY YET...
THIS has become the sweater from HELL-0-
SO now I have placed it on a heat vent to dry...
NOW do I send it to the guy and if he wants his money back just refund the money and tell him to keep the sweater as my gift??

3 days of my life on Planet Earth have been consumed by worries over a $3 profit????Geeze thats just wrong.
Meanwhile the subfloor is GONE! It nearly did me in and I didnt get a photo...Ill snap one next time!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Talk Sense to ME!

ITs quite possible I will never have a free weekend again... or not for a long time! Still in the very early stages of the "this old house makeover"!


SO today we (Mom has been helping out a little too) loaded up the yard debris we cleared up last week onto the trailer to take to the dump, we had 3 piles larger than this one pictured....but by the time we got it loaded the dump was closed! grrrr so now I will have to wait till next week to take it...I could get up super early before work one day this week and take it,,,,but I donnnnntttt know about that. That would be a days work before a days work!

Meanwhile I am taking one room and getting started on the "make better". This room has a couple of issues but the main one is the FLOOR! I was so busy I forgot to take a proper "before" but if you look at this photo Ive shown before and the room at the end with the double windows you see that tan carpet?

Underneath that is another carpet a brown shag from the 70's --Groovy right? WRONG-
I hate carpet..this was the LAST ROOM  that needed to have carpet removed well and that french glass door leads to a small room we called "the Office" it was where we kept a desk and all our paper work, it has carpet and that will be removed too...
ok it has 2 layers of carpet too..but the dining room has the 2 layers of carpet and A layer of TILE! And the tile is on a underlayment sheeting and trust me they used long nails every 6 inches square when they put this tile down back in probably the 50's?

You cant really see the tile this black stuff is the remains of black carpet padding that stuck to the old tile...

and under all that is the pretty pine wood floor that has never been finished! Once this old stuff is literally "peeled" off with Intensive back breaking labor, the wood floor will get sanded and varnished to hopefully match the other floor! IT took me an hour to remove this one section that's about 4 x 5 and it looks like there's about 4 more of the same! Probably take all day tomorrow to get it off!

LOOK AT ALL THESE NAILS..I dont think the fellow that put this down missed one single nail and these nails are 3 inches LONG!!  I mean really? Did they need this many? Holy Moly!

Im trying to not do too much damage to the floor underneath but Its not easy!


I'm half way thinking of doing the same in the kitchen, can you PLEASE talk me out of it?
PLEASE, enlighten me as to WHY I dont need to do that! It has Vinyl on it now and I know there are 2 layers of that and possibly a layer of linoleum under that and a layer of this horrible underlayment with nails every 6 inches!! AND yes the dated curtains are gonna go too!!

Footnote: to anyone reading this as of today, June 14, 2016 here is the finished room


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Got Junk?

... it just occured to me that some people may not realize they have word verification turned ON for comments...I didnt ...on my think-tank blog, Writtin's, until someone brought it to my attention! If you want to see if its on/off for your blog, go to your Dashboard, and for the blog you want to check go to the list by the Pencil symbol and when the drop down list opens go to settings, when that page opens up on the left margin about half way down look for posts and comments, click that and it will show you all the options you have for comments etc...and put word verification to off..
Just sayin...

Well the clean up has officially begun and is coming along slowwwwlllllyy now that work is back to full steam ahead.  I spent some time last evening checking ebay to see what may sell on there and out of all the stuff that might sell is VINTAGE Christmas decor! 

 THE attic has a lot of vintage Christmas decor....
BUT im not ready to tackle that attic just yet....but I have been busy!

I went through all the stuff and have separated it into "stacks". Like:

Fishing Rods n Reels

Boxes full of fishing tackle
bowling balls, bags, and PINS...

OK some of it is MY old junk, There must be another Chicken Basket Collector out there somewhere?

How bout a shot?

Everything I have is VINTAGE since we were together and collecting in the 70's, 80's, and 90's thats 3 decades....like old rock albums?

                                            soooo many Videos, I didnt find one single DVD

Cassette Tapes, I didnt find one single CD never mind an Ipod!

More stuff, Stuff, STUFF omg so much stuff..
All Stephen King! 

See anything you want??...well this is just the the tip of the ice burg but


Today it was so warm I worked outside clearing up an overgrown area in the yard....
MORE to come!!! soooooo much more to come!  With all this work to do I havent been doing much else...Last week I had time off since my Boss was in mourning, now i will have only weekends.  We've had free HBO this weekend...and last night I got to see the movie The BIG YEAR, what a fun movie! If you havent seen it  I recommend it.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Step ONE!

The work has begun for real, actually started last week while I had some time off at New Yrs...
Im referring to the BIG clean out of the house that I got in the divorce settlement...
Although the house was being lived in for 13 yrs he had closed off the rooms he no longer used and he was supposed to take stuff with him, it appears he piled it up to take but changed his mind, 
The house was NOT being taken care of or maintained.  Basically all the bedrooms had been closed off  and were being used as junk storage! I mean what do you do when you move out of the college dorm? Dump your junk in the parents old bedroom right?

 There will be more on this mess LATER!!
actually all 3 of the bedrooms were in the same kind of mess..


THIS is the second load of unwanted stuff that is ready to haul to the dump! AND trust me there will be MORE lots MORE...I want to go back to the bare necessities in this house, bed, nightstand, dresser, and a rug in each room..... And in the background is the old shed and potting shed that will be torn down EVENTUALLY!

The old Shed.  My X and I built this shed ourselves way back in 1977....so its amazing that its still standing!


The main living area is not  as bad, but a LOT of stuff in closets, drawers, etc. we must have loved to watch videos I took 6 large garbage bags full out of various cabinets, drawers, shelves, and every nook n crannie? Now-a-days my private collection of Videos is about 12, and DVD's about 20.  Trust me, I never liked clutter and kept this house spic n span, but for the past 13 yrs it has not been kept tidy...BUT Thats all gonna change for the better!

The old sectional couch is a motion sofa it has recliners on each end, and I recall its very comfy, it needs a good cleaning and the center cushion may need to be replaced...So I will take care of that..

This house was moved to this location 38 yrs ago....WE appreciated the view of our horses so much we had them locate the house with the FRONT facing the pasture and the BACK is facing the road...So the screen porch which is in back is really the front...does that make sense?  So you enter the house via the screen porch...it needs a lot of TLC even a squirrel has found a way to get into the porch attic! I found his little get away...

I've started a pile of what will go to the flea market with me one Saturday in the Future...even if I get a $1 per item...I will be happy....and there will be more added to this pile!

Don't you wish you were here to help me, boy we could have some fun, break for a nice sandwich and a beer and then back to work!!  I enjoy doing physical work, it makes me feel good!

ON a very sad note:
I worked only 8 hrs this week...my boss's grand daughter, 4 months old and who was cherished by her family, died suddenly on Thursday morning.  It was quite a shock to us all, we loved hearing about the baby and seeing her photos on facebook and hearing about her life via my boss...So my prayers go out to my boss's daughter & her entire family at this time, the funeral is tomorrow...I wont be attending as they live in another town from me, but my thoughts will be on them tomorrow as they go through this very hard time.