Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Sunday?

Just a simple weekend here in my world...chores etc...
Irene brushed by us and headed northward--glad she didnt hit us..been there done that and dont want to do it again thank you!..

SHE pushed some cool clouds into our area..

That made for a more dramatic sunset

Last night it was so clear the stars were out in force... so I crept out to try and get a long Kodak doesnt have anything longer than 20 this is what I got--

Last week on a cooler day I took a walk around my area checking for signs of fall--- I FOUND it!






Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WBW-40 Humming along...

No new birds to report so Ill share some of the recent hummer shots I managed to get...They are very busy getting fattened up for the long journey in about 45 or so days...we have many young ones feeding along with the adults....stay tuned all the way to the bottom for a bonus shot, 

I like this shot cause this bird was on sentry duty guarding one of the feeders and she is exercising that long tongue!!!

Here she is again check out the tiny dainty lady feet!  These feet are no good for walking...only for perching!

This is a defensive maneuver...

                                 One of the young...I think a female--but the ruby throat develops slowly...

MY SHUTTER speed was not fast enough to stop the action on the wings but you can see the blur created by this female with her beautiful speckled throat...

This male is showing off his throat-and fanning the tail in warning..Not the best photo --he is so FAST! HE flashed me and then ZOOMED away--

Time to enjoy lots of great birds shared by bird lovers the world World Bird Wednesdays and the Pine River Review..ENJOY
and in the words of Doug Gardner..its not just the photography its the outdoor experience!

Enjoy and Participate!


 here's a bonus do you see what I see?  I didnt see it till I pulled it up on my computer screen!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

State of me...

My Blog has really suffered since I went back to work...Well not that it was ever much of a blog/life anyways...Someone asked me why I call my blog My Life My Art...well to me its like My Life is my Creation and when you create thats art---kinda korny I know but it seemed to work well at the time...Before the re-entry I did have some time for day trips I have weekends and there are those chores and errands that have to be done! EKK...So Im sweating it out --not just the working bit but the summer heat...sultry heat..if thats a word that doesn't seem to have an end in sight...

The economy is taking yet another dive and today I got this 1/2 inch thick introduction to Wells Fargo Bank..they bought out Wachovia  Bank where I keep my little dab of the good life--NOW the big change is in..I have free Checking...OH let me say I HAD FREE checking..I didn't see one  single Free Checking acct in their 300 page introduction booklet...Like I'm gonna read all that--FOR heavens sake, I don't think so! I am thinking I'm gonna need a day off work to go shopping for a new bank--or better yet under the mattress is starting to sound better and better to me..
They keep saying things are going to look up....

Annie Say Yada Yada Yada-

The World has watched the US govt show its butt and the rest of the World has summed us up as unreliable Cant say as I blame them...lets see
  •  CUT taxes in 2001 
  • Keep 2 Multi Million Dollar a Month Wars going since then -
  • Run out of Money 10 yrs later.
  • Seems pretty logical to me that we ended up with
  • Nada in the Knox.


                                                  Flossie what about Wall Street?
Well I'm happy that I am back in the ranks of the employed, just wish it wasn't so hard physically...
I did no less than 50 deep knee bends/squatts  today...(oh my aching buttocks)  Upholstery is a very physical and strenuous job.  I did it for 30 yrs so I know!

I ended up moving to a Credit Union and it's GOOD there!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WBW 37-ITs a Long Story!

OK Im not going to complain about the heat anymore...I went through some of my photos from last yrs trip to the Western US and found some interesting birds to share--And whats special about them is they have something this black billed magpie...check out the longgg tail.

And look at these Boat Tailed Grackles..showing off those beautiful tails and glossy black feathers!!

And the Scissor Tailed Flycatcher has a REALLY long tail and if you catch him in flight you can see why its called Scissor Tailed! V

This Stellers Jay has a long tail and a LONG TUFT on his head he looks Punked!

And the Scrub Jay...this one came to beg at our picnic and we shared...HE has a really long tail and a beautiful mix of blue and grey feathers.

AND last but not least this NON native bird he has BIG eyelashes....

Check out other birds from around the world at Springmans Meme and add your to the mix too!! World Bird Wednesday.

Enjoy and Participate!