Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Week 3

So far I've had 5 radiation treatments and have 5 to go will be happy when that is over its a daily ride of 3 hrs then Chemo will happen after labor day here in my town only 6 mile ride...
I got the staples out of the right femur yesterday status post the rod implant and I can walk with the aide of a walker so that is good but I cant go just an update Im still here for now! Im being pampered like a gueen my sisters helping here and emotionally as well...Im a very lucky woman.
I actually turned in a ebird list of my yard birds and that felt normal. Hope all of you are in good spirits

Every day is a new Adventure.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Released 8/17

So  thankfully I only had to do 9 days in the hospital and now Im doing out  patient treatment and Im at HOME which is   wonderful.  Without my sister's help it would never have happened what a Jewel.  So just to share, this goes under the heading of My Life, My Journey, no art unless you consider having the mental capacity to demand to be released. 
not the Art I preferred, as we don't really  get that choice in the end.  I have no idea how my progress will go...or if any will be made but I had 2 choices at this point...

I will say I am trying to deal with it, but it's no way easy....I have a long rod in my leg now which means I am starting to walk again slowly of course...but that is progress and I had an excellent Surgeon who I named the Bone Doctor...his Initials worked out for that...

I am not allowed to drive because I had a seizure so I don't know if my driving will return and we shall see.  There will be 9 more  Radiation treatments and I will do one round of Chemo in my local hospital as an out patient, so that will be easier less travel than driving to Lexington for the radiation..My hair will fall out I was told.

I wish life was all rainbows and birds and nature but we have to work the hand we are dealt...and nothing is forever...I hope this finds ALL of you in good spirits and when my attention span can make the jump, if it can, I will try to keep visiting when possible.  All my best to everyone who reads... 

One bit of advice I can give is to make  your wishes known have a dear friend or family as advocate for  you as you will need all the help u can get in this type situation when your Brain is affected....

Every day is a new Challenge

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Life Changes

Life has changed for me in a big way I am currently in the hospital I found out on Sunday I had to call an ambulance and because my arm went totally paralyzed and so I went to my local emergency room and had a CT scan and found out that I have brain cancer I know this is crazy and you probably don't believe me because I've been fine up until a while ago but it all started out with my hip you know I had this trouble with my hip and so come to find out when they did the Cat Scan they found out that I had have had lung cancer or a lung tumor that has metasticedides to my hip my leg and of course to my brain so now I'm in Lexington Medical Center Columbia South Carolina and I have to go through radiation therapy for my brain I'm probably going to have to go through chemotherapy for the other cancers that are in me so anyway right now I had to have a rod put in my leg because I had bone missing in my leg and that's why I was having all that trouble with my hip had a big hole of bone missing in my hip and they put a rod like at least a 18-in rod going all the way from my knee up to my hip so now I'm in the hospital trying to get ready for these other tests and other treatments and eventually I'll be released back to my town to continue my treatment with oncology so anyway I just thought I'd give you guys a wrap up I probably won't be visiting your blogs for a while I asked my laptop to be brought over and maybe I'll be able to so it just depends on how I'm feeling under a lot of medication and everything the life can toss monkey wrenches we just have to work with it my sister is here helping me thank God and she has been a blessing so anyway for now we'll send you a good tidings if you wish but I'll probably won't be able to answer them I'm just using my cell phone which is hard to converse on anyway just wanted to keep everybody who cares in the loop take care