Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ive neglected the blog and sorry bout that..I will visit soon as I can...Im so busy these days not much time for internet...But I did want to post this before it got to be old news...

MY sister is here visiting from Colorado and we wanted to MUCH to get in a waterfall hike while she is here and this past weekend we went upstate and stayed with our Other sister!! YES the Sister Act together again...

station cove hike

We had a great Sister visit..and it was SO nice to get to be with 2 of my favorite people and their dogs...
We hiked to Station Cove Falls at Oconee Station and near Oconee State Park...

Station Cover Falls

The falls didnt have much water since we had such a dry summer but the moss and trickle made a really great impression on us!!

Station Cove2

Along with us came Jimmy he traveled all the way from Colorado by car to be with us...JimBo

AND INDY..who you've seen on my blog before...

ITs that time of year when lots of yellow composites are blooming like this one--

Fall Yellow

WE had a wonderful day for a hike too....My spirits were soaring!!


Friday, September 2, 2011


A few days off, but not off Monday will be off Thrusday! I am working toward a goal--yes I have plan and a goal!! My goal is to work until I can be financially independent (notice I didnt say well off) Thats at least 4 yrs from now...so WHY not get a head start? 

There are LOTS of adventures on my bucket list. For now I have to work...so I recently purchased this which although it will use more gas than my Blazer I can sleep in it so that saves in the long run....and there is room to travel with  a friend and both my dogs!! Its a Dodge Ram Van 1500- 8 cylinder 5.2 litre its a 2001 model and its been taken very good care of for the most part--

It needs some TLC as most used vehicles do..like the windshield has a crack and the brakes need to be serviced...and the carpet needs to be cleaned or maybe replaced (I can do that myself)  the previous owner was a SMOKER YUK so gotta fumigate it....once its ready its going to be fine for my plans I HOPE--I also plan to add (at some point ) a small (possibly vintage camp trailer) to the "Locomotive" for those trips when I plan to take more time--such as an entire summer. 

 So a peek in my plan.  I call my "dream life" DixxeLand, so this is the
Dixxeland Express and that will be the name of my Camper too when I find it!!

This is the 2 rear passenger seats which can be removed when I want...

and this is the bench seat that folds down into a single bed.

All the windows have some really great blinds that raise and lower for privacy

it has a TV and VCR in the back and rear AC- Of course when I take it camping I would bring along a fan to keep me cool at night.

I want to be very mobile and not have any size restrictions so this should be the ticket...and when I plan a trip of a week or less the van is great for a campground situation like when I get back to my waterfall hikes... or for Boondocking too-When I desire!  A campground with a picnic table and some electric hook ups possibly a tent or awning would be nice too!

Ive ordered this really cool personalized plate for the front bumper in SC we dont have to have front Bumper plates so we get to be creative!
ITS been shipped So ill take a photo of it when it arrives--

I have some great ideas for making a portable kitchen -- all one needs is a small fridge or electric cooler, a hot plate, a coffee maker, and MAYBE a small Microwave--A small Ultra Lite utility trailer may also be in my future to carry all my Camp Stuff- until I get the camper.....

When Mom wants to travel with me its roomy enough for her Yugo walker and the dogs and we can do a motel room on those occassions! I think it will fit my needs perfectly.  IT may be a while before I get in a trip since my Boss said
"When do you think you're getting time off to travel?    ;=0(

... check out my countdown clock at the bottom of my blog page---its been there for a while now and when I first put it up I started it at 1558 days....now look at it--TIME FLIES IM TELLIN' YA! IM SO PSYCHED!!!