Friday, March 25, 2022

Possum's and Honey Bees

Getting out with my camera is my therapy so here "sessions this week" included:

First off I save a critter from a bad situation

Got himself in but couldn't get out...I tried the stick to see if he would climb out but he wanted no part of that so I got the can over on it's side and finally he wobbled out...

and took off...I think this is a run,  Poor old fellow he walked like me after I've been in one spot too long..

Then I took a walk around and I always find something if I look UP...
A Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker for instance...

Lots of rain lately so standing water in all the low spots..I wonder how many possums could be in that dumpster?  I should have checked.  The ranger told me he has asked for but not received wildlife proof cans...

This Red Headed Woodpecker was bringing food to a nesting cavity probably for the female who may be sitting on some eggs!

A Carolina Wren sings his little heart out..

Some big birds I happened upon one day...Turkey Vulture, looking very daper in his cloak of big wings... 

And some Wild Turkey...

There was a big flock but they dispersed into the trees so fast...I got the last ones just before they disappeared..

Then a group of riders...with a Cattle Dog...Ive never seen a more tightly bunched string of  horses...they were  nose to tail...When I was riding we were told always keep a horse length between you in case one decides to kick...something tells me these riders are not into any equation etiquette. 

this Common Yellowthroat was singing,  I got a  glimpse of him...

A good sized flock of Cedar Waxwing hit the yard on Monday..

got at stripping the seeds from the Cedar tree and took turns at the bird bath this was so fun to watch..

They are so acrobatic and skilled...they are great at hovering too..

A House Wren I was barely able to pick out of the tangles...he was hiding pretty good!!

But the chatter gave him away....

And some Honey Bee Action on the Red Clover...a sure sign that Spring has Sprung!

More and more we have violent weather!  Its getting to be down right scary...last week the wind was so strong it snapped 2 power poles and we lost our power for half a day...and then they had to turn it off another day to get one pole that was cracked replaced...Not much we can do at this point but cross our fingers!! WOW not feeling very safe with only crossed fingers protecting me from the Power of the 

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Warbler Neck

Weird weather continues to plague us, wind storms, late freezes, heavy rain, thunder storms, and in the mountains, snow! So anything goes but my favorite weather has been scarce, Warm and Sunny! ;o)  I took these photo  on Sunday when it was sunny but COLD...

Red Bellied Woodpecker 

The Yellow Rumped Warbler the first Warblers to arrive and the last ones to leave!

Tuesday I headed over to Lee State Park, because more rain is on the way so I went to see if I could find some more Warblers...

The Pine Warbler, lives here year round...and they nest in PINE TREES! 

the Black and White Warbler...

In Winter this warbler migrates to Mexico, Central America and the Northwest areas of South America Along with Cuba and the Islands....some winter in Florida and the Gulf Coast of the USA.  But they Nest Here and the oldest one recorded was over 11 yrs old. 

How many turtles on one perch? 

Hover your cursor for my guess...

A Red Headed Woodpecker hiding behind some Spanish Moss...

This tiny turtle is about the size of Silver Dollar...A Wood Turtle?

The Northern Parula is back...they over winter in Central American and Cuba!  They Breed Here!

I also saw the White Eyed and Blue Headed Vireo's  almost got shots of them..


 along with Yellow Throated Warbler. 

 the Hermit Thrush allowed a photo of all 3 sides of him...they breed mostly up in the Canadian Provinces. 

And A bird I see daily is the female Northern Cardinal She will be laying her eggs soon...they live here year round. 

I had a quick snack lunch...then headed to the boardwalk...

Before I knew it the sky had clouded over....

So time to head home....

And this  has to be the worst wildlife photo ever taken, but can you just make out in the blurry background the shape of a Bob Cat?

It crossed the road quickly and then slinked into the deep brush by the time I had my camera up it was pretty well hidden.  

Since the time change my day is almost over before it gets going....It's gonna take me some time to catch up with the clock...Here is a new plant based breakfast "sausage" Im trying.  Its the Beyond Meat brand, and I really like it as well as their veggie burger,  It was pretty good AND the packaging is perfect, Cardboard!! 

I was able to find a lot of early Warblers, I'd like to find more but it's tough they are most always UP high in the tree tops...thus the title of this blog. 

Please keep our friend Dave in you thoughts as he is facing some health issues...we want you back in our circle Dave so our thoughts of well wishes are with you!

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Santee Bluff

My week started on Sunday.  I tossed back n forth the idea of going to some birding hotspots and in the end decided to go to Santee Bluff Unit.. this is a photo from a different trip I forgot to snap a photo of the sign

The Visitors Center sits on the shore of Lake Marion, it's currently closed...and has been since the era of Covid, since it was always staffed by volunteers....
 I was amazed at how many Double Crested Cormorants were in the water...

A feeding freenzy - and in the mix the  huge American White Pelican

 I saw something just as thrilling to me, the Purple Martins! 3 were buzzing around the Martin Housing

You are not allowed to drive to the birding area where I wanted to go so it's a hike..

But there is plenty to see along the this Northern Flicker..

And then once out of the woods trail you enter the big open space of the fields where a pair of Red Shouldered Hawks were screaming as the circled overhead...

 Finally I arrive at the ponds are about a  mile walk from the woods trail...

along the way I get a look at one of the March Madness Challenge birds, the Eastern Meadowlark...

The first pond I call the Coot pond, 

And there's normally some Common Gallinule also...

I wanted to make this visit while some wintering ducks are still here...They were, but very distant so close up looks did not happen.   However it was a nice day high 70's with drifting clouds...and a light breeze that sometimes's not exactly greened up yet but soon it will be.

The  ducks were unsettled and kept taking to the air...mostly Green Winged Teal...but also present was Blue Winged Teal, Ring Necked Duck and a few Shoveler.

Green Winged Teal

a pair settles  in the back

Blue Winged Teal

Ring Necked Duck

I was happy to find about 7 Northern Shoveler the last  of the  March Madness Challenge birds, and this one got semi close enough for a photo..

Also is the Ring Necked Duck in the back and in the middle the lone Ruddy Duck I saw...

The Shoveler had a female with him...(center)

This tree is the heron nesting tree..

And each nest was occupied..

Great Blue Heron well hidden on the nest. 

There was only one Pied Billed Grebe in the mix. 

On the way back to the Van, I noticed all these Yellow Jasmine flowers on the ground they have grown up the trees and bloomed up in the canopy..

And for your viewing pleasure...a short video of the Cormorants and Pelicans...
the sharp call you hear is the Purple Martin I was standing nearby him..


op ed 
What is wrong with a world where we stand by and watch innocent people be murdered just to appease the ego of a maniac?  

Every day is a new Adventure.