Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free and Not so Free.

Today the girls had to go meet the Care-A-Van, the mobile vet, for their shots, blood tests and heartworm pills.  I got a yrs supply cause its always a pain running around trying to get they are set for a entire YEAR! AND we were first in line...I got there at 10 till 10 and no one was there yet.  I go to the IGA parking lot, they are there about every 3 weeks so its a great thing for the community..and dont you know that the DVM's are trying to stop the mobile vets from providing some services! I swear soon the under priviledged and ME are not going to be able to make it in this wealthy society where only the well to do will be able to afford anything!!! Can you tell Im a little fed up? As it is it cost me $212.00 for the 2 dogs, blood test, heartworm pills which I cant get without the bloodtest result of negative.  Then the yearly booster shots, and their vaccine tags.  IF I had to go do this at the VET's office I would have to pay an additional $40 for an office visit per dog! So I hope the DVM's are defeated with this latest attempt at making life harder for the majority of us!

I've never successfully grown a watermelon or cantaloupe in my garden, it generally gets too hot, BUT this yr...a volunteer came up in the compost pile...I dont know what it is yet what do you think? It could be a squash of some kind too....medontknow!

I may see some slight ridges and that may mean cantaloupe

Been getting a few of the small tomatoes for the window ledge along with a sunflower and a dahlia flower broken over by the hard rain so they had to come inside so I could continue to enjoy these Beautiful faces, OH the birds planted that Sunflower for me :o)

So I got a nice melon on the vine, and sunflowers all thanks to the efforts of mother nature..OH and in my compost pile are more avacado trees! ONE did live that I transplanted last yr.  I thought they all died but then I found it...Ill have to keep you posted on that one...and I will try transplanting the two new ones.
I love my rooster plates got these in the "dime store" for a buck a piece! They are just cheap plates but for everyday they make me smile!

and Im not working on the inside of the "windows" room.  The old sunroom.  Im putting up new paneling on the walls I had to remove and putting the trim around the windows on the inside..

Ive got the inside casing & ledges done and have the small one finished...just the finish paint needs to be put on. I primed the wood already...the paneling I like it the way it is, but I didnt tear down the dividing wall so I will paint that wall I'm gonna go BRIGHT more on that later.

Im going to put a shelf the length of the wall in that space....a great spot for starting seedlings....I created a LARGE ledge for the South Facing Lower Window I figure plants will want to sit there and enjoy that window! This end of the room will be the new potting and winter plant storage area..and who knows what else.

IM waiting for the finale of HGTV Design Star, comes on at 8 pm... this is the first time I've watched to see what ideas other have...some are outrageous--- others are pretty dang cool!!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

6th time around...the sun

Hope everyone had good 4th of July, my dogs Annie and Flossie had a birthday they are now 6 yrs old! I cant believe that...seems like only yesterday they were a pack of lost and unwanted 7 puppies... I found homes for all of them! We kept these two girls...almost kept 3 but at the last minute my X found a good home for Daisy Mae she was the runt of this litter.  The pups were starving and sick when we found them..
Daisy, Flossie and Annie all had Parvo a horrid intestinal disease, but I nursed them back to health they each got 30cc's of Ringers IV drip twice a day!!
We did it right on the kitchen counter I hung the IV bag on the cabinet knob and gave each a nice subcutaneaous dose of IV Fluids and IV antibiotics.. I kept them  cozy on warm heating pads, and eventually they all came around...I was prepared to keep all the sisters together but a great home on a farm opened up when a family's old dog was put to sleep due to his age and bad health so they needed a good dog to run on the farm, Daisy was the girl for the job..since she got well first! I WOULD love to see her again!! She had the shorter hair like Annie, Flossie was the only long haired one in the pack.


Shoes as a pillow?

Daisy Mae

 I hope she is happy and healthy like her sisters! 

Back to present day... 
Last weekend I finished up that East Wall on the project house..and did the demo on the South Wall..
! It was a LOT of work!!


Here is the Demo part....

                         And then i reframed and sheathed for the new windows...the openings are under the black felt paper, but I didnt cut it cause I had to wait till July 4th on a day off to install the windows!!



So on the 4th I installed the new windows and today I put up the siding
...although all those big windows were cool and gave lots of light all were rotten and I couldnt afford to replace each with a new window, so SOME are better than NONE.. I like the windows that slide side to side so thats what these are. The new siding matches perfectly!! YOU cant tell where the old is ---Check it out the color is perfect I had to order it so I went to  my Local Builders Supply and they hooked me up. I think I can afford a couple of small shutters...BUT what color???? And I have to cut a Gable Vent in the peak...that thing cost $40! I have 3 things sold on ebay to pay for it soon as they pay Ill go get the vent!
NOT all work today tho...

I had fun playing with this guy that lives in the BIG Hosta! One of the flowers opened up today so I wanted to photograph it, and THEN I saw something move--- a flirty flash of orange..

WHAT the........?



He has the perfect spot to hold up during all the rain we've had.. a total of 10.8 inches  in June and July has been WETTER so far!

 Makes me feel really bad for the ones out West who need some rain...wish I could send some your way...till next time...