Friday, October 15, 2021

One Sunny Day...

I almost wrote Got Nothing as the title, cause I have sooo little to share, we had a very cloudy icky week for the most part 

But the sun came  out one day in time for me to get out and see what may shape up into a here goes!

I went to Lake Bee, first I have to pass by many cotton fields..

 Once there, I am wondering when they will refill the lake....

It's pretty even tho, I like the plants, the drift wood and the Killdeer that enjoy poking around in the mud...

After stopping to check that area I headed on into a different area...

Up to where the road is not paved, and onto Mary's Hill...

It's a pretty  view from this high point that I visit when the gates are open to go up and it was on that day! It was a favorite place to Mom when we used to go here. 

Wildflowers still in bloom attract butterflies 

Sleepy Orange

And this time of year is Grasshopper season..

After driving down off the hill I went down to Oxpen Lakes  to sit in the shade and have a cool drink...haven't seen that beaver that was here once since that day!

Soon I heard a taping off to the left in the trees...and followed the sound,  found this Brown Headed Nuthatch digging a little  hole in the tree to get an insect..

This cone looked perfect to me...

The puffy clouds are a sign that by weeks end rain is on the way,,,

Once upon a time Mom and I did some rock painting, and so I was thinking I would like to paint a rock and take it up to Mary's Hill and leave it in honor of Mom's love for this hill...So I want to do that soon...Last week was 2 years without her. 

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Fall Fodder

Another slow week, and I think this is the new normal for me.  Im sharing some of the interesting things I saw this past week. We had a few rain days. 

The Cyprus trees at Goodale Park are changing, I hope to catch them when they get to peak...

I scared a Great Egret off his feeding spot...

This pic is not too sharp but I really like the curled proboscis so Im sharing, a Palamedes Swallowtail...

Golden rod  provides food to so many insects this time of year

And more creepy hairy things to avoid...

The colors are changing pretty fast, one thing I love about fall is all the full swaying field plants  lush with seed heads and providing food and shelter for all sort of insect and wild life.  

It's layers and layers of food, color, and cover.

These Tall Sedge tops  are a shimmering shade of blush it really sparkles...

Fall produces lots of great flowers for bees, wasp, butterfly and when these flowers fade, the seed heads appear and migrating birds will be looking forward to this as they make the big fall trip.  

Blue Jays love acorns...this guy has plucked 2 at one time.

I got the attention of a Pine Warbler

And Tulip is visiting, she is one of the regulars to my yard... this is the young doe who I saw early in the spring with a rear leg injury...somehow she survived, it looked like a broken leg to me, and she walked with great difficulty and up on the tip of her toe, that is why I started calling her Tulip...NOW she is walking with confidence, and she can jump as good as any deer, she really overcame a huge disability. 

its the back leg on this side, you can see the old scar ...she is so familiar with my yard she comes right into my flower beds and nips the top off the flowers...but how can I not welcome and love that sweet face...and a strong will to survive. 

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Enchanting October...

Lately I have been very busy with homestead chores and spent little time with my camera...So this post has only a few enchanting share.
I visited the cemetery to  photo some new graves that need to be added to Find a Grave, it's good to have decent weather to do that in.  When Im there I normally do run into's hard to find shade in an open landscape. 

But they are very enterprising, some non descript weeds give life to a Wooly Bugger or better know as a Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar. 

In the yard a Brown Thrasher stopped to do some feather dusting on this limb...

One female Hummingbird is hanging the feeder is still up...and this well worn Red Spotted Purple  took advantage...

Im harvesting the Cilantro now a pinch at a time to spice up my meals Great window ledge herb.

I cooked a  birthday eve meal for one, homemade potato salad and vegan cornbread! I used coconut milk and veggie oil as the binder, with yellow corn meal and some flour...and I enjoy  savor seasoning...a few cilantro leaves on top of the salad...

And in the background is a Cake topped with some chocolate chips, and it is pretty darn tasty!  The cast iron adds a delicious crust to the bottom.

On my birthday I had a wonderful Skype chat with  my lovely sisters, that was the Best time I've had in months...and that afternoon my Son shared  pizza and beer with me, so I was a happy Birthday Girl...

And this answered a puzzle I had seen a large "scat" in the road filled with permission seeds, and I thought coyote, possibly, last evening I went out with the girls I have to make sure Floss doesn't go out and just lay down and not take care of her bathroom chores, since she has really grown weak in her back legs, So we heard some wild cackling calls...and today we had this visitor to our field..

A Gray Fox

She ate some persimmons and then went on her way...I don't know how she is getting in the field?  I must walk the fence...

Sure is a beauty

I waited all summer for this Zinna to bloom... and it opened on my birthday....well worth the wait..

HeLLO pretty orange just right for Halloween--- I will enjoy it till frost.  Time has accelerated. 

Make the day seem to us less brief.

Hearts not averse to being beguiled,

Beguile us in the way you know.
*   *   *

From October, Robert Frost

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Fall Equinox


So we had a rainy week...followed up by a cold front...So welcoming is the cold front! On the last day of rain I had six visitors to my plot of land..

                           A small herd of Does with some yearlings mixed  in...

They are either eating acorns or ripe Persimmon that fell on the ground 

Then finally the SUN...

I ran into a Long Tailed Skipper this is the time of year I look for them.  This one was in super fine condition..

Cute Carolina Chickadee eating some seed up in a tree...

Some good Camouflage going on here...

Green Anole
Green Anole

These Geese look as if they are floating in grass, but there is water down under the grass, deep enough for them to swim in 

Fall Color is quickly taking over....

Here's a young Chipping Sparrow 

I always enjoy the color of the Sassafras Leaves in Fall they turn a brilliant pumpkin orange..

It's been a good year for Eastern Wood Pewee...

And this Poke Berry Bush has been pretty much stripped clean of the berries, Lovely Chartreuse color!!

I headed to the WLR to relax and enjoy the sunshine and I forgot to grab any food...something I havent done in a gas station food!! Not vegan but I found a slice of Veggie Pizza and an Orange Soda with SUGAR! 

On the way up there I stopped at a cemetery and photo'd two headstones, and there was some Nuttal's Sensitive Briar in there...

If you touch the frilly leaves, they fold up! It has something to do with tugour of the's cool to watch I tried to make a video can you see how the leaves fold up when I touch it?

It's a little tough to see the plant is very close to the ground and it has sharp briars on the I was touched gingerly...

Golden rod

And normally I see crows swooping and attacking hawks, but this one was chasing one of the regular crows that hang out around my homestead...he looked pretty serious! The photos were taken thru the glass so the focus is a little soft...

Yellow eye, well defined streaks, flat head...

As far as I can tell it's a Coopers Hawk, she was after the cardinals in a bush my feeder birds better beware.  
We are supposed to have some awesome weather for the next 4 or 5 days, Im really happy about that. 

Every day is a new Adventure.