Monday, May 27, 2013


IF this doesnt melt your heart then you dont have one...these are the northern cardinal hatchlings that are in the bush right next to where Im working on the ladder.  Their first clutch was stolen by something...So Im glad to see they had another go and now there's 3 in the nest...I know first hand how hard it is to be a bird parent!!

Recall last yr at this time I was a bird mommy, I brought a baby n. mocking I called Milo home to raise when construction threatened his life...I was watching his mother who lives in the neighborhood where I work fledge her brood of 2 today! She is a great Mom..Im so glad I had the opportunity to get to know Milo it was one of the highlights of my life!!

I had to work today, can you belive that? Yeah it was awful, If I didnt need the money I would have stayed home..BUT next week I have the whole week off...OMG I hope I survive it! I have a 2 day trip to the mountains planned and the rest of the time I'll be working on the Project House!!!

And in remembrance of my dad, Herman Walling a veteran, thank you dad for your service!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Riley Moore

FINALLY I did something besides work this past weekend!! Y'all know I am working on  hiking to as many of the Waterfalls in SC as I can in my lifetime...Ive been working on this bucket list kinda thing for about 3 yrs NOW...last yr I only did a couple and this is the first one this yr..


NOT a tall waterfall but it sure was a wonderful one! The hike is 3 miles RT. Some red mud was involved! The dogs loved it...and so did my sister and I.  WE missed having our old hiking gal Indy...but she was with us in Spirit for sure as she always loved the water.
The falls is 100 ft wide and 15 ft tall and in summer there's a decent swimming hole...the water was COLD and is probably always cold as its fed by the Chauga River


When I binged the river Trout Fishing was mentioned...this river is 31 miles long...
Camping is permited in this area...IF Only we had known we would have planned to spend the night on the river...Maybe this one will be revisited..

A dark cloud came over but nothing could ruin this wonderful day so WE wished it away...

AND It left...

Part of the wonder of hiking in an Oak Hickory forest is the wild woods flowers! WE saw some beauties...several trilliums, jack in the pulpit, and others!!

Trillium Catesby

Yellow Trillium 

                                                                             Dwarf Iris

                                                                                   Mtn Laurel 

And  this is the same waterfall in my header photo!! 

Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day...I enjoyed mine!!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Showers

Today we have blowing rain...yuk! We've had rain for 2 solid weeks now and maybe ONE hour of sun in all that time.  I havent updated in a while...

Mom went back to Colorado with sister when she left, since Im working all the time and sis is retired it seems logical that Mom will get more help with her for now..So off they went two weeks ago.  Mom continues to amaze me, she is 89 this yr, just had a terrible bout of illness, lost 8 lbs of body weight and in the end decided YES, I will make a cross country trip and move to Colorado for this summer! IS she amazing or what? This photo is last Mothers day when she was eating a BANANNA SPLIT..Ill wait to see what they end up sending me of her doing this mothers day upcoming.
Work continues on the old friend came to help me this weekend, in fact she is sleeping off our after dinner drinks while I type THE dogs got me up early to go fetch a squirrel to new hunting grounds as one had sprung the relocation trap..SO off in a blowing rain in my PJ's with a trapped squirrel I went...holy cow.

before                                             after

Before and after the removal of the old awning Blue tarps are to keep some of the rain out until the new screen and MY own NEW design of awning is put up...and a fan make over is in progress...

Some spring flowers have been fun to watch around the yard


Sadly we lost another member of our family my dear dog friend Indy (whom Ive written of many times when I went to dog sit her) was laid to rest last week she has been fighting old age for a while now and took a sudden turn for the worst...she has been laid to rest here at my place with her old buddy Spanky...

For Indy 

RIP sweet lady...