Saturday, July 28, 2012

Onto August!

Im still reeling from seeing the painted bunting, it was a highlight for sure..The dogs are back to good....whatever made them sick is gone now...they were both up to snuff one day after returning home..Now they are spending their time snoozing in the living room all day staying out of the heat, while Im at work.  July will be August come Wednesday so SOON maybe the tempts will go back down to those "sweet", go outside and enjoy tempts. 

A large flock of house finches arrived in my yard the week I returned and so its standing room only at the feeders

These shots are through the window so a bit fuzzy...Unfortunately some of the finches that arrived have that dreaded conjunctivites! IF I can catch her I can cure her but she has ONE good eye so far I have struck out!  But Ill keep trying!

This young one looks good...

And the large swallowtails seem to be all around the yard lately..caught this one on the phlox flowers..

AND the newest member of our family is Orieo!


He used to be a stick  pony...but I found him and decided to repurpose him to a cuddle pony for the sofa!!  He is a sweetheart for sure, I removed the broken stick, sewed up the hole and put him in the washer, he came out so pretty and clean!

I am currently looking for a new job...maybe back to a simple retail job..wish me luck.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Chance...

Day 3 of my beach trip was a gorgeous day,,,a breezy beach with blue sky..
ITS also the day we have to break camp...but the plan is go to the Learning Center to take at least One hike, and then drive over to the ACE Basin WLR and Bear Island. 
One last look at the ocean and away we go...Annie had been sick overnight but she seemed to be feeling better so I went ahead with my plans..
A short hike in the maritime forest to see an Indain mound ...Flossie didnt act as keen as she normally did to go for a walk..

But it was such a short walk I decided to go on...the mound is over 4,000 yrs old!! ITS made almost completely of Oyster Shells! IT was at one point over 20ft tall but weather had whittled it down to what it is today..its called the Spanish Mount because it was first discovered by the Spanish explorers..

After the hike we headed out to continue our trip...we saw this snowy egret fishing by the bank..

and the Green Heron on the mud flats...

Hiding in the grass nearby was this little fellow I call him big hand Luke! IM not sure it may be a blue crab.

HE tried to pinch Flossie's nose when she went over to see what the heck is this and Annie was ready to get after this cottontail

The spanish moss is everywhere...and gives everything a dreamy look...

just a few  swallows were hanging around..

we broke for lunch but a thunder strom kept the girlz hiding in the van...and I realized Flossie was now sick too...SO at this point I knew we were not going to head upstate as I had planned..and would have to head back home...BUT I still had one last thing to do before leaving this area...

Visit the Learning Center and look for that Painted Bunting, the very reason for picking this location for our trip in the first place!! At the center the ranger tells me  2 nesting pairs are in the area...I saw this northern cardinal female who seems to have  that mite problem that causes the head to lose all the feathers..poor thing.

AND then I see HIM...

The male Painted Bunting on the Learning Center's feeders!

He has every color of the rainbow in his feathers...NEW life bird for me...x'd him off the bullet list.!

I am alreay hoping my next lifer will be the Sandhill and/or Whooping CRANE...dont know where or when yet, just know its a bullet list bird for me...
Back to work Monday-YUK!


Friday, July 20, 2012

My Feet in the Sand

Day two, more fun at Edisto Beach...before the girls got sick and we had to come home we enjoyed long walks down the beach and wading in the surf and they stayed BY The beach chair while I ran in and played with a few crashing waves the water was so warm..I had to share the surf with this guy
The Willet

HE was nice to share! AND this other guy thought it was all a barrel of laughs...
the Laughing Gull:

LOTS of those guys swooping around..

And this Northern Mockingbird was the best watchdog she is patroling her 30 x 30 ft patch..

I started calling this the Lovvvvvvvvve Tree...for a couple of reasons:

First off I love this tree it has a beautiful arch a perfect window created by nature..and secondly...

The Lucky Girl...and the happy couple

Awww young love..and under the lovvvvvvvve tree are beautiful flowers...

THE Perfect setting for amorie'

the sun sets the sea oats a blaze in the early light...all under the Lovvvveeee Tree, you have to say it like that~~

Meanwhile back on the beach my only worry in the world ,,,is the tide gonna reach my chair?

Pretty much------ back at the DixxeLand Express camp....just beyond the lovvvvveeee tree...

IT was dinner time!

The perfect way to spend day two of my beach trip...I know you're wondering why I havent even mentioned the painted bunting...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 DaYs in the SuN

IT got hot at Edisto Island, but we survived.  Thank goodness I took a fan with us.  The girls both got sick and I had to cut my trip a day short, but they are both on the mend now...I think it was the water! They didnt like the Ocean at first but before we left they enjoyed a nice trot through the surf!


They did enjoy sitting under the beach Umbrella tho...

It broke my heart that they got sick...ITS like when in Mexico dont drink the water, well when at the campground dont fill your dogs bowl from the faucet! Its the only thing I can think of, but I tossed out the brand new box of treats just in case it was that. Happy now they are on the mend as I said..!!

However one good thing did come of their Gotta Go RIGHT now experience we were already up to greet the sun!

AND the dogs werent the only thing that kept me from getting  sound sleep...5 of these came calling on the limb above my van..

Annie let me know right away that we had company, Flossie could care less but she barked at every human, and there were LOTS of them...I have to say the girlz had a hard time with no less than 100 men, women, and children rushing over to pat their heads...everyone loves my dogs, and thats what they all said "I LOVE YOUR DOGS"

NO wonder they got sick with all that attention and the posing they are showing off the sunset over the Marsh.  OKAY enough of them...what about me?
WELL I walked them, fed them, cleaned up after them, tried to protect them from all the paparazzi and in between times I took photos, swam in the ocean, sat under the umbrella with them, saw this shrimp boat go by....

Followed by a pod of these:

IT is a pod or a school? Anways...
   had nice conversations with people I met on the beach, enjoyed looking through piles of shell, 

READ an entire article in my fav Arizona Highways mag, only started over 3 times, almost got relaxed, and bird watched! 

Lots of long lines of Brown Pelicans swooping over the water...

They fly in perfect sync...

It was so nice to watch them...the shadows they make as they go over are just as cool to see..
Meanwhile the view was nice...and over behind that rope is loggerhead turtle nesting it was off limits...

Each nest is marked so we can see it and I am happy to report NOT One person (or dog)violated this space!!

Some turtles did however lay their eggs on THIS side of the They have marked  LOTS of nests and hopefully they will have a good number to make it..they check the nests EVERY DAY! is my campsite the ocean if just over that brush barrier on the left...NICE to hear the tide crash again, I lived this close to the water for almost 6 yrs and I didnt realize how much I missed that great sound of the changing tides!

all THAT was on day ONE...Ive got the rest of the week off so Ill work on a post about day 2 and 3, it'll give me something to do..HA!!