Wednesday, December 23, 2020

If it Brings you Joy.

On my last trip to the Wildlife Refuge, I took Rd 8,  Normally that gate is locked but now it's open so I decided to check  it out,  Glad I did it has some high points  literally.  

The best I can tell I think Im on Mary's Hill!!  I never got to take Mom up on her hill that area has been closed for years, but then I realize it's open certain times of the year...and I rarely took her out in winter months she did not do well breathing in cold air.  But this is the view from there... 

It's not too often I get an elevated view around here...the elevation at my home is 282 ft..that distant couple peaks is Sugar Loaf Mountain Recreation Area.  I will have to go there and show you guys around, haven't been there in a while. 

The road took me to Pool K...

Visitors Drive

had the entire place to myself..I did not see another person for the 4 hours I was there. 
Exactly what the Dr ordered...had my lunch time stop at the Twin Lakes area that I discovered on my last exploration attempt. 

It's always wonderful to see the Red Cockaded Woodpecker this close to my home 

  it's 15 miles as the crow flies...

red cockaded wp

also had the Red Bellied Woodpecker digging an insect out of a tree.  


At Martin's Lake I spotted a Belted Kingfisher resting in a tree...

The Eastern Bluebird seems to love the seeds of this plant the name of which I have forgotten...

I hope all of you have a good holiday weekend..,Im hoping for the best,,,

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Just another week

Today I cut wood in order to keep my  stack as high as it can be.  My yard birds were happy Sunday as it was so warm...I had the windows open.

                              I said BIRDS!!  Everybody in the yard was eating..

OR waiting their turn to eat.

The Winter crops are hanging, not growing much tho.,I have a couple tiny cabbages in there and one broccoli forming,,,

brown headed nuthatch 

red breasted nuthatch

And some sunning was going on,.


GULP toss it up catch it

  I could  hear Pine Warblers all around me, and was able to find a the state park where I went to de-stress..

Yellow rump warblers also in the same tree, down in this  picnic area.  I had Red breasted Nuthatch, Brown Headed Nuthatch, Ruby Crowned, and Golden Crowned Kinglets,,,,

I checked the water and no waterfowl or waders present, it was cold on this day it may not look it but it sure was.

Eastern Bluebird

I had all these little guys chirping  at once,  So my head was turning around like the girl in the Exorcists.  I was making a mental list as I went. So then in came a Downy Woodpecker and he would not come out in the open so while I phished and hoped he would, out came a Blue Headed Vireo,  That was fine with me.,

None of them wanted to stand still so no sharp crisp photo...still I was happy to put my eyes on them.

the rest of the world seems so far away...

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Home made...

Am I disillusioned? Could be.  The ball and chain are tightening.    I have coped much better in the past.,,and I wish for those easier times to come back my way soon. 

Meanwhile in my small orbit I have Purple Finch.  A couple actually.  One of the prettiest females ever with beautiful bold markings and clear brilliant eyes is enjoying the feeder, and in return I get to enjoy watching her. 

And even tho her companion is rocking a berry blush she wins my praise...

I named her Roxanne, you don't have to put on your red dress to be beautiful...

Im out in the chill of winter creating a gift....not for a human but for a kitty cat.  Her name is Bella, and she is cute and sweet...and I hope she will have a lot of fun climbing and napping on her new cat Tower.  Yes a pile of wood, cardboard, and textiles can become this when you put it in the Replicator and hit the MIX it UP Button.  The only thing I really want from the Star Trek special effects is that replicator.  

                                    glue sisal rope to a board for the scratching post

                                                 One of the napping cubbies

To purchase such a tower it's quite $$$$ even one on sale was $130.  This one cost me about $40 to build.  I had most all the supplies hanging in my "odd lots of stuff" like the wood, screws, hot glue, nails, staples, etc.  I had to buy some textiles, the cardboard tube, and some spray I was pretty much out of that. 

As I worked in the backyard, I enjoyed the finches and the nuthatches as they flew in to snag a seed then devour it on a personalized branch high up in a nearby tree.  

Red Breasted Nuthatch 

Each day ended with me trying to get the glue off my hands, and in need of a good rest and a warm drink.  I had some hot chocolate but no Toddy to add.  Drat. Alcohol is low on the list of must have's currently.  

So you make all these components and you put it together and you have Cat Scratch City! My son is going to put a little kat nip  in the cracks of the sisal scratch post and I hope she only scratches there as this textile is not too strong it's super soft tho.  

I tried to get my son interested in building cat towers...heck Im pretty sure you could make a decent living doing it, 

In Seasonal news, I put out my decorations,  our traditional 3 skiers on the mantle.

These are about 34 yrs old ...I just couldn't' bring myself to hang the dog stockings something that is my own tradition since moving here in my house again...I would have to  unwrap the one that says CASEY...unable to handle that right now .. :o((

Yesterday was so mild and beautiful so I went to Sandhills and did some hiking,,,

I saw one other person in the four hours I was there...and no waterfowl at all...that was disappointing.  I took some different roads and trails and found two ponds I had not seen before,,,

the Upper and Lower Twin Lakes..

This is going to be a wonderful picnic spot for me in the future it's off road 5 in the refuge, which is criss crossed with many dirt tracts, and this one was not too rough to navigate. 

I did see lots of Mockingbird on my way around..

All very curious

Along one hike I saw this really TALL dead tree it remains standing!

And in the fields Song Sparrow

It was so warm the lady birds were out

They have started working on Lake Bee again so maybe soon it will refill...

And one of my neighbors put this out, a bit more effort than I put into my decorations...

Another slow week  for me.