Saturday, November 23, 2013

Me Thankful?

Nearly Thanksgiving...jeeze hard to believe? We've decided to eat out gonna meet everyone about halfway eat then go our separate ways...I'M baking a chocolate truffel bunt cake for my son and his girlfriend....and that will be the extent of my cooking.  Of course my sis and mom will do the actual mixing, and such I will be the brains and they will be the brawn..:o))

I've been attending occupational therapy 3 times a week's okay....& amazing how dysfunctional my hand is now!!! i dont think it will ever be the same..talking about my left hand and wrist...I cant close it or rotate it, has no strength and hurts like a *&^%$ when I accidentally try to do something with it..the right one still in this CAST I am sooooo ready for it to be gone!!! DEC 9TH IS d-DAY  the Cast-ration DAY!!!! They will cut it off...then it will be therapy 3 x's a week for it...for God knows how long---Life as I knew it is GONE!!!!  It's like having twins 4 weeks apart..DAMN!! Imagine that, the Dr says treating me is like treating 2 patients~ 

Oh well meanwhile my sister swears she has lost 10 lbs since arriving here she has been doing my chores and some of my projects...recall this old enamel top table?? With the rotten legs??

Well I've been on the lookout for some new legs and WE found them when we took the trash to the solid waste facility last week!! There was an old table with pretty good legs so I asked to take it.... the lady in charge said OK!!  We got these legs off it...

We painted them a flat black...the paints still wet in this photo..

Then we removed the old legs from the table frame...and painted it the same black...

then we had to do some work to the metal plates where the legs attach..

we painted those with rust prevent paint...then we attached the legs!!! 

To make it stronger I put some stretchers around the legs and added  rollers to the bottom and now it's my Kitchen Island!

SO another project done!!!
Hope all of you have a wonderful celebration with family and friends...personally I have soooo much to be thankful for my list is longer than my project list!!  My Kodak bit the dust so I'm back to using my pocket Minolta sorta suits my needs right now light weight and easy to use!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just when you think everything is BAD... then THIS happens!!!!

IF your faith in human kindness has been shaken...just wait it will be restored!!

This experience of being disabled has renewed the bridge between me and those around me and to the human spirit.  The connection we all share on this one world under this one sky and under the umbrella of unity that we depend on and need is VERY REAL...When you're in a crisis or just when having a bad day...reach out and touch someone...or pay it forward any chance you get..someone did that for me and gosh it felt GOOD!

Having said that a simple trip to the mailbox 
brought me sheer delight and put a great big smile on my face 
when I opened this beautiful package!!!!

and found THIS inside....a wonderfully sweet & beautiful handmade wallet!! has every stitch aligned and perfectly done with exquisite craftsmanship and talent!!!

...sent to cheer and enrich my life by a dear blog-family friend!! Thank you soooooooo much Karen!!! 
WHO SAYS blog friends aren't real friends??

NOW that made my day MORE than getting one cast reduced to a brace!! Physical therapy begins Friday!!! I will be carrying my new wallet with me on every trip!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Back...or Free Fall?

Today we had a picnic to say farewell to Maggie she went back to her home today...sad to see her go we will miss her but she needs time to get used to her new family and home now that they have returned from Houston. 


the trees are finally starting to change...

especially the Cyprus trees...

This week we cut the grass in the field...its like cutting hay in fact that is what it is... well I say we my sis is doing my chores for me...while Jimmy waited ...and Floss had a roll around 

Annie had a play in it...

Sis put a few wheel barrow loads on my compost pile...
...checked on the 30 little Eastern Cedar trees that I planted on my back property line this spring...each one survived and are up to about 7" tall now --should double in size each yr...lets see when I'm 80 how tall will they be? I guess you need a degree to figure that one :o) 5ft tall in 4 yrs maybe?  I'm 5'6" so should hide me quite well ...The best thing about these trees is they reach a mature size and stop I should have a nice privacy screen by the time I'm 6 ft under wouldn't you say?

Walking Dead on amc tonight be there or be square!!
My matching is to come off on 11/11

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.