Friday, June 24, 2022

Easy come easy go...

Another very lay-low week for me, I have this hip issue still and it is only a wee bit better but I have a plan! It's called Hip Flexor Tendinitis, so you can google it up...if you wish. I actually did this while trying to hook up my trailer when it was loaded with the limbs of the Ice Storm we had back in February. I planted my feet into the ground and Pulled....NOT smart.  Trailer did not move, my bones, tendon, and muscles did. 


Another thing I did wrong was try to get back at it too fast...I had a relapse...I was stretching, and doing too much walking and pushing myself, because Im impatient. BUT what I was not doing was listening to what my body was saying.  So I am limiting my daily activity...using RICE --Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate.  Well I can't compress my hip but this flexor tendon goes all the way to the  knee so I compress that when walking, and I can elevate my hip when reclined by using a pillow...AND no more stretching till it heals. 

How could I possibly think I could budge that heavy trailer, (maybe 10 yrs ago, yes) Im currently having to use not one, but two canes, in order to walk without searing pain,  and that is part of my plan to stop denying I don't need some the cane! At least till this thing heals..Meanwhile I have watched most of the hearings, or listened to them in the background while I worked on some internet projects....I for one am not surprised as I stayed on top of the news in real time....But I will say if heads don't roll we MUST Demand Justice!! 

Tulip Poplar Tree 

The weather was up and down 100's then 80's and so I did go out on one day...Didn't see a lot but I will share what I found..
On that day the community was having a kayaking event...and these people enjoyed some time on the water...

Very Colorful...

And more color in the Painted Buntings, 

They were busy feeding on the tall grasses, the young are out the nest and out in the world now,,,

The Bee Balm filled the air with that wonder aroma and the bees were so busy on it who can blame them?

This Eastern Bluebird really showed off his wings and tail in this shot while grabbing a bug from the ground...

White against blue as a Great Egret flew over...

Some dragonfly were out and I was happy they sat still for a while...

Back at the homestead here is Mask I don't think she has birthed yet she is getting bigger she may have twins! 

She was watching some friends near the fence line, one of these does has her fawn already but I could not get a clear shot of him I could not tell if this doe below is Tulip...could be.

Got come cukes coming on in my Fort Knox Garden...

Unfortunately the deer attacked my plants and they took a nearly all of the ones I shared last week that were not under lockdown got hit pretty hard 
Good thing it will grow back. 



What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Every day is a new Challenge.


  1. Hello,
    I am sorry to hear you are in pain. Love the Painted Buntings, pretty shot of the Egret and blue sky. The Bee Balm and bees, the flowers and the deer are great captures. I hope you feel better soon. There is one head in particular I would like to see roll. Take care, have a great day!

    1. Thank you Eileen, it's been a long road so far, the Injury happened in March and then I tried to hard to make it better like I said and it got worse! BUT Im optimistic that it will improve. Yes I want the Head to Roll...if not with the horrors the Supreme court is handing down and if he ever comes back into power we are ALL doomed to a bleak future in this country.

  2. Hope your new treatment works for your hip problem. Your bird pictures are as always fabulous, the deer while not fun for your garden are really beautiful. I bought one of those cheapo plant kits for tomatoes and this morning I saw 2 had popped up so I put them in a bigger pot, the other one was a cornflower with one little starter coming up. Going to put up a post about something I bit the bullet on this morning! Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Jo, Glad you got some sprouts on your plants! I can't do a lot about the deer I thought of getting a motion light but I don't think it would do any good...I read your post, I think you will enjoy having that battery pack...and it comes in handy at home too...I bought my little fan at Dollar General, its perfect in a small space it creates a nice breeze. I hope MY pain will soon go away...

  3. The painted buntings are beautiful.
    Take care with your hip, I do hope the pain will go away soon.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, It amazes me how these beautiful birds can hide to point that if they sing you won't be able to find them...So sweet...So far there is not much change in the hip problem! I have rested it as best I could and did not go out but to water my plants and fill the feeders so...I just have to be patient and may have to seek higher Medical txt.

  4. Hi Sondra and nice to meet you. I love your blog. I am so sorry about your hip flexor. I have to stretch mine but you have really hurt yours. Please take it easy and allow it to heal. I love where you live and so happy to see that you are a gardener. Sorry about the deer. We have had such a horrible rainy spring that my garden is slow to get going. I am off the spend some time on your blog. Hope you come back to visit me again.

    1. Hi Nicole, I am adding you to my blog roll...I really enjoyed your Face art challenge, and I came over via Rain's Blog. I used to have a large in ground garden but it became futile with all the predation from the wild critters which I love seeing..So I put it all in pots now and try to cover it as best I can just picking a little handfull of veg makes me feel good!


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