Thursday, October 28, 2010

Historic and Beautiful Charleston

Since we were in the vicinity we went to Charleston...if you are a history buff or if you love beautiful historic homes and buildings, and you want to see the way the Southern Aristocrats lived, then you must come see it!! It is the oldest city in SC, and my town Camden is the oldest inland city in SC.

that lady in pink is MOM
The Old exchange and Provost Dungeon was built by the British as an Exchange and Customs house in 1771.  American Patriots were held in the dungeon during the American Revolution.  There was a tour..but I'd much rather be above ground thank you very much--lol

The last time I was in Charleston I spent a lot of time in the Market area and didn't buy a thing--so this time we didn't bother to go there we strolled along the historic district....Gallery Row-Charleston has more than 30 art galleries!!

The beautiful baskets of the Gullah people are still around but not as prevalent as years gone by.  They hand weave beautiful sweet grass baskets.  I spoke to a team of mother/daughter weavers and they told me that like the rug weavers of the Navajo the craft is a dying art!  They said it takes patience to go out to the marsh and gather the grasses used to create the baskets and it takes patience to sit and weave the baskets and to come up with interesting designs and keep the heritage of the old designs alive.  Lastly it takes patience to wait for the basket to be sold, and according to them few have the patience to learn this wonderful art and trade.  The mother said "young people want to make their money today and spend it tonight." She sounded very wise to me, and I think she really wants to preserve this beautiful craft.

Rainbow Row is one after the other of wonderful homes built along the edge of the Peninsula facing the sea and the battery wall. The homes are painted all colors of the rainbow, thus the name-

This one I really like most it's the Edmonston-Alston House C-1825. Its now a museum.  With original furniture, silver, painting, books, and legal papers of the Alston family

I love the C-1800's homes, store fronts, and all that wrought Iron..the Charleston Historic Society has done a wonderful job keeping the historic look to the Peninsula area of the city.

Although I am not in favor of using animals for profit, I can only speak for myself and came to that conclusion after working in the horse racing industry for quite a few yrs...the horses in Charleston seem to be in good shape, well fed, groomed and shod, I saw a few that looked like they wanted to call it a day--this one had a beautiful braid job on his mane.

 Down to Battery Park the history of the wars, Revolutionary and Civil, is remembered...why is it we put up statues to remember war and none of what we have done for Peace?  Maybe we have not done enough for Peace-I think Woodstock is the only memory we have when we think of Peace-Y-

Up the waterfront and river walk parks there are some cool fountains and Swimming is allowed, they call it wading---

many comfortable benches line the riverwalk park for relaxing in the shade this couple serenaded us,


             ...and a sweet view of the Ashley-Cooper Bridge-

       The yacht club had a youth race was a tight race-

 Saturday I am heading upstate for a couple of reasons...One to dog sit again, and to enjoy the beautiful fall colors that should be just about right in the  Blue Ridge Mtns. and if all goes as planned I will finally hike to the Raven Cliff Falls!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honorable Mention for Moi~

My Sis lives in Colorado and she heard about the Roaring Forks Conservancy's annual Photo contest so I entered!! I was thrilled to be given an honorable mention!! A little feather for my wee hat-
Thanks to the Judges who selected my shot called Knee Deep.  The photo was taken in 2008 along the Frying Pan River in Pitkin County Colorado.
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2010 Winners

Monday, October 25, 2010

Take What Nature Offers-

Beaufort is a wonderful small town with a big town flair! But we didnt come to Beaufort to see the town we spent most of our time out bird watching and viewing the natural beauty of the area in ACE Basin and the ocean. The ACE is named for the 3 rivers that run through and around it, the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto. It is a wildlife management area. I'd much rather see it become a wildlife refuge with more protection from hunting-as some areas were closed due to "special Lottery hunts."
We saw lots of birds, why is it that birds hate to have their photo taken?  I tried for hours and these are the best I could they hid, flew away, or just turned their heads and presented their butts to so this is what nature offed up for us to bring home, such as...

the retreating Blue Heron

The Elegant Egret

The FINALLY still greater yellowlegs

 the mile high osprey....

the backlit sundried vulture

the quickly gliding by Woodstork

the intelligent iridescent crow

the well camo-ed poorly lit common moorhens-

this huge swarm of Northern Rough Wing Swallows eating the kamacazee mosquitos (you know that kind of mosquito that dive bombs into your eyes..what exactly are they trying to do?) -

Also saw and got terribly blurry fuzzy shots of the never landing belted kingfisher, the well hidden white & glossy ibis, & the I dont have my camera ready bald eagle, and the huge flock of ducks that spooked when I approached! (none shown here) A gaggle of geese, and some very well hidden sparrows, and other song birds!

...but we did see some other critters worth mentioning--

The get that camera outta my face or Ill eat you... american alligator

...and his buddy, the hurry up Im about to disappear underwater gator --

...and we wondered why there were so many air bubbles coming out of these canals...Finally we drove back to Beaufort to catch the sun's last rays and watch the moon come out -

We took a walk along the waterfront...watched the bridge over the Beaufort river opened to allow a barge to pass.

Got hungry for water-side dining...

watched  the light turn to gold as the sun turned in....and so did we!!

The next day we got up and headed to Historic Charleston---
that will be later gator!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvesting Memories in the Low Country of SC

Fall is all about harvesting in my mind, so what better thing to harvest than great memories? My mom is 86 so she needs to pack in as many as she can get...and Im helping by taking her to the coast for a short road trip...we came to the Low Country area of our state (SC) and the weather is perfect and we are enjoying the scenery here..including this great Visitors Center in the old Frampton Plantation House...check out these fantasy live oaks covered in Spanish moss-

The low country is famous for shrimping, remember Forest Gump and his Bubba Gump Shrimp company? Well we didnt see that one but we saw the shrimpers come in and dock for the night...

Fishing is something everyone enjoys in these parts, rivers, marsh, estuaries, & the Atlantic Ocean provide many opportunities to enjoy being at or on the water.  A fishing pier is the perfect place to get a birds eye view of whats swimming by..

We always support our state parks when we can otherwise they will go the way of the parks in Arizona!  So we visited Hunting Island State Park.  There is an old lighthouse (1873) and a great beach although the cabins we wanted to rent were flooded and marked to be demolished---the beach is sufferring erosion as never seen before and that causes the trees on the island to be swept into the surf when storms come through and thats all the time anymore with our changing environment.  I think the Earth is cleaning herself and getting ready to shake things up a bit..meanwhile we best enjoy it while its here...

Hunting Island Lighthouse c-1873

The fallen wood gives a different perspective on the view of the ocean...and we can see how quickly Mother Nature takes what is hers and recycles it! There is a lesson in that for humans...this looks like the Lock Ness sort of---

The beach is always fun to enjoy, no matter what Mother Nature has going on, we can be a part of it...

say cheese

LOTS of cool driftwood if you are a collector -- look at the great artwork Mother Nature has provided for us--

So we took for Beaufort and Ill leave that post for my next one, as Im out of time--gotta pack up and head to Charleston today...Mother Nature shows off once again by using the sun to make an ugly concrete bridge something special...

Sorry I havent visited lately, hard to get everything in there when you're traveling, but Ill catch up asa I can..
Happy Travels to all of you what ever you're into today!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A FAIR Day for ALL-

Ive been doing so much work around the place here trying to catch up with what I didnt do all summer and now its a huge undertaking, but Im starting to see yesterday we went to the fair!!

I love the exhibits more than the art especially the youth/student art!! IT has so much color, orginality, and amazing talent!

fair 031
A second grader did this great piece

fair 026

fair 028
A first Grader- Madison Davis
We also love the vegetables!! Blue Ribbon winning watermelons, apples, and Pecans!!  There are so many kinds of pumpkin-

fair 053
THATS a Whopper!

fair 014

Out on the Midway the weather was perfect, and the Rides were awesome!!  I didnt ride anything-but these people provided me with enough thrill for all of us~!! I tried to talk Mom into getting on one but she flattly refused!! lol

hang onto your HAIR

Reach out and Touch Someone!

SO many choices --


Saw lots of animals looking for a forever home!

You're standing on my ear-

When  I was a kid this was the first thing I ran to ride--these ponies look WILD-

WE had a great time, and if the weather holds we are off to the Coast next week!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Higher Learning

Needless to say with TS. Nicole rushing up the coast this week...we postponed our beach trip to week after next. Mom is going to visit my sister leaving today after a family birthday lunch gathering--we are meeting at LaFiesta! A nice Mexican eatery that has a large Vegetarian Section on the menu...don't understand main stream restaurants that don't? More and more people are going to be making the switch, I predict.

So anyways Last week when I was in the Greenville area I stopped at Furman University. It was originally founded in 1854 as a college for women...but now its co-ed. The Grounds are awesome, like a park with huge mature trees lining the drives and gardens and water fountains everywhere!

Furnan University 006

The campus is spread out but self contained not like the University of SC or NYU up in New York City..where the campus has been chopped up by the city and one has to deal with city traffic to move from class to class...most of the students at Furman use scooters and bikes--like these 2 guys-remember doing this when you were kids?

Furman University (70)

There is a nice lake with waterfowl and this A remake of the original Bell Tower...I didnt get the story on exactly why it had to beremade, but this one was erected in 1965.

The Bell Tower

I really enjoyed seeing the flowers, like these-

Furman University (122)

And this--the name does not fit this beauty..a TOAD LILY!

Pretty in Purple-Toad Lily

And a few birds were around too!..This one took advantage of the shallow pool-