Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's going on

...now that all my fall travel has been blogged about I have no idea what to say except life goes on here as usual.  Before my sis left she helped me make a few things happen, I have a fence to keep my dogs in the yard and somehow the outdoor faucet ended up on the other side of that fence...meaning I had to go outside the gate every time I needed to water the plants..So we moved it back about 4 ft! It was wonderful because I didn't have to spend one dime...had every thing I needed right here.  I do think I will find a stain to unify the fence color.

the fence used to be at the point where the small bird house is, and the rock/plant feature was outside the fence

At the beach I found these chairs thrown out! So I snagged them for my deck! I had plans of finding some Adirondack style,  theses are actually "deck chairs" like on the deck of a ship in a Norwegian Style, They were in very rough shape and we worked all day sanding staining, and sealing them. I Like the result!

 no rails up yet but have been enjoying the deck anyway...I can take my book out on nice days and do a little relaxing!

I've been doing a lot of wood gathering as I am burning wood to partially heat my house! With all the wood that fell in recent storms, I chain sawed it into fireplace size pieces.  So I'm splitting wood, its a my new free Gym Membership! There's lots more deadwood in the woods to pick up so I have plenty to keep me busy. 

AND a BIG project has begun!!


I have this small yard trailer, have had it for many years...it is a workhorse around my yard but one thing that was a big problem was the tires! They were always flat! Tractor Supply had these solid tires! NO more flats to deal with. AND just in time because I have started the old shed rip down, and move!! It is going to be a slow process, as Im moving things out of it, and have to build a new foundation to put it on, It will be moved over about 20 ft...I KNOW it may not make sense but eventually it will...I will try to take lots of photos. 

And here is a photo of the area around the deck I took this shot March 10th 2013, that's before my accident even, notice the overgrown foundation plantings the out of bounds English Ivy, and the out of control shrubs...

Here is that area today....

We cut the Azaleas back pretty hard but they will fill out again in a couple years it looks better, and it is a very good start on getting it to look the way I want it to look. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

... who takes the time to read my scribbles and to leave a thoughtful comment, all of whom I consider my friends! I sincerely wish each of you a blessed day ENJOY! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Loonie Tunies!

So much has happened in the month I've been  home, one reason I was hell bent to get back home at that time was the following weekend we had rented a beach house and the 4 of us My Mom and my 2 sisters were planning an all girls 3 day event! We were to leave on Thursday, and Hurricane Matthew hit! They actually evacuated Ocean Isle Beach where our house was sitting, on Saturday! SO needless to say we did not get to go to our beach house as we were home dealing with the storm hitting US! So we kept trying to reschedule the trip a lot of money had been put on the non refundable table so come Hell and HIGH water we were going later rather than sooner!  So it was the following Sunday when the owner told us we could come but we had to take house next door to the one we had paid for...they are almost identical in size, etc. So that's what we did! 

                                                               our little river eatery

We caravaned since we had 4 dogs with us! We took our walkie talkies and had some fun playing with them...don't think 60 plus yr old women don't act silly we DO!  So we called ourselves the "Loonie Tunes" I was Yosemite Sam, Big sis was Bugs Bunny, Little sis was the Tasmanian Devil, and Mom was Daffy Duck..We had so much fun "what's up Doc?" "Tttttthhhaaaaat's all Folks"  And we stopped for an outdoor lunch in Little River, and we still had the giggles!

                                                           the view from our table

that's me in the pink shirt...we had grackles all around trying to get a hand out!

we are ages 60, 63, 67, and 92! All seniors now!! But we still enjoy a good time, and we played a game of Korn Hole while we waited on our hush puppies, fries and coleslaw, with sweet tea!

then back on the road to the Island, Ocean Isle. 

And finally we arrived to our house.  the one on the right was our original but it was a scheduling problem that meant we had to go with this one...It is a beautiful house.  That sand you see on the ground? That was put there by Matthew....under it is a paved driveway! The pool in the backyard was full of salt water and sand as it was deluged by the tidal surge as Matthew came on land.  The Ocean is shrinking this beach as climate change has made our oceans higher! Check out the 2 houses in front of this one...these houses will not be saved, as each high tide came underneath them!

that sand pile was scraped up off the street but there is still more on the pavement...you can see the plumbing is exposed as sand was washed away to the tune of 2-3 ft! 

a sanderling eating some seaweed. 

and It was nice to see greater Black Backed gulls here ...some Immatures, and maybe a female, and 2 mature males. 

Lots of these huge sandbags could not stop Matthew as he blasted this beach! 

these houses are in better shape but in the distance you can see how the beach disappears and is now part of the ocean! This type building should never have happened! 

here is the inside of the house...this house has an elevator so it was perfect for Mom,  altho it had a ghost in it as it would mysteriously go up and down by it's self! The kitchen and living area...

Casey really enjoyed this trip with his sisters and cousin Jim too! 

...how do you like that light house chandelier? I thought the house was appropriately beachy in it's decor. 

The front porch had 4 rocking chairs JUST right for the 4 of us to take a relaxing rest overlooking the ocean..

Mom, sisters, and Jim!

we stayed out there till bedtime, listening to the ocean, and watching the moon rise...
here is the sunset, and look how close that water is to this house! 

Like I said these wont be saved...

Casey and the girls enjoy the porch view too...

These people are not going to be able to save their house...

we did a lot of this!!

and this...

and we celebrated our birthdays!

Mom took a stroll out on the pier...it was kind of breezy but she enjoyed it!

we had some easy meals and played some board games and I put on a slideshow of some of my photos of my recent trip. Everyone went to sleep...*yawn* oh well...
Then it was back on the porch to watch the shrimp boats....and doze off to the sound of the tide.

This is the room I had...it was in all navy blue and white...this house has 6 bedrooms! And 6 bathrooms! I could get used to this! Last yr I took a cabin by the Pacific Ocean, and this yr the Atlantic! I am one fortunate woman. 

and here is Big sis's room...

It was really a fun trip.

The storm did a lot of damage, but all in all I'd say they got off pretty good considering!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nebraska to Home!

I'm ready to wrap up these posts and this one will do that! I have enjoyed reporting back what I found OUT THERE in NC, VA, W.VA, and PA in my 2 weeks prior to Annie's Surgery then back to TN, KY, IN, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Northern Lake Superior area of Ontario Canada, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and now a quick ride through Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, TN, NC and back Home in SC!!! 

For me one of the highlights was the 3 days I got to spend with my sister in TN at our family cemetery decoration! There is no place on Earth more special to me than where my family is...and that is what makes me turn around and come back home.  I sure miss her now she is back at her home and we await the next time we get to be together.

The morning spent in Valentine, NE was chilly at 38 degrees,  I was only one mile out of town so made the decision to do a coffee and  biscuit at McDonald's!  Casey was happy I got him a treat in there too...did I mention he would not eat the Canadian Bacon from McDonald's? Must be pretty awful if a DOG wouldn't eat it so I was leery of the plain biscuit I purchased for myself...I like Bojangles biscuit over McDonald's hands down. 

                                                          it's all about what's available

All that aside...I stopped to have a tire looked at in a Mr Tyre shop it was locally owned and operated and they suggested I put my spare on as the belt had broken in one of my front tires.  I had already purchased one new tire back in Williston, ND, wonder why they didn't catch that broken belt? SO the vibration I had been feeling was immediately gone when they switched the tire...SO Happy as I could not stand that vibration for 1700 miles!! 

Last October if you recall my Mom and I drove all the way across NE east to west, and spent some time in Kearny...and now it's a North to South path.  After my early Mr Tyre visit, and back on the road I spotted Valentine National Wildlife Refuge! OH have to at least make a quick stop.  So U-Turn!

yep that's my shadow ...grrr

took a short hike up this path armed on both sides with prickly things!

the white crowned sparrows were loving it tho..

I took a drive down one of the dirt roads in the refuge across a cattle gate to a few ponds..some pied billed grebe, mallard, and red winged black bird was around, but not interested in my camera however these cows liked it a lot!

some Euro Starlings taking a ride on the windmill...while these northern rough winged swallows were totally interested in this digger!

flushed mallards

It was close to lunch time so we had it here and then split! 

3 wood ducks for our lunch viewing pleasure

I stayed on Hwy 83 south down to 92/2 then onto I-80 East and exited onto Hwy 14 

Here I stopped for the night just shy of the Kansas line in Superior, NE and stayed in their Municipal park free! There was electric and water! Big mature trees each site paved really nice, all you have to do is put your name in a registry book...There is a train right beside the park...so be prepared. 

On the morning of Sept. 27th  it was back on 14 South into Kansas  I thought of driving the 35 miles to Smith Center since I had read about it in Belle Fourche, as being the original center of the USA, but that would mean a round trip of 66 miles...so maybe some other time?

So kept going on hwy 14 S....and then onto I-70 East bound.

Right thru the heartlands.....It was harvest time in NE and Kansas...

the dusty combines were hard at work and the trucks full of grain made tracks to the bins...I could feel the urgency as the wind chilled the air telling me to go home and telling them to get that crop in!

I stopped alongside a sunflower field full of Red Winged Blackbirds...

It was a hard day of driving!! I stopped only for gas, restroom and to eat and ended up in Columbia Missouri at a state park called Graham Cave for my second day of heading home.  $12, it had a nice shower house...and that night I blew up my DVD player! I think it was one of those issues of over charging the battery...2 loud pops some yukky electrical burn smell and it was toast! I tossed it in the trash can--I'm still looking for the perfect replacement. They now make a 10" screen on portable DVD players with a 5 hrs on one charge

Back on I-70 I breezed thru Kansas City...and it took me for ever to get through St. Louis, its a solid 60 mins of heavy traffic 

with Wilma keeping me straight I remembered why I had stopped using I-70 as an East/West route! So in the city I have to get on I-55 S for a short while then I-64 E, then South on I-57 to I-24 East

I did snap this one of the St Louis Gateway Arch!

 then Finally onto I-40 East at Nashville.  Seemed like I finally took a long breath once Nashville was in my rear view.  I always just want to get through Nashville and have never wanted to stop and see the sites in ...small towns ...YES!
After another hard day of driving I stopped in Crossville, TN, 

Crossville mural

not far from where I was born, appropriately since the next day was my birthday! 

Crossville Theatre

I stayed in the Cumberland Mtn State park, had electric, showers and all $18 kind of high...if it hadnt been so cool I'd have done the Walmart, but I sure needed that little electric heater to keep me warm all night.
Next day by 4 pm I was at Home!! Mom recalled how she had paid Dr Rhinehart $30 to deliver me 63 yrs ago on this day..I  photographed the Dr's grave when my sis and I were near here just a few weeks back when I started my solo journey...my circle was complete! 

I had a fantastic journey! I added 7 new birds to my life list, I forgot to mention the Merlin I saw on my way to the Writing Rock, I got one fuzzy shot if it..add to that the Ruffed Grouse, Swainson's Thrush, Franklin's Gull, Black Backed Woodpecker, Vesper Sparrow, Yellow Headed Blackbird, and actually the Green Pheasant makes 8 as I'm counting it as separate from the ring neck since it has NO rings!  My list is my just for me list I'm not necessarily PC so I count it. 
Soon I will be back to posting in real time, I hope! My next post is about our Beach Trip!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.