Friday, October 29, 2021

Bump in the night

...a little spooky editing happened on the Homestead,
 it all started 

Saturday evening...
with the arrival of the White throated sparrow! 

when a pine warbler whispered....

                                   they're coming to  get  you SONDRRRAAAAA...
                                                          *   *   *

Darkness falls across the land

The midnite hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood

To terrorize y'alls neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found

Without the soul for getting down

Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell

The demons squeal in sheer delight
It's you they spy, so plump, so right

For although the groove is hard to beat
It's still you stand with frozen feet

You try to run, you try to scream
But no more sun you'll ever see

For evil reached from the crypt
To crush you in it's icy grip

The foulest stench is in the air

The funk of forty thousand years

And grizzy ghouls from every tomb

the Vampire Rose

Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive

Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist

The evil of the thriller...

ha ha ha ha

Have a safe Halloween. 

Lyrics From the Thriller 

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Weeks Highlights...

The weather has been very fall like this fact it's down right chilled to bone!  I visited a few of my favorite haunts, just in time for a sit round the campfire with friends...

Lee State Park

LOL, here is some other things that caught my eye...

The Canoe Trail at Goodale is pretty Orange right now..

The Fall Yellow Bellied Sapsucker is busy

And under the tree is a Brown Headed Cowbird, looking a little bit lost..

Hope she wasn't raised by a Sapsucker! 

Back at Lee State Park, 

I bumped into an Eastern  Comma, he was up a little high but I was able to get this shot.

This is the Loop road goes through the swampy area of Lee State Park, we have a dry spell and things quickly dried up so I took the drive which is sometimes flooded and not passable. and was lined with White Heath Aster (tiny flowers) and a lot of bees and some butterflies were very interested in that..

Here's a Checker Spot..on the Asters

And a Silver Skipper was on the Blue Ageratum 

The Drive loosely follows the Lynches River and is a the flood plain

This little Eastern Phoebe with his belly a nice shade of lemon, hung out over the water for a shot..

The trees along the river seem to already have dropped their leaves...must be colder by the river..

I stopped at his Artesian Well to fill my water bottle..

Very cool and clean...the sign says the well is 100 ft down..This park has 5 still in use wells dug by the CCC in the 1930's.  

After the loop road, I went to the HQTRS area and made use of another CCC addition, this cool picnic shelter, I had a quick snack..

Then a stroll on the Boardwalk...

Yellow Rumped Warblers are back in the trees now...

Homestead Happenings this week Tulip came to visit, 

And brought her first Beau with her...

Thru the window so a little wavy....but isn't he a beauty?  I think they make a great couple...

And then the Sun went down and the Moon was huge ..

Hope your week had some highlights...

Every day is a new Adventure.

Friday, October 15, 2021

One Sunny Day...

I almost wrote Got Nothing as the title, cause I have sooo little to share, we had a very cloudy icky week for the most part 

But the sun came  out one day in time for me to get out and see what may shape up into a here goes!

I went to Lake Bee, first I have to pass by many cotton fields..

 Once there, I am wondering when they will refill the lake....

It's pretty even tho, I like the plants, the drift wood and the Killdeer that enjoy poking around in the mud...

After stopping to check that area I headed on into a different area...

Up to where the road is not paved, and onto Mary's Hill...

It's a pretty  view from this high point that I visit when the gates are open to go up and it was on that day! It was a favorite place to Mom when we used to go here. 

Wildflowers still in bloom attract butterflies 

Sleepy Orange

And this time of year is Grasshopper season..

After driving down off the hill I went down to Oxpen Lakes  to sit in the shade and have a cool drink...haven't seen that beaver that was here once since that day!

Soon I heard a taping off to the left in the trees...and followed the sound,  found this Brown Headed Nuthatch digging a little  hole in the tree to get an insect..

This cone looked perfect to me...

The puffy clouds are a sign that by weeks end rain is on the way,,,

Once upon a time Mom and I did some rock painting, and so I was thinking I would like to paint a rock and take it up to Mary's Hill and leave it in honor of Mom's love for this hill...So I want to do that soon...Last week was 2 years without her. 

Every day is a new Adventure.