Sunday, November 27, 2011

movie blitzn

That may have been the fastest 4 days in history...I did everything I intended and was amazing that Direct TV chose to give us Starz Movie Channels free preview over the holiday....that was cool so my evenings were spent in Movie Mode....Here is what I saw and my rating outta 5 starz*****:
  1. Apollo 13     ***
  2. Frozen          **
  3. True Grit       *****
  4. McClintock   ****1/2
  5. Stepfather     ***
  6. Deep Core    ***
  7. Final Destination 2  ***
  8. Apocalypto    *
  • I REALLY hope the Mayans were not that brutal...omg Mel Gibson's depiction of the ancient civilization was so inhumane I really cant believe any society was that brutal..of course I have no way of knowing...but the one star I did give was for the performance of Rudy Youngblood--it was all in subtitles and that was annoying although I did appreciate the authentic dialog...
 Another entertainment note....tonight is the end of the Walking Dead series..if  you've been following it...I gotta say the stopping at the farm has sort of broken the momentum for me of the "adventure" aspect of the Ive had time to catch up and had a MEDIA blizt..of sorts.
AND in between times I was working on my Family Tree on boy that takes up a lot of time....and I get cross eyed after a while staring at this screen..

My little Thanksgiving brunch was great I had veggie sandwiches and skin on roasted potatoes, sweet peppers, and BIG button mushrooms.  We had a couple varieties of pie to dissect and that was yum...son came over in the evening and watched a movie with me and we had more pie..;o)) sister and her husband left for the coast  in their new RV its maiden voyage and they were able to find all the issues right which is usually the only way to go, I was thinking it may have been a good idea for them to rent one for a week before purchasing one..But they decided to jump right into the deep end of the pool...this vehicle will be used in their business as a traveling home away from home. Darn I forgot tophotograph it but very similar to this one off Camping World sales page..this is exciting cause my B.I.L. likes to get rid of old stuff quickly and I have many of his hand me WELL I can dream right!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Thanks

Four days off work...Im very thankful for that-at the same time Im very thankful for the job I have!

I hope your time reserved to give thanks is more than just rushing here and there, spending too much money, overeating, and over indulging in this way or that--I hope you have something you really do give thanks for if you have not taken time to think about it...why not do that right now!!!

Ive had this Thanksgiving cactus for a very long time Im thankful its still giving me joy after all these years!! ITs not big or flashy its not even in a pretty pot its in an old black plastic pot but every year I get so much joy from having it in my life.

So we put pretty paper around the pot...

 A very simple vegan meal here tomorrow...we will eat good food, drink good wine, and enjoy good conversation....


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ten Things...

10 Things Ive learned so far..

  1. Never allow exposed flesh to come in contact with channel lock pliers.
  2. Do not rake leaves on a windy day.
  3. Dont try to convince meat eaters to become vegetarians on Thanksgiving Day.
  4. Dont look up at a flock of blackbirds.
  5. A potato will roll when you try to chop it.
  6. Turn around before the road gets so narrow you cant go forward.
  7. The check engine light is important.
  8. Horses kick and bite.
  9. Cowboys dont know jack about cows.
  10. The biggest a** pot holes are in Texas.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven


Well I forgot it was one of those mathematically magik days....for me it was extraordinary.
First off while working and riding in the delivery van with my boss driving we crossed the Wateree River Bridge and I saw a pair of beautiful mature Bald Eagles landing in an ablaze of orange oak tree along the river's edge..that was wonderful. No photo of course..but to see those awesome black birds with white heads n tails against that Orange WOW...

AND later-- on the way home with the dying glow of the Sun in my rear view mirror and the HUGE orange sherbet MOON just barely above the horizon through the windshield in front of me... well I was in awe, what a cosmic end to the day-such a scene...I felt like I could reach out and touch Photo of that either...but didnt matter I filed it away under Perfecto in my memory banks.

and....Yesterday as I drove to work a beautiful fox squirrel ran in front of me,...he has a terrific black mask, like a raccoon....and a long fluffy grey tail...he hopped along with that undulating motion like a Chinese dragon in a parade....I was in awe of his beauty... Special moment replay....I saw him again photo...

I dont like bringing my camera to work with me, because there is a chance it will get stolen outta my car....I have my little Konica with me, its useless up against the Moon, a quick fox Squirrel, and a fleeting pair of Bald Eagles, its great for flowers, landscapes and other non moving objects tho.

but when I was not driving and had my camera with me...I did capture these special moments this week, like this sunset...

And this full Moon...

And these oak trees in full color

and a pretty fall reflect at the lake ....

Tomorrow Im headed to yet another cemetery in a small town about half hours ride from me....and there is always an adventure waiting around every corner....can't wait to see what it is...
oh and it was FRIDAY and PayDay...can life get any better than this??


Monday, November 7, 2011

Study of an Egret

Visiting my friend Keith's Blog brought this trip to mind, a visit to the Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach, SC. Its a wonderful salt marsh and there is a great camp ground there and just one hop over the dune and there is the Atlantic Ocean! But what I really love about it is the wading birds and of course the alligators! I stalked this egret who was stalking his dinner-- but didnt allow my presence to put him off his game...he spots something toward the brush... 

  He heads toward it... 
 Then he zeros in...  He jabbed into the water so quickly I missed that shot..but he came up with this huge shrimp!  He repositioned...  Then down the hatch!...No melted butter-- 

 Lots of other wading birds can be seen there but many people come to this park to see these guys...this shot I took some liberties with some exotic framing techniques!  If you are ever in the area this is a "gotta see it" spot!