Tuesday, May 26, 2015

advancement, furtherance, going, headway, march, onrush, passage, process, procession, =

Even if its only dusting the window ledge to me its PROGRESS!

I ordered the match stick shades but they were too wide so I returned them and ended up with these bamboo roman shades...I really don't like roman shades when you pull them up they hang too low...I could change the string and make them roll ups and I may do that!  I got matching ones for the living room too.

AND it certainly is NOT pretty but guess what? the Toilet has a New Pipe made of PVC and no more cast iron here...well there is one piece of iron Under the kitchen I cant get to due to claustrophobia!

Ain't it pretty? One word Plumbing sucks!

I still have to put in the tub drain line and  sink drains and the old iron has been removed in those areas...I also put down plastic sheeting Now a days they suggest a vapor barrier in a crawl space..I taped 2 of the longest painting poles I had together and used that weird contraption to spread this plastic out as best I could..still have MORE to put in.

Those rotted pieces you see are NOT staying that's what I ripped out I'm using it like a hand rail to help me get in and out of this hole...ugggh

I cleaned up the tub...it had several bathtub rings...I think I will be getting a tub painting kit and make it bright white...it was almond and it has yellowed..

ITS A beginning toward getting the bathroom DONE...

In the kitchen I got the microwave in place

think I'll attach this wine rack to the bottom of this table  it goes on the little island but I think that open space in the island can be made better use of as storage space...here  is the little island I mentioned in my last post..

Bought this in the 80's so it's real wood with some laminate on the side and the door fronts and its a pale yellow that matches the kitchen paint really well... sorry Ive cluttered it up with my tools and such... but this is a work site..

the stove is in the process of getting a spit shine..

I put a splash guard behind the stove of clear acrylic 

AND the attic Scare is now GONE a new one will be put in soon---made of metal and with a 375 lb weight limit!

I already prepped for the new installation..All I have to do is purchase it!

Not leaps and bounds but progress all the same. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

No Rules

I actually put some of the living area together! AND  I'm breaking all the rules when it comes to interior design!! Nothing is in Stone.

Even tho my son ended up changing jobs and actually is moving farther away ...For now..SO that means he won't be renting the house as planned.  I am very disappointed to say the least--but I have to move forward....the future is not set!

Still have 3 huge projects and lots of small ones before this house is DONE...(the bathroom, the deck, and moving the shed)  but the bathroom was the one I had planned to get done before they moved in, and the rest could have waited, today I began the demo of the attic stairway it is GONE...now a new one has to be purchased and put in..meanwhile I am moving stuff around to where it will end up-most of the tools are still spread out on the counter top so I have to do a major "pick up" and the stove has 3 yrs of  construction grime on it but everything is coming together...

the fridge is painted and IN the house after spending 2 yrs on the back porch, it needs to be shoved back into place the ice maker tubing has to be run first... I think my blue galss collection will look fab sitting up there!  And the dining room is almost put together....

One of these old parson's chairs had the seat broken out so I put in a different bottom I have a piece of the same fabric I will make them match eventually..and some match stick blinds are on the way for these windows this is a west facing wall so a lot of sun blares in during the afternoons the shades will make a big difference in the temperature in the room!


I know most people make the fireplace a focal point and that would be good but with this monster sofa, that I guess I'm keeping for now, is all about TV viewing not fireplace watching besides this is S. Carolina we only have a fire if the electric goes out and its cold..SO imagine a flat screen on that wall...in front of the couch..I'll order 2 matching match sticks for these windows soon as my pay pal builds back up with ebay sales, didn't have one single sale this week.):(

The bath tub is still hanging out in the small entry (that door goes to the deck) but it will be moved soon to the back porch now I have room since the fridge is no longer there..I can clean it up and get it ready for painting! I want a claw foot tub and I know where one is for sale---$200 but...lol who knows what will eventually go in this bathroom!!

The coffee table is still upside down in front of the couch  Ill flip it when I get some floor protectors on it..I  don't have a rug for the living room yet the one I had in there was all pastel colors so its moving to a bedroom.. I may go with that oval one I liked  at Lowes, I would adore a braided rug for this room if I could find one! 


I have 2 of these tables...I may make the other one look exactly like this one and put them back to back for more counter space... I also have a small island I could put here and use these small tables in the new entry for keys and stuff by the door...Still early and nothing is in stone..An island of some kind will go in this open space..

On Monday I have to go back to Occupational therapy! I went for my 18 month check up and the Orthopedic was not happy with my left hand, I have accepted it, he has not, so he offered me some free sessions so I said Okay...I feel its a waste of time but I will try!  I can do a lot with my hand, it just is not Perfect or Normal and never will be but I'm happy to have what I DO Have....I would go back and get my rock solid hand but I can't.... meanwhile I just keep plugging away I won't let that stop me from trying!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Latest from DixxeLand!

FINALLY got the finish on the Living room and Kitchen floors...Let me tell you it was a MoFo!
Y'all always are so nice telling me how clever and handy I am but truthfully I should NOT have even tried this floor project BUT I got an estimate from a "professional" and he wanted $720 just to sand it and ME do the finish so I said NADA..I ended up renting a SECOND sander to fix the mess I made with the first sander, I had to drive to a Home Depot one that has a tool rental section and rent a random orbiter sander which was also a MoFo but it did not make gouge marks on the floor. So enough whining, here is the finish I went with a semi gloss before these floors were satin and I wanted some Bling so here it is..
Just ignore that bath tub...it's on the list down there somewhere under REPLUMB the entire Bathroom

the middle of this floor has some patching too where an old flue was once in place but the kitchen had never been sanded...it had always been linoleum. 

Not too bad consider the age and MY not so hot sanding ability...


Since its a 3 coat thing with overnight drying it took me a week to get that done...and I moved the stuff I had moved into the dining room out and started on that.

Dang this area where I fixed rot looks pretty bad, I think the rot on the tips of these boards took the color a bit deeper, I hope an area rug will defuse this enough so it won't look quite this bad!

                                 floors 011

Got this first coat on...this photo is a bit crooked...I had sticky fingers by this point..

That black mark is some kind of ink or glue stain from long ago I couldnt get it out so it's what we call "character"
Another project off the list is the light fixture in the Bar room...I've had this fixture for years used it as a swag light over the old counter, I found these really cool mid century glass globes and decided to use it with this fixture...I like it!

bar room light fixture                   light fixture

                             Still need to run a bead of caulk  around it I see nothing is ever really FINISHED there is always one little something I forgot to do...

AND here is something I fretted over for a while...when the leak was still leaking it made a mess of the ceiling tile in the dining room...I took down the ones that were moldy and tossed 'em 

I saved a few when I took down the ones in the Kitchen before we put up sheetrock and was able to patch them in,,,,it didnt work too well and I had none that didnt suffer some damage, But I kept trying and I think now its passable! I was NOT in the mood to do yet another big job -another ceiling-
                                  NOW don't look too close or you'll see the flaws--

Tomorrow's Mothers Day Happy Day to all of you, you know who you are, MOM got long stem Roses, not from me I've always felt buying cut flowers is a complete waste of money! I prefer to pick wild flowers but I'll spare her the ragweed bouquet this yr since she has those long stem babies instead! My son and I  are taking her out to eat and we're flying my Bush Plane....


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Perfect Weekend p. 2

When my friend and I get together we always enjoy it like a couple of kids!! We eat and drink too much we stay up late and we always spend time outdoors! We had brunch on the screened porch that overlooks the back yard and we watched busy yard birds...

northern cardinal

brown headed nuthatch

The Rose breasted grosbeak won't nest here but its nice to have him visit he has been here a couple weeks so far...

A pileated woodpecker is flying back and forth in our field...maybe looking for a suitable nest site or gathering food for hatchlings!!

and one batch of baby cardinals has already hatched and growing!

this green anole was hanging out on a rusty piece of metal so he took on the color of the rusty metal!

WE have Grey Tree frogs again this year in our water barrels! The are loud and love to croak day and night!. They have a lemony yellow color inside the back legs...

and they have beautiful eyes too! This frog is not very big... smaller than a golf ball.

A  red spotted purple looked freshly hatched too..

The dogs were out walking the yard with us after brunch and they settled down and relaxed in the sun shine..and watched us stroll around checking out all the action in the yard!




My friend had to leave about 3 pm so It was another great day of laughs and time spent in our favorite place, out in nature!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

the Perfect Weekend! P. 1

Awesome weekend, the weather was perfect and my friend stayed over, we enjoy lots of the same things...we stopped at Browns RV Superstore where we both decided RV's are way over the top...neither of us was impressed with the fluff, or the price! We stopped and purchased locally grown strawberries, we took a walk around Kalmia Gardens in a small neighboring town...lots of neat flowers to enjoy around the garden section...I took my camera with me as we walked..

                  flowers kalmia gardens  flowers kalmia gardens

                   flowers kalmia gardens                             flowers kalmia gardens

                                                   flowers kalmia gardens     

then along the trail that leads to the boardwalk we found still blooming rhododendron and mountain laurels ...

We startled a barred owl, no photos, but the Yellow billed  cuckoo stopped to take a look at us..

the black creek was looking very inviting! 

and even the fish were up on the surface to enjoy the sunny day...

This tree has the largest wisteria vine I've ever seen going up it...

each one of these twists were the size of my forearm!

after the hike we stopped at an Applebees and enjoyed a meal and drinks followed by shopping at our favorite  small town store...later we finished up the day with a good thriller on SyFy!!
I took so many photos Im gonna make 2 posts!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.