Sunday, September 18, 2022


I put one
Basal plant in this small pot and the rest of my Basal I dried  and chopped up in  my coffee grinder its great to have some dried and some this is the north facing window...Check out how tall and healthy this plant is..

and in these pots I'm sprouting Cilantro...

I did successive plantings so they don't all come up at the same time I found it lasts longer this way...

Every day is a new challenge.


  1. I love growing basil, it is so easy but I think its time for a new plant this one isn't looking so healthy anymore. And since I lost my last rosemary I have had no luck at all growing a new one. Hope yours continue to thrive!

    1. Hi Jo my Rosemary plant died so I hope to get a new one...I grow Oregano
      its perennial here and I grow it outside...But the rosemary died during a record cold spell we had...Yes def gotta get some Basal seed and get you a new plant going...Happy Monday!


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