Thursday, July 30, 2009

A gift...the Desert Ghost

Today I got a call from my inter library loan librarian...she has the last book from my list waiting for me. It has been a few months ago that I gave her a list of Tony Hillerman audio books I wanted her to seek out for me, and we decided to get them one at a time...and tomorrow I'll pick up the last one...that makes me sad since Tony Hillerman passed away and there will be no more Sqt. Jim Chee and Lt. Joe Leaphorn novels. They are policemen for the Navajo Tribal Police Force on the Reservation. If you have never read, listened to, or seen one of the PBS Special Movies made from Tony's works you should check his work out! Since I'm partial to the Navajo culture his work is right up my alley- as they say.

His novels with Chee and Leaphorn always take place in the four corners area of the US. Sgt. Chee and Lt. Joe Leaphorn, now retired, solve various crimes that happen on the Rez.
The wonderful bit I enjoy is that Tony Hillerman always weaves into the crime/mystery the culture and lore of the Navajo Mythology, and it really makes for a great mystery..since many times the mystery will be because of a Navajo Myth, and many of the clues they have to follow have significance to a certain ritual or ceremony of tribal lore.

So in thanks to Kris my Librarian...I made up some postcards to give her-- featuring a design I call "Desert Ghost"from my collection -2007.--I figured she may enjoy sending these out to her friends and family. This design celebrates my own love of the Southwest.


  1. A nice gesture for your librarian Dixxe. And a beautiful piece of artwork. I bet she'll be very pleased.

  2. That is lovely Dixxe, you really are very artistic, I bet the librarian will be very touched by your thoughtfulness. So sorry to have got behind with commenting again, I really do struggle to keep up with all the lovely blogs and lately with my own postings too. I was going to go back through your posts but came across one which at first glance appeared to concern cruelty to a dog so had to abandon it as it would have upset me too much. I am hopeless with that sort of thing and always have been. Anyway I shall visit again soon. Have a great week.

  3. I had to pop back Dixxe, that was spooky! I was just finishing your comment when my email alert sounded and after I finished sending it I checked and found it was a comment from you! I think it is admirable how you have been able to help your finches, I really admire how proactive you are in these situations.

  4. I know Songbird, that upset me so much about that poor dog...Im doing what I can to chance it, so far Ive gotten 2 reply phone calls and as far as I can see no ACTION yet!..
    THAT is weird that we are visiting each other at the same moment!! A twilight zone moment, but a very good one!

  5. Lovely art. Your librarian should be well pleased.


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