Saturday, July 25, 2009

Elk Camp

I really need to lighten up my aura today and try to move away from the displeasure of trying to help the poor dog in my last post. I know that negative thinking brings negative in thinking of many of the good things that come along here is a recent visitor to my yard!

The visitor

He or she is just a baby, but she had fun putting the doves and squirrels on the run! I made sure the Girlz (Annie n Flossie) were inside and when I went out I clapped my hands to send Bunny to the other side of the fence before the Girlz went out into the yard. I had to take this shot through the order not to scare the bunny.

And you may notice I have placed a new photo at the top of my blog...I took that photo last year with my pocket P&S Konica Minolta the quality is not all that good but I love this view. It was taken when my sister and I stayed overnight in a back country log cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. That view is the meadow looking back toward the cabin, such a wonderful spot---it belongs to a friend of my sisters and they offered it to us while I was there visiting. The only way to get to the cabin is by 4wheel drive and Its a very rough road...the SUV's you see running around these days would not make it over this road...we went up in a 1965 Jeep Wrangler! What a spine got a good work out and so did my Right hand (holding on for dear life)...
Here is the cabin with a cozy fire burning in the iron stove inside. (this was last August, but that night it went down to 36 F)

The cabin and the surrounding 30 acres or so are used by the owner for hunting and for fun, they call it the elk camp. I am not a hunter and dont like hunting for sport..but the cabin sure was nice! There is no electric or running water unless you count the stream that runs nearby.

the cabin

The Jeep

AND a wonderful perk of this spot is there are 2 horses that summer up in the meadow and they are such great pets! Here they are thinking of taking a sip of our afternoon cocktails!

Elk camp 165

Seriously they tried!

Elk camp 166

Here's a bit of the inside of the cabin, its quite lovely and comfortable!

Elk camp 163

Yes we got into the man's whiskey, but he insisted!
So I can only dream that we get an opportunity like this again when I go back in September...On another trip we got the use of a Fisherman's Cabin on the banks of the Frying Pan River...we didnt fish but we had fun hand feeding chipmunks on the back porch! I dont have those photos in my PC, but Im going to look for them and see what I can do about getting them in so I can share!..Isnt this a great spot I never wanted to leave...If you click the title of this blog it takes you to an entire set of photos I took at this spot.

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  1. That header picture is superb Dixxe. Those 'daisy' flowers really give it the depth, and sweeping mountains in the background.
    What an amazing cabin! Tht must have been great to be there, out in the wilds like that. Me, jealous? Just a little lol
    Those curious horses really put a smile on my face too.


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