Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheraw State Park Visit

The summer drags on and the heat gets more intense! Yesterday although its nice to be in AC comfort one gets bored so I suggested a day trip to a neighboring county and state park. The dogs were not happy to have to wait out our absence in the yard, but they have a shady screen porch complete with doggie door, fresh water, a dry food decanter and a FAN!..It should be called Dog Heaven!

U 012

We packed up Mom's U-go which is a fantastic bit of equipment for people with mobility comes complete with a seat for resting, a hidden carry-all big wheels that roll smoothly over rocks and twigs and Brakes! I highly recommend one to anyone who refuses to give up being in the great outdoors! Here she is resting and holding my heavy bag to boot!

The Lake Cheraw State Park, SC

The boardwalk was fantastic also!

the Boardwalk

Breaking Glass

The water was so calm this boat appeared to be breaking glass to me...
The birds hung back in the deep shade we heard a few but got a look at only a couple of Eastern Kingbirds and a Blue Bird, I did see these really interesting Pitcher Plants--along with this really small turtle resting on a lily pad and some cool dragonflies!

Pitcher Plant

U 024

U 057

After the visit to the park we headed to a nearby spot for a grilled cheese w/Fries and a Coke! and visited this statue of Dizze Gillispie who was born in Cheraw, SC.

Dizzie Gillispie Statue in the Park


  1. That looks an amazing place to go; and what a boardwalk! Looks like it goes on forever.

    Beautiful colours of the Pitcher plant. Nature makes such a perfect job with colour.
    The Dragon looks a beauty too.

    Grilled cheese w/Fries sounds like a good end to the day. :)

  2. What a great place to visit. A fabulous shot of the dragonfly and the handsome bug.


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