Friday, July 24, 2009

What on EARTH is going on here?

I am very distraught--and really dont know what to do but made a start. This is what has been happening- the owner of the land that borders mine has horses, goats, dogs and I'm not sure what all else. I can see he neglects his horses their tails have not been combed out in God knows how many years...this really BUGS me, I was a horse person for many years both an owner-rider- and was employed in the racing industry for several years too. A tail is a very important piece of equipment for a horse..without the use of a free flowing tail horses suffer from fly and mosquito bites! These neighbors are not friendly and they are in my opinion strange to say the least...They put on a huge pretence if you know what i mean of being Christians, of being upper middle classed they have 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles, a pool, they have cars, trucks, a big house, lots of land... and they have their flags flying in support of the war efforts orchestrated by the former USA regime.

Well thats fine and dandy...but then they have this poor bird dog! I dont for one minute understand this!!! I cant even get my mind around it, there is NO EXCUSE for this---not one, dont even try to excuse this is what I'm thinking!!!

This poor thing gets out of her "Pen" and she runs here to my house for FOOD! She is starving to death...Ive called them and told them something has to be done, and yet she got out yesterday came to my house and I fed her 3 bowls of dry food which she ate so fast I thought she would choke! I cant bear it. So I called the officials and reported it. I did not try to keep her here I want her to go home and them to be caught with this abused animal--red handed! I also reported the lack of proper care of the horses! WHY IS THIS DOG BEING TREATED THIS WAY?

So I'm waiting for animal control to do whatever they are going to do! IF they dont take steps to protect this animal Im going to call 10 on Your Side..its one of the local TV stations and if you send them a story they promise to do what they can to help rectify the problem! I know good fences make good neighbors, but could you stand by and allow this----I'm going to keep on until something is done for this animal!!!Last year I rescued 7 starving dogs and found homes for all of them I kept 2 this dog has a home, but what good is it? Im tempted to put this guys name address and phone number with these photos on FACEBOOK---if it comes to that--I will do it---I know good fences make good neighbors but!
Could you sit by and see this happen??? I cant either.....I dont want to piss the guy off to the point he kills the dog out of vengeance! This really makes me sad....:0( Please forgive me I had to vent!

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  1. That's a terrible thing to have to witness Dixxe, and I think you're doing the right thing by reporting it. It really makes me angry to see animals abused and neglected this way by some mindless owners. I can never understand why they have the animals in the first place, if they can't care for them properley.
    I do hope things are sorted soon in the animals favour, and good on you for interveening like that.


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