Sunday, July 12, 2009

Your Sign?

Yesterday it was a fun day we went to a near by MALL. Not something I'm into, but every now and then one must shop...I wanted to practice with some long exposures shots--I forgot the fountain is located smack dab in the middle of a cars were zipping all around, and it was 95 degrees in the shade!..SO I snapped a couple of quick shots and ran for cover, and the nearest ice cream palor!

Big Drops at the Fountain

Meanwhile back here in RFD America where I spend 99.9% of my time-- the thistles have procreated and now the young ones sit ready to be launched on a light breeze or brisk wind landing in places unknow where they will settle in a sandy spot and start life over again and give a perfect perching spot to the butterflies n bees in the fields!

On a Wing n a Prayer

Today I worked on a logo! The Carolina's Nature Photography Assn. is having a little competition for a new logo...I worked on it all morning...I like it! I love to create If you need your own personal logo for your blog, or a project, web page, anything--just drop me a line and I'll be happy to create one uniquely yours! Of course it should have meaning, or symbolize something you hold in high regard...I use mine at the bottom on my communications. Its sort of fun to have one...shouldn't we all have a logo? I change mine from time to time...So here it is, the logos are small about 1 inch by 1 inch.

-- the story my logo attempts to tell is the Circle of Life--our connection to the Planet, all the creatures on the Planet, the cycles of the natural world around us, and how these cycles are very much a part of US...we are each dancing the steps of life together. I used the 4 colors important in Navajo Legends of Creation, which are white, turquoise, abalone and jet. I placed it all on a background of my favorite ruddy Earth color. Do you remember when the singer Prince became a symbol? If you were a symbol what would you look like?


  1. Great post again Dixxe.
    Good shot of the fountain; 95 degrees in the shade? I think I'd have dived in there lol

    Symbols and logos, hmmmm.
    A logo would be nice, but no idea what I'd choose. As for the symbol, again, don't know. There'd have to be a bird in there somewhere though lol

  2. Hi Keith, If you drop an email to me at I have an image to share with you.

  3. Hi Dixxe,
    the photo of the thistles is beautiful. I like the detailed structure and colours of the young and mature thistles and contrast between them...

    It's an interesting idea to create one's personal logo, such one representing person's spirit and place where he/she belongs. Your question "If you were a symbol what would you look like?" is thought-provoking and I'll definitely think about it. I like the explanation of your logo, its complexity and the connection to you. Real food for thought.

  4. Hi Dixxe,
    Am here through Keith and must say you are very creative and loved going through your blog.Will be back:)

  5. Lovely shot of the fountain. Sounds very hot there. I like your logo.

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