Friday, July 17, 2009

Does this ever happen to YOU?

For a while there I felt this could be Friday 13th!
Wow...first off I was able to get all my mowing done before the ball bearings in one blade pulley went KAPLUNK! This is an old riding mower it has 2 blades under it....GEEZZZS what a sound metal grinding metal "It hurt my ears I'm tellin ya....and the belt started to burn so a nasty smell too." Then the--WORDs --yes--4 letter adult words flew from my normally gentle southern lips before I could control it I was using my entire adult language

Being a do-it your-selfer--(because I have no job and no money...ha) I parked it in the shade, grabbed my socket wrench set from the tool shed and began to disassemble the entire mowing deck!..I mean how hard could it be??? It is attached mostly by several angle irons and cotter pins...or is it Kotter pins? Either way it took me about an hour to remove the deck then remove the pulley. I did all this on an empty stomach with my head on the ground and my bum (thank you Keith for that word) in the air, whilst on my knees!
A few more adult phrases were added to my adult vocabulary!

Finally done I was exhausted, grimy, and greasy too--I will take the pulley to the repair shop and hope they have one like it tomorrow---so then like I said is this Friday 13th?
Once back inside after a double lather up and double rinse shower, I sat down to relax with a nice sweet tea at my computer desk and began to go through my emails, visit my favorite blogs etc. Right away I see it-- there is an email from Delta AirLines....the subject says:--VERY IMPORTANT ITINERARY CHANGES-- this looks like trouble to me. I open it and begin to read...first off I am using a SKY MILES TICKET for an upcoming trip in September. That alone should tell you how many hoops I've already jumped through just to get a free flight--right? It took me an entire afternoon on the computer to schedule those flights...Now they wont let you get a direct flight it has to be Multi-landing flights--if you were to trace the route I will fly onto a piece of paper it would look like a pentagram!

I take a look at the changes...THE ENTIRE SCHEDULE AND FLIGHTS both Departure and Return have been changed...the times are entirely different, the cities Im landing in-different, not even the same flight numbers...I was NOT a Happy Flier--to say the least...So I called---

Omg---you have no idea how I hate telephones--I have never liked them-- EVER--you can hardly get me to speak into one..they make my ear sweat and my hand usually goes numb...that's one reason I was thrilled when they invented the computer...I will never have to talk on a telephone again as long as I live...thank you Jesus...but that's not exactly how it has turned say the least.

Normally-- I do all my business via the Internet! But I had to call... I dialed and after I played donkey bingo with the phone menu...and had this conversation with a COMPUTERIZED I got this oh so polite gentleman who grew up in India..and I know he is speaking English, but--- It was difficult at best to understand him and he said..."I cant understand you..ha!"
Even I had held that comment back but I tried to contain myself...LOL he probably doesnt speak to many Southern Americans---yes we do have accents and sometimes we sound like (what does he think I just fell of the tractor? LOL, nope I left it parked in the shade...grrrr ) so anyways back to my sad story {rant}---

I explain to him in my now slightly higher than normal tone...that my entire itinerary has been felonized by the DELTA FORCE--and now it's not even close to what I had originally arranged for myself. "Yes," he says politely, "let me help you with that!"...His politeness only made me more would have been better if we both had enjoyed a rant together!...Imagine this --- if he had turned against his employer and joined forces with me and my frustration __ThE ME FORCE---and he said something like (you have to imagine his voice here)

...."DANG--who do they think they are?...they cant do that...gee what a bunch of knucle heads...what gives them the authority to do such a stupid upside down thing--who do they think they are, they can't just jerk the rug out from under ya like that...gall dang?" and then he could continue..."Now little lady don't you get your panties in a twist, little ole' India-Man is gonna fix this here mistake...right now." If he had said that in that way...I would have know he was on my side, I could have relaxed..but instead he said..
"CAN YOU VERIFY YOUR FREQUENT FLYER NUMBER FOR ME."...I wanted to scream I tell you-- Scream!!!!

U 151

Its ok, everything is ok, deep breath, look up at the blue sky, see the leaves, life is good, you are fine, the India Man is fine, we are all fine.....mmmmmmmm
all better now--ahhh would you like some tea?

I know this blog is susposed to be for my art, photography, & life, well this post goes to the Life


  1. I'm about to go to work, (not too happy about that on a weekend), and just read this Dixxe.
    I'm laughing; sorry, but that was so funny. I really felt your frustration about the 'call centre.'
    Great post.
    Hope the mower gets sorted soon, without too many more 'adult' words lol

  2. I tried to find the humor in the entire day....then later on that evening...a lightening storm took out the TV in my bedroom, and my computer modem!...I just came back from driving all over looking for a modem and the TV will have to wait...there is no bargain tv anymore with the HD sets. Im off to search Craigs list...

  3. Ha, ha, ha, so funny. You do have my sympathy though, lol.

  4. Oh Dixxe,
    when we are all fine now, you could fix that cup of tea for us...LOL
    We have such a proverb saying that "bad luck doesn't visit mountains, it visits people" and to supplement it, I've found a nice English one: It never rains but it pours... Which one do you like better? ;-)
    Hopefully you ran out of your supply of misfortune...


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