Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th--of July

Today its the 4th and the humidity has dropped quite a bit! So we have decided to take a picnic sort of to Sandhills Wildlife Sanctuary...I hope to see some wildlife, maybe since its not as hot as it has been something will venture out. There is always something close at hand to keep my interest here on the the sun streaming through the branches of one of the large Water Oaks in the back yard...

or maybe its a bee gathering pollen making his rounds,

or just some of the flowers

or the Girlz...the 2 dogs we rescued last yr. We figure they are now a year old!
The vet said they were about 4 months old when we found them in Oct. last yr..
so we call July 4th their B-day! They became independent from poverty!
This is Annie "Boo-Bear"

And this is Flossie "Long Hair" all stretched out in the mottled sunlight!
after a roll in the straw under which Im trying once again to grow grass.


  1. First of all, Happy fourth of July Dixxe.

    Love the shot of the bee, and the flower is a beauty.
    The backlight on the leaves of the Water Oak really set them off. Never heard of Water Oaks before, so I googled it. Has similar looking acorns to our Oaks.
    And the dogs; beauties.
    A pair of great companions, I bet.

  2. What an awesome place and great shots.
    I'm amazed!


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