Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Last SunSet

OF JULY 2009--that is!

Time is zooming past at a faster rate than normal? It sure seems that way--August already. Sometimes when I begin to think about time and how it relates to us, humans, then you have to think about the planets and the Galaxy we are a part of! Its hard to imagine that we are a part of something so complex that the greatest minds in the world have not been able to decipher much about it! What we know about it could be placed on the tip of a pin, compared to what there is to know I would gamble to say!

So in celebration of the last sunset in July of 2009--I took photos! After all that moment in time will never pass this way again, not unless somebody actually invents a time machine! Ya know I didn't stay up the night Halley's Comet came zooming past in 1986 it was cloudy here and I figured I needed to sleep--at that time I had a 5 yr old son and a was running my own business and so much has changed since that day...and when it comes again in 2061...I can only venture a thought of what our World may be like then...I did see Hale Bop in 1997--took my Binoculars out and had a very good look at it!..That one wont be back until the year 4530...I wonder what our World will be like that blows my mind!..

So here is a photo I took of the Sunset July 31, 2009 at 20:30 hrs! That moment was more rare than Halley's or Hale Bops! It will never come around again!

Event Horizon

7-31-09 Last Sunset

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A Picture of Life

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the lyrics say,
But the one that I hold dearest, in a most peculiar way,
Is a photograph of sunset that I took last year,
And the message that it sent to me that brought a mournful fear.
It warned me that a great day must always pass on by,

A week, a month and even years are times that somehow fly.
And if we waste one moment, of this most precious gift,
The years unfold, we’ll soon be old, and never notice it.
So greet tomorrow’s sunrise and praise the breaking day,

Then bow your head, a prayer said, no need to kneel to pray.
And thank your God, for the gift of life, and never waste such time,
Then you’ll know why, the years they fly, for you and yours and mine
Unknown author-
--This poem was shared by a blogger on my Multiply Blog--


  1. A beautiful sunset Dixxe.

    This year seems to have flown by; only 4 months left after this one! What a thought.

  2. A beautiful poem and a beautiful sunset. I have to agree with you that we know so little really about things around us and above us.


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