Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SUNSHINE on my shoulders Makes me HAPPY

John Denver was my favorite singer and he passed away too soon! I miss him--but his music will live on forever.
We have a sweet couple of sunflowers blooming in the yard at this time, and of course I am attracted to them as much as the bees--
Flowers really make me happy, as much as anything else I find when Im out and about in Nature --and the Sunflower is my very favorite! One year I grew some with heads as large a fry pans!

SO its almost the 4th of July and I dont know how I will celebrate I used to live at Coney Island in NYC...and the fireworks on the pier were so fabulous...things are much calmer here...there is a lake display..but we have no boat--so I will see what comes my way on this our Country's 233 rd Birthday!

I recall I grew a nice big Sunflower in a pot then transplanted it into my landladies garden at her request...when I lived @Coney Island, what fun!!


  1. That's a beauty Dixxe. They always look so cheery, and the back lighting really makes that shine.

    July! I can't beleive how quickly this year seems to be going.
    Happy Fourth.

  2. Beautiful happy flower! I loved John Denver too! In fact I burned a mix CD and was listening to his song "Country Roads" just the other day!

  3. What a beautiful photo, I love Sunflowers, so very cheerful. Unfortunately the snails like them too and have eaten mine :(

    How uncanny that you should mention John Denver and his untimely passing, my husband and I were saying what a loss he was only the day before yesterday and listened to him singing the track 'Today'.

    All the photos in your previous post were really stunning and the raccoon looked so cute!


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