Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fooled me....

BECAUSE it got here so fast!!

Not very exciting to most but to me extremely exciting is the toilet seat is on! I got a nice wooden one with chrome hinges...I think I'll ebay the plastic one that came with the toilet? Maybe get a few bucks back.

I painted the cabinet frames over after letting go of the look I was trying to achieve with doing a stain,but it just missed the mark somehow.... it was  too dark.  I think this gives it a clean look, I did leave the display one in the stain.  I plan to put a diffused opaque panel over the window so it doesn't look right onto the porch..but I don't want to diminish the natural light I get thru this window. 

this old kitchen has a horrible layout but I just have to deal with that I am not raising a family or a social butterfly entertaining with dinner parties so it will suit my needs perfectly Im sure...The stove is not in place yet and I've got a lot of tools to put away...but I have a few more small projects to get done first. 

On other fronts we had this wonderful flock of Cedar Waxwings pay us a visit for a few was such fun watching of our front yard cedars is full of berries this spring.   They were on the ground and in the tree flushing in and out with great gusto!!

After a rainy Easter Sunday we had a gorgeous Monday and decided to visit another small town...actually we went to two!  Lone Star, and Ft Motte are considered ghost towns!  

The connection these two towns have is they both are situated along the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad where freight was shipped in and out of the farming areas.  When Interstate highways were built and trucks began to haul freight the train no longer stopped and the towns began to decline and now they barely exist.  

Lone Star, SC

10 miles east of Lone Star is Ft Motte...there is Revolutionary War history in this old town but what's left now is the old post office...

And the jail...


 two very horrid and small cells are in the back end of this jail....

nearby is another town, Elloree, there is a training center there for Thoroughbred horses, and we saw some out to pasture...surrounded by lots of Brown Headed Cowbirds

One of the pastures has a seasonal pond...and we saw some Greater Yellow Legs poking around in it...

I stopped to get some wildflower shots...

And this guy got all puffed up about my presence!

It is an Eastern Hog-nosed snake...they hiss too and make a big show of just how bad they can be, they are completely harmless altho any snake will strike and bite!  And down a dirt track we found another field of brood mares and more wildflowers...

here's one of the abandoned homes in Ft Motte.....the roof still looks pretty good on this one!

We have had a beautiful spring!! My Garden has lettuce on the way and onions, potatoes, purple cabbage, and snow peas,  I have planted green bush beans, and I have some hot pepper and basal plants in my little seed starting greenhouse!  

I promise this is the last photo of my toilet! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The seat is very nice and the kitchen does look brighter with the white. You drive around brought nice wild flower pictures and the ends of once lively towns. The waxwings are so beautiful we don't have them out here.

    1. Hi Jo, it really is brighter, I'm happy I did it...The wax wings need lots of berries for food so maybe up in higher elevations where cedar grows, they might visit.

  2. Waxwings are winter visitors here and they only come to our part of the UK when the weather is very cold in both Scandanavia and Scotland. I've only ever seen them once. They can strip a tree of berries very quickly. Looking at the foliage on the trees Spring is gathering pace where you are. Those towns look interesting and allow the imagination to work overtime as to what went on there. I love that. Is your house nearly finished now? If you ever wanted work again I'm sure you could use you projects as an advertisment.

    1. Thanks Dave! I hope I don't ever have to try to work again, I peeked in my ability quite a few yrs ago...
      YeS it is almost finished, I could live there now if he water and electric was on I'm almost to that point tho.

  3. Aw, I'll kind of miss seeing your toilet pics ... You have to admit it's not the usual thing we share ... You're never boring !! Sounds like a perfect time lately around your homestead ... Finishing some projects AND getting out into beautiful natural surroundings! A great day trip.

    1. Oh just read Blogger is making some changes in late April...I don't like that type change, hope our blogs are not messed up by it...
      LOL..well Maybe Ill throw in a portrait every now n then of my Lou!

  4. Super cool ghost towns!! That snake really surprised me, never seen one flare out like that. Intimidating I'm sure.

    1. My son got so excited when he saw this photo...he had planned to work in the field of herpetology, so he goes goo-goo over anything with scales!! Im looking forward to my next small town trip its to apply for my new passport!!


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