Friday, March 25, 2016


Just need to put the Toilet lid on and the bathroom is officially done! Oh and I have a wee gap on my cabinet door an inside latch should solve that problem...Hung the hand towel and its all good!

I also am not too proud to admit when I make a mistake so I repainted the yellow wall to match the color of the rest of that open space...I did not chose the yellow but hated to know that money and time was wasted but better to admit defeat than go forward with something that I was not happy with LOVE the same color all over so much better and Another Bad idea is the dark cabinets so doing those over right now..

only a little time is all since I had the paint already...I did like the dark wood but it gave an overall darkness to the kitchen and since it has little natural light I had to lighten it up...

I am keeping the open cabinet in the dark wood tho I really like it...SOON I hope to have this kitchen Finished and everything back in place...

the Bathroom & the Living Space is done tho!

All work and no play is not the way so I asked Mom if she would enjoy a day out she said yes so we drove to a nearby town that we had never bothered to visit, Orangeburg, SC. Roadside scenery was awesome some wildflowers in the fields.....

We passed through St Matthews this old house is the first thing you see...

then this bridge over the RR Track that goes right down main street!!  Half the town is one side of this track and half on the other side!  

IN Orangeburg they have kept their downtown in the mid century modern style! It had that old feel would be a great set for a movie say in the 60's for any Hollywood producers reading

On Golden Pond Showing at the Blue Bird

One reason we chose this town is  Edisto Gardens! There are rose gardens not blooming yet but the Azaleas were was a beautiful day to be out and Mom enjoyed a walk...

Lots of cedar wax wings around that day and I spotted one Yellow throated warbler, he didnt allow a photo, but it was nice to see him and we heard black n whites too...

The Edisto river runs right at the back of the garden really nice and slow flow this river passes thru Colleton State Park to the south  of here...and there is a nice canoe trail there.

and some butterflies were out...

The Eastern Swallowtail Male...

And a couple of white throated sparrows were up in the budding cherry trees..

We have decided to do more of these town visit trips, towns we have never bothered to stop and smell the roses at! So stay tuned for more! Meanwhile its back to the Painting and fixing up!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Beautiful job on the house, you must be very pleased. Love those fields of wild flowers, most of our fields are devoid of flowers due to pesticides, but the councils have planted roundabouts with them, so we still see some. Those gardens look very well cared for, a pleasure then for everyone.

    1. Pesticides are a real Problem, as well as weed control chemicals...So glad you brought this issue up for us realize how our use of these products affects the environment...I hum that song "Pave Paradise" in my head a lot...

  2. Glad you're getting out once in a while, you deserve it ...(Mom too!). I wonder if half of that town lives "on the wrong side of the tracks"... A concept I've read about in novels, but never really understood, as neighborhoods weren't really like that in the small town where we grew up.

    Your home is just beautiful. I can imagine how wonderful it must feel to sit in that beautiful living space and think "I did this myself'. (And in the bathroom too, LOL I guess!). Kitchen is shaping up just as beautifully!

    1. I believe the town probably grew around the track...its such a small town one stop most people live out in the rurals'.
      Hopefully ONE day I will get to live in this house...LoL about the sitting in the bathroom, Sometimes I laugh about our homes how they are designed to take care of the needs of our bodies its the little touches we add that care of our inner self! A big improvement over squatting under a ledge to get out of the rain, but the ledge is way cheaper!!

  3. It all looks so good. I liked the cabinets but the white looks good too. And the living room is made for relaxing and watching a fire, I know it doesn't show in this picture haha.

    What a nice day out for you and mom. The flowers are so pretty. Little towns are always so interesting.

    1. I have put up a nice stack of oak firewood we had a dead tree come down in high wind and it knocked an oak tree over on its way down I finally cut it up about 3 weeks ago. I love the charm of small towns.

  4. The house is looking amazing, per usual. I wish I was half as handy as you are! The wildflowers and the small town scenes are great.

    1. Hi Jen, thank you for your encouraging comment! I grew handy by need as they say Necessity is the motherhood of Invention or something akin to that, in my case its necessity is the motherhood of DIY or not do it at all!!

  5. We totally know about doing some things twice or even thrice! :) Everything looks beautiful. Great work and what awesome spring sightings on your trek!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has to re-do and re-think And It probably won't be the last time either..


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