Thursday, April 21, 2016

Belser Arboretum

I've been trying to get in a number of day trips before Mom returns and when she does our focus will be trips that don't involve hiking! One of my FB friends released a book of poetry and her drawings based on her life long battle with CP.  We are actually related through marriage her husband is a distant cousin in my Walling Family Tree.  So A visit to pick up her book and to give her a copy of my book...was yesterday.  Since I would be driving to Columbia I figured I'd go to the Arboretum that is nearby her location and see what was out and about..

Its only a small place but the trees are mature and it even has a cypress bog! 

the little creek was red! I guess red clay is on the bottom...lots of ferns growing on the banks 

there was a loop tril and a midline trail most of which is well marked but I managed to get off the trail a few times...

American Robins were around as they seem to be the most plentiful bird going right now...

this is a favorite of mine Clematis I don't know the variety but what a huge flower saucer sized!!

and even tho this white throated sparrow hid behind a twig he was so handsome I kept this shot...

his lores were such a brilliant yellow--another not helpful bird was the Hooded Warbler, he wanted to follow me but he wanted to change his position constantly I had a hell-ofa time just getting this not hot shot! He just kept teasing me but I finally walked away! 

I know!! SO far these photos are hardly worth sharing...and it gets worse--I know the Hermit Thrush is so named due to his reclusive lifestyle, this one hung so deep into the shadow I almost blasted him with the flash but changed my mind at the last minute...

I was getting kind of frustrated I could hear bird's singing all around me up in that ever so tall canopy..
This Redstart was hanging upside down and backwards...but what the heck--*Click* may as well at least have an image to show...

At the very least i could ID him from this..and then a White Breasted Nuthatch flew right on the tree I was standing next to...then up across from me on a higher branch just barely in view...

Even the normally gregarious Carolina Wren wanted to only peek from the safety of a high branch

Having little luck with the bird photography I turned to the leaves on the least they can't fly away...

I could hear black and whites, vireos red and white eyed, pine warblers, red bellied woodpeckers, downy wp, above me and then a Ruby Crowned Kinglet only showed me his belly and backside, I'm only basing the ID on that big eye ring...

I had a good walk around the plants were nice, the weather was good but the birds misbehaved! No new ones just good to see some that have been missing since last summer!

This Eastern Comma was interested in some water...

and I stepped in mud that went over the top of my shoe trying to get this pic but I think it was worth it!! No body said it was gonna be easy!  Another day of 

Time...well spent

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. It's always good to see bird shots, and thats a great shot of the red leaves. Aboretums are so good. Do they number the trees and give you a spotters guide? Sometimes I think we take trees for granted just because they tend to be large. We support the Woodland Trust here and they purchase areas of woodlands and manage them for the public to enjoy.

    1. Some of the trees in this Arboretum had markers-the markers were donated by SC we have The Heritage Trust, they procure large tracts of land for preservation in our state, we can donate via our State income tax forms or through other venues.

  2. That's a nice hike ... And I'd be more than pleased to see that many birds. I remember pre-digital when I was always happy just to SEE, now I want photos. You got them always do! I like the red creek surrounded by the lush greens.

    1. I was happy to see them all wish they had been more co-operative for photos to accompany my post! But I left with a big smile on my face!!

  3. Oh man, who cares if the photos were perfect, you saw some DAMN good birds there! The butterfly is definitely worth the muddy shoes too. Major warbler envy over here!

    1. Hi Jen I knew I had seen that butterfly before but I still had to look it up for some reason the butterfly names just don't stick in my mind--like I got stuck in that mud, wold be perfect mud to make a Mud Dyed t-Shirt with!!

  4. I love the pictures and the leaves are brilleant. The shot of the water pools are so clear.
    I had a hard time with birds today too. I'll post later this evening.

    1. Hi Jo, I been MIA cause I ran out of Data!! So I'll be over to see your post asap!


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