Friday, April 15, 2016

Green River and Lake Adger

A wrap up of the Blue Ridge Mountain Spring trip--

I had a morning hike after breakfast  Monday, I knew I had to be home in time to feed my dogs so didn't mess around much I had the van ready to roll by 11:30 check out is noon. Like the day before most of the birds were up high and I couldn't see them! Could hear plenty chickadee photo not much to show for all my phishing..

carolina chickadee

I took this weird pano of the van, I kinda like the way it looks, like it belongs in a cartoon strip or something...a guy asked what does the Dixxeland Express mean, after viewing my front plate, so I thought about it and then said "It means it's my way out of DixxeLand" he didnt like my answer, and replied Whaaaat? I explained its my escape mobile....he liked that better..

I planned to stop at a couple places on the way home in Polk County, the Green River Gamelands and the Adger Lake which is right next to the gameland.  The Green River flows through the game lands and the road follows the river to the lake...the upper part of the road is SOMETHING else tho!

This is Green River Cove Road in NC east of I-26.  Talk about a hair pin?? It was a series of hairpins for 3 miles!! I put my van in 1st gear so as to not wear out my new front brakes!!  I had to blow my horn on a couple of turns I could not see if anyone was on the way up and I did encounter 2 cars coming up.  

Finally when the road straightened out I found the river...

The clouds had come over and it chilled off....once again birds were scarce, so I kept driving...came across one Wild Turkey moving fast to clear the highway...

When I arrived at the lake there was a parking area and boat launch sign said Lake Adger Marina, but I saw no buildings of any kind, a few slips most empty some with pontoons.  

You can see how the day had turned grey and chilly and the wind was gusting again not as bad as earlier in the weekend but not comfortable either....I found this gazebo and had a spot of "tea"as they say under the willows.  Those concrete tables--one was off balance it threatened to fall over the other the benches were so short the table was up to my chin...very odd...

I scanned the far bank area of the lake and spotted a couple of Greater Yellowlegs, got one horrible fuzzy shot cause they were just too far away...then a Great  Blue Heron flew by 

On the way out near the reeds and cat tails I spotted a couple of Red Winged Blackbirds...



Some barn swallows were up on the power line preening, 

....I set my GPS, Wilma to Home and off we went...took only 3 hrs for her to announce "you have arrived to Home" 
Had a great trip, arrived to a wonderful greeting by my dogs who missed me as much as i did them!!
I am planning some day trips hope the weather will be more co-operative so I can spot more spring birds!

Time...Well Spent

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You and Wilma had a nice trip. Beautiful country even with the changeable weather. And that road, my gosh, it looks like a mountain road from the Western States. (We're familiar with those, but I forget that there are mountains in other parts of the country, since on the East Coast we spend most of our time here in the flatlands. Bill taught me years ago to shift down when driving on those roads.

    1. There are some really challenging roads in the Eastern mountains, I had no idea this one was like that till I arrived! I was able to return on a different route! I took your advice and will have to ponder on the new byline you were right it did sound cynical and I sure didn't want that. I want one that works for my hodgepodge of interests!!

  2. WOW that was some road! Sure enjoyed this trp and I bet those pups were happy to see you.
    Hope the weather co operates for some day trips. It was so windy here today it blew down Fred's fence, I caught him just in time as he was planning on his escape route. Better fence to be bought tomorrow.

    1. That road was a def surprise, I mean I read the sign but I have never been on one where the hairpins are only 50 ft apart!!
      Oh my Fred was about to fly the coop eh? Today I had to mow the grass and other must do's but it was a beautiful breezy day till my closest neighbor caught the woods on fire!! then it was fire trucks, sirens, and finally the forest service bulldozer....He burns leaves every weekend and even in this breeze with it being dry ---we need some rain!

  3. Thats a real alpine road you were on. Looking at the foliage on the trees I think your Spring is a bit earlier than ours. Our swallows migrate from Africa and are eagerly awaited, as they are one of the signs of summer approaching. The first sightings usually make it onto the birder websites. Yes I like gardens too and today I'm off to the RHS show in Cardiff so hopefully will get some pictures. Tell your son I used to have an Austin Healy "frog eyed" Sprite ......many years ago though.

    1. OH he would love a sports car he takes photos of the cars he sees on his route he drives for a beer distributor and he is on the road every weekday so he sees LOTS of cars.
      I had to run errands yesterday that took me over the Wateree river, and I always enjoy stopping to see the cliff swallows that build under the bridge. I learned something new too...Some of the old nests were there from last year but bits had fallen off like the whole front, so they just repair the old ones and reuse them!! How clever!!

  4. Wow! Super beautiful country! We've been seeing lots of wild turkeys around here and how we love them. :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer! It's time for the turkeys to come out of hiding in the forest and start digging for goodies!


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