Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mills River, NC

Lucky me I got time to do some rambling!

I-26 West SC

... had no particular place in mind, Friday I headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains just to see what I could see!! 

Hwy 191 Mills River, NC

I had hoped for some good birding but the weather pulled a 180 and turned a cold north wind on us and the birds all holed up someplace other than the NC  Blue Ridge Corridor!

The trees are in Spring Color, very pretty sight!

Blue Ridge Mtns.

 I did see one song sparrow at Jackson Park, in Hendersonville, the park looked great to me...

If I were a bird I'd def hang out there but the sparrow and some northern rough wings is about all I saw.  

Song Sparrow

I camped at North Mills River campground not far from the small town of Mills River, NC.  The North Mills River runs right alongside the campground

North Mills River

I always love the rail fences they have in this area...

A few Black Throated Green Warblers did present twittering about midline alongside the rivers edge...

Black Throated Green Warbler

but barely being still for more than 3 seconds...and the Brown Thrasher and the Eastern Phoebe made appearances!

Brown Thrasher

Eastern Phoebe

I hiked up the hillside to see what's up there! 

Found this spring that at one time had been upgraded with some cement slabs to help it find its way or maybe an old spring house was here at one time I should have asked what spring it was but darn forgot to...

Just a trickle, but coming right out of the ground.

The CG is nice 60 units of various hook up I had a primitive #16 cost me $11.  It was a quiet night till the rain hit about midnight and then in came the North Wind howling and it hasn't stopped yet as of Saturday morning.

I was told in the morning some folks were out chasing tents last night...OOOOO00000~~~~NO! I was cozy in the DLEX but it got cold I snuggled so deep into the covers I nearly smothered! 

Hemlock cone

I left about 9:30 after coffee and breakfast.  The sky was clear but the wind was gusting like 45 mph!

More later...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Pictures are so crystal clear and the birds are beautiful. Seems like the entire country had the same weather, ours was today and it is still pouring down every 20 min. Hope you find some better weather.

    1. Hi Jo, the wind finally stopped on Sunday morning! Now some rain is on the way!

  2. If you hadn't mentioned the wind we wouldn't have guessed, because from the pictures, its looks a beautiful day. As I've said before I'm very impressed with your camera its very versatile. Does having a dog with you unsettled the birds?

    1. I should have taken a video of the wind...I normally do have a dog with me, but this time NO dog! A family member kept them for me--I think next week if the weather holds would be a better window!

  3. Beautiful getaway and I'm delighted you got to do it! Isn't it nice to be camping inside ... My days of chasing tents are definitely over... But we did our share back in the day (as did our kids when we camped with them) time three pup tents went blowing down a Baja beach! The boys were determined to catch them and get them back up more securely, so that they wouldn't have to sleep in the truck we had then (with the parents).

    1. Ha Ha a great image! The last pouring rain I tent camped in did it for me! i have 2 of those POP tents my son and I used to use when we camped he wanted HIS OWN tent so I got those they are awkward to carry tho due to the round shape. EASY to put up just toss it and it's up. You must stake it tho.

    2. the pop ups Im referring to are similar to these you toss it in the air and it unfolds and is ready to use..its def a job to get it back into ready to toss shape again,,,quite a puzzle.

  4. Ooh I love these NC photos! Lucky you on not having to chase a tent around or get soaked either. Jealous of your thrasher too.

    1. HI Jen! NC is one beautiful state, from the coast to the midlands to the mountains!! The highest point in the eastern US is there and its like another world up there!


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