Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the rest of the story....

I hope y'all are still interested in my projects as it's all I got for now to share...the rain left and we have heat!! At least the sun is out. I did the sewing on the window treatment in my bedroom, and now I'm onto the "window seat" I have this wonderful big Spanish style table and there is a story with it....does it seem that all my possessions have back story?  Did you ever listen to the radio guy named Paul Harvey? He had this radio talk show called the "rest of the story" When I worked in my Upholstery shop we had the radio on every single minute and we listened to Paul Harvey right after lunch every Friday.  

I don't make frivolous purchases and much of what I have acquired I have had for many years and each and every piece has a story and is a part of my life...this coffee table's history includes 2 road trips, my Mom, and my favorite Aunt!!  It is obviously a one of a kind artisan made table..

Here is the story....we  went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a vacation when my son was about 3 years old so....32 yrs ago.  I stopped at an Antique Shop and I bought the ottoman you see in this photo for $6..I have recovered it many times, and this is the fabric I put on most recently...

(the green chair also has a personal history...when my son went to USC in Columbia, SC he lived in an apartment with a group of guys...I can only imagine what the place looked like with 6 college boys living there... he inherited this chair during that time)  

At the time I purchased the ottoman I spotted the big oversized table and for some reason I loved it! The price was not bad, $120.  But I left without the table, and when I got back home I regretted not buying the table.  So as destiny would have it about one month later my favorite Aunt Jean came to visit my Mom.  They decided they would do a beach I hatched up this plan.  I had a 4 cylinder manual shift pick up truck so I pleaded my case to my Aunt Jean who could drive a stick but had not in MANY years "please-pretty-please" so they agreed.  I gave her a refresher on the 5 speed and after a few very exciting rides around the block she got the hang of it!  I didn't even know if the table was still there so armed with a check and my truck and some directions to this place on the way home after a few days at the beach, they stopped.  They described the table as I had described it to them to the store owner....and YES it was there and they brought it home to me..

(I brought the rug back with me from CO last fall my sister purchased it and used it in her home for 2 yrs and wanted a change so another freebie)

So now I don't want to use it in the living area, but I had to incorporate it into my design in some way so I came up with the window seat idea! This cushion was marked for the trash when I was working at the upholstery shop before I was injured and I saved it from the trash thinking it would be good to use for some project along the way.  So it was a freebie.  The Turq/Blue looked the best with the rug so thats the fabric I plan to use!  

the Chi Chi  Fabric Line

The pillows were also inherited from the upholstery shop..So more freebies!! And as I mentioned the fabric is from the line called Chi Chi I designed back in 2007 I was given the 10 yard samples of each design once the line was discontinued in 2011.  So it's a freebie too!! The Coral fabric behind the bed (last post) is also from the Chi Chi line. 

And Later on I made a couple nice big pillows to sit on it as well...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

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