Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Davidson River Camping

Sunday after the hike at Ivestor Gap I had a quick lunch and then drove back to the Blue Ridge Parkway this time I turned east and turned on Hwy 276 South.  My plan was to stay at Davidson River campground for the night and along the way make a few stops.  My first stop was Sliding Rock Falls..

It gets that name because in summer this place is hopping with people who enjoy sliding down this rock on their butts! A little rock rash happens Im sure and probably more than on ones rear! You can do this all day for $2 a head!!

 a little off-roading on a gravel Forest Service road #475 B takes me to view this small falls called Slick Rock Falls, 

the name fits perfectly as the rock is glossy black.  

Some sweet Azure Bluets on the way up to the falls.

The last falls is one I've stopped at many times Looking Glass Falls its a roadside falls..

Then finally I arrived at Davidson River Campground, in Transylvania Co, NC.  It is a fantastic campground and can get crowded....but with the cold snap everyone left! I got one of the roadside sites which are quite large!! $11 with my Senior Pass. There is a bathroom with shower in each loop, all with nice hot water!  This is one of the cleanest and well maintained campgrounds I've been to!  Everything worked and is open, the sites are all large private and well laid out. 

I had my very own mountain to hike up and it was a very interesting hike..leading to an historic cemetery!

the little cemetery has 8 graves only 2 have proper headstones, the rest are simple stones stuck in the ground...the 2 headstones are a mother and 5 yo daughter both died on the same day, July 16, 1916!! I had to find out what this mystery was about!  See *footnote* below.

There is also an historic English Chapel on the grounds of this CG, which is in the Pisgah National Forest.  The original chapel was founded  in 1860, by Rev A. F. English and the wood was milled at his saw mill on Avery Creek ,by 1940 the "little old church in the wildwoods" was all but falling down so it was rebuilt with stones from many of the southern states! It's about the prettiest Church I've ever seen! Campers are welcome says the sign. 

There is a nice trail that goes around the entire campground and it's great cause the joggers and dog walkers don't end up coming thru your camp and getting in the road...the trail follows the river on one side...

the Davidson River is a typical mountain stream swift moving shallow and filled with rocks...

and along this trail is the swimming hole! 

lots of birds were out but so HIGH up I tried to call some down only got very little results...

and this red fox squirrel ignored me but I got a shot of him anyways! 

Outside the park entrance is a CCC monument. 

It was much warmer on Sunday night so a very comfortable night in camp, and I even had a Verizon signal...the town of Brevard, NC is not far away....  

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

I found out about the "Flood of Record" that happened in 1916 in this area of western NC and  it hit SC too.  The highest rainfall ever documented in one single day fell that July.  Saturated dirt caused a landslide and that is what killed  Martha  Sentell and her daughter Avo. 


  1. Most enjoyable day we had. The pictures of the falls are great and I can almost hear the water falling over and down. I guess Casey didn't make this trip with you?

    1. My sis came and stayed here while I was gone so Casey stayed here with the rest of the dogs, and Mom went back with her for 2 weeks.

  2. Looks a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy nature.

    1. Hi Keith, this area is heavy with forest, but when you get up onto the mountains the views are marvelous so it offers the wide open spaces and the great forests, rivers, and critters.

  3. What a sad and awful flood. We stayed several times at a place in Colorado on the Big Thompson River where a similar thing happened and there are markers about those who lost their lives. It is sad and makes you think about life.

    But what a beautiful place it is. I always love your waterfalls.

    I forgot to say on the post above, I'm not sure about 'been there done that' ... it sounds kind of cynical to me -- like everything is kind of a bore cause you've already experienced it. And that is definitely not how I think of you.

    Just my two cents worth (you did ask, at least I hope so).

    1. I appreciate your input..about the by line I guess it does sound that way and not my I must come up with something better! Is that in the Thompson Divide area of Colorado? I have hike din that area soooo pretty!

    2. Yep -- I think so. The Big Thompson Rivr campground where we used to stay is/was between Loveland and Estes Park.

  4. Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful place and delightful post! Wish I was there with you!

    1. It was a really nice place and having your company would have only made it better!!


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