Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer rambles...

I guess while I have internet I will post while its fresh in my mind--I figure once I hit the road on my solo journey I may find it hard to get a wifi connection.
Yesterday we walked the dogs near an area called Divide Creek an off leash area for dogs to walk.

Jimmy (my sis E's dogs) loves the water so in he went right into the swift Colorado River!

I was afraid he would get caught in the current but he seemed to know where he should and should not go...there is no telling Jimmy what to do!  Some people had memorialized their loved ones who had passed..but once loved walking this trail.

A couple of the birds we saw were the Black Capped Chickadee and the Western Wood Peewee 

My other sis M has a home here too, she has already decided this is where she will retire so they bought a home here last yr. We went up today to check it out and it was my first time seeing it..I love the surrounding rocky hills...

And there's horses to look at too from the back porch...

There's a line shack where they hang out..

I loved this lichen on the rocks..

And the ever present Black Billed Magpie

What a wonderful change of pace we are enjoying....Mom and I had a hard summer in S. Carolina, its so refreshingly cool here..and we've been having afternoon thunder storms to help freshen the air. Last night it was 52 degrees here...and today the high was 79. with NO humidity - feels so good to us.  
Here's the neighbors relaxing in the shade!

sister M- flies in from Carolina tomorrow and we will all be together for the labor weekend!! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Oh Colorado is such a beautiful State and this is a beautiful corner of it! Neat you'll have a family reunion. So glad you arrived safely.

  2. What a wonderful spot your sisters have. What I would give to have those temps right now. Enjoy you family get together.

    1. We are so glad we could all be together!

  3. How fun getting together with both sisters and your mom. Any chance of you moving there too?

    1. I would love we will see what the future holds...

  4. Oh my gosh! I just caught up on your last several blog post and so many things are happening. What a FABULOUS trip!! Your car fix is excellent and your house renovation looks BEAUTIFUL. I love your painting on that cabinet and all your little touches here and there. It's a very peaceful looking home. Happy early birthday. What a great way to spend it. ENJOY!!!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I wish I had known about your open house when I came through Ohio I would love to see your garden!!


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